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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2008 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 2008 Ford F-250

Here on our 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Hopkins Smart Hitch back up camera and Hitch and Lighter system. Part number HM50002. Here's what your camera looks like once it's installed with your sensors. It will go right where your license plate goes. Now we're going to back up to our trailer and you can see it is in hitch mode, which is where there's a point at the bottom. It'll help us line up to our trailer ball. You can watch as we get closer it's going to go into the green line, which is a pre-detection mode, then it'll go into the yellow, which is your caution, and once it get's to the red that's going to put you within an inch or so from your target area. Now we see here in everyday mode where it's kind of squared out.

I'm going to go ahead and back up, this would be like if you're backing out of your driveway. If the kid's left some toys or the garbage can had been behind your car it's going to help you see it and if you didn't see it, you're going to hear it as you get closer. It's going to go into your first detection mode, then your caution mode, and once it get's to the red, which is a solid beep, you'll see the red flashing. That's going to put you within about an inch or so of whatever you're going to hit. Once you're ready to go from everyday mode, to your trailer mode, you're going to push it in, it'll light up hitch line off, or on. Hitch line is going to give you the V pattern.

Then you're ready to back up to your trailer. You also have adjustment for brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness. You can also reset it back to the factory settings. It's also got a volume control, so you can turn the sound up or down as you need. It features a 3 1/2" diagonal colored screen, it's going to take all of the hassle out of the backing up to your trailer. One thing that's going to set this apart from some of the other ones that we sell is it's ease of installation and ease of use.

Now let's show you how to install it. When you get an installation, normally you would remove the license plate, but in our vehicle we don't have a plate, so we're going to go ahead and mount the bracket to the holes where the license plate would go. When you take your camera out of the box, it's got two arms that fold forward, so you'll fold those both forward. You can just tuck your wire back behind the bumper, we'll take the supplied screws and if you have a plate, you'll just slip the plate underneath and put your new screws into the bumper. Now we're going to want to attach into our 7 way trailer connector, I'm simply going to separate our connector. We're going to place this in between and that way when we put our vehicle in reverse, it'll activate our camera.

Now if your vehicle does not have a 7-way, you're just going to cut off this black and red wire, you're going to attach your red wire to your back up light off the back of the bulb, and the black wire to the ground, it'll do the same thing. Then we're going to take our plug, you can see it's got a white dot, you want to match that to the white dot on the other side, snap those together nice and tight. We'll wrap it with some electrical tape to help keep out any corrosion or moisture. We're going to bundle up our excess red and black wire back here and the wire that comes from the camera and we will tie it all together and zip tie it up out of the way. Snip off our excess. You just want to make sure you tie it up nice and high so it's going to be out of the way of any damage. We're going to hang our router cable along the inside of the frame rail, up over the axle, tying it to the factory wiring harness. Then we went between the gas tank, then we dropped down, because you can't get through the inside there. Tie it off on this side, then we ran it straight up and followed the top side, tying it to any location that we could get some zip ties through. You want to make sure you keep it away from anything that moves like your emergency brake cables and any place that's going to have any heat. We just kind of follow along, we ran up, under the fender wall, and we're going to go through the fire wall on inaudible 00:05:04. Now our cable wasn't long enough for this vehicle because it's a 4 door and it's a long bed so we got the Hopkins 5 foot extension cable, part number HM3100504060. Now we went ahead and put a little slice in the rubber boot that goes through the factory wiring harness, where it passes through the fire wall and we ran our cable through there and then we'll go on the inside and we can put a little bit of silicon to seal it up. You can see where we came through the fire wall with that little split we put in there. And we'll take a little bit of RTV and we'll just seal around it so we don't get any air leaking inside of the vehicle. Then we can route our wire up to the top of the dash where we can put in our display. Now we're going to take off our side trim panel, just going to pop it out, pull it out of the way, and take our wire and run it up through the dash. We made sure we didn't run it near the emergency brake or any of the peddles. We'll plug in arrow to arrow, snap it in. Now we'll get some tape, we'll wrap it up just to keep it tight so it can't vibrate apart. Now we'll be ready to mount our display. Our customer decided they're going to want their display mounted right here on the side of the dash by the A-pillar. Were going to clean off the area with some rubbing alcohol, just to get all of the dirt and grime, any kind of oils that might be on there, off. Then we can remove our 2 sided tape and we'll press it firmly into place. Then we can just take our wire, tuck it inside the trim panels, then we go ahead and put a zip tie on this so the wires can't fall down underneath the dash and we can put our trim panel back on. Snap back on. Now before you use your camera and your back up alarms you're going to want to set the alarms, so in our instructions there's a chart that's going to tell you what to set your sensor to depending on how far off of the ground the middle of your sensor lands. Now with ours it measures out where we're going to have to put it on number 4. Which, if you can see here, there's 5 little notches. Then we'll tighten up the screws on both sides, now that we know it works that's going to complete our install. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the Hopkins Smart Hitch back up camera and Hitch and Lighter system part number HM50002 on our 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty.

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