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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, we're gonna be installing Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera, part number HM50002.The main reason why you'd want this is to help you in backing up to your trailer. This way, you can see your hitch ball and the trailer, and receive audible warnings when you're getting too close. This way, you can line it up right every time the first time.And one of the other most useful features is that it'll detect objects behind you. So, when backing up, there'll be no surprises. Whereas other cameras just have a display, this one's got those sensors to provide an audible warning for things that may be outside of its field of view to let you know to check your surroundings.And, as you can see, the line geometry on your camera matches very closely to the lines on a parking space. So, you can use those to help guide you directly in the center of your parking spot.If you press the button on the side, it'll open up your menu, and you can switch the hitch line on, and use these for lining up with your hitch ball.

Additionally, in the menu, you'll have your brightness setting, which can be adjusted by pressing in on the wheel until you get to that menu. And, then, scrolling the wheel up or down. You contrast to set your color preferences, and color to set how much depth of color. Sharpness .. and you can reset to factory default.The monitor measures 3.5 inches, and comes with full color.

Another feature that I like, personally, is that it mounts right where your factory license plate goes. So, this way, you've already got a mounting location on your vehicle, and your plate fits right inside of it. Right at the back, there's object detection sensors, which can be adjusted up or down, depending on if you have your vehicle lifted or lowered. And, the camera is also adjusted vertically. This way, you can get it set with the perfect length of your hitch that you happen to have.

Or, if you want it to be just straight out to make it easier to see behind you when backing up. Now that we've gone over some features, let's show you how to get it installed.Now, you're gonna install this where your license plate would go. Remove your license plate, slide it onto your camera, and reinstall it. Now, typically, you'd slide this down behind your bumper, but if you have a special application truck, you may need to drill a small hole to feed your wire through. We're now underneath the vehicle on the back side of our 7-pole connector.

Unplug your 7-pole connector by pressing in on the tab. Ours is located on the top near the driver's side. And, just work it off. And, the tab is located right here.You'll then take the end that we just pulled off, plug it into your harness from your kit. This is the longer end with the male pins. Make sure it goes all the way in until it clicks. We'll then plug the female end back into our 7-pole connector, making sure that it also fully seats.Next, we'll take the small, male end with six pins inside, and plug it into the end we ran in from our camera behind our license plate. There's gonna be a small line, located on the side. That notch is gonna line up with the notch inside this connector. So, just line those up, and plug it together. We went ahead and routed our wiring now from our 7-pole connector here . we made our connection to our camera, up down our driver side frame rail towards the front. We stayed towards the inside of the frame rail, and we followed our factory wiring all the way to the front. It's best, whenever possible, to follow your factory wiring, as this is gonna avoid any extra hot objects, such as your exhaust, and moving components, such as your steering and suspension.Again, following that factory wiring past our fuel tank . up on top and once we got to the front of the fuel tank, we kicked over the other side of our frame rail. Here's where we came over our frame rail, following it past the body mount . right up here to about the middle of the door . there's a grommet we're gonna be pushing our wiring up through.Inside of our driver's door here, we're gonna be removing the step panel right here. This panel just pulls up. Just work your fingers on it until you get it all the way up there. When you get the back, this will also remove there. And, we can set it aside. After you got that panel removed, lift up on your carpet, and you'll see the grommet below where we'll be pushing our wiring through. Push your carpet out of the way. We're gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver to poke down through the grommet to feed our wiring back up. After we poked the hole, we pushed our wire through, and just pull it on out.Next, we'll mount our camera. So, we know where we're gonna run our wire. We're gonna be mounting ours right to the dash here. So, put a little bit of alcohol on a rag, and make sure to get it nice and clean so that way it'll have a good surface to adhere to. Take your monitor. Peel back the adhesive backing, and stick it in the location of your preference. Next, we'll need to route our wires together, and plug them in. They're gonna be routed behind this panel here. So, we'll just remove this panel. Use a little flat-bladed screwdriver. Get behind it, and just pry outward. You can set that aside. We'll then pull back on our weather strip here, and route our wire over. Next, we'll have to bring our wire from down below up, and this is gonna go in a similar fashion. We're just gonna pull our weather strip up. Take your plastic panel here, where your hood latch release is, and just pull that towards you . away from the front of the vehicle. Set that aside, and we're just gonna run the wire up into our side panel here. We're just gonna set it on top for now so we can reinstall our panel.We'll take our excess wire . we can just bundle that up, and make our connection to our monitor. Again, you'll wanna line the tabs up and it'll just plug together. Tuck your wiring back, and push your weather stripping back into place. Now, we can just take the excess, wrap it up, and we'll zip tie it in place. Cut off the excess zip tie, and reinstall your side panel. And, reinstall your footstep panel. That just pushes back in place. Line up the tabs underneath, and just press it down.Now, go ahead and start your vehicle, throw it in reverse, and check that everything's working. As you can see here, our camera's coming on. We can see clearly, and everything's working properly. And, that completes our installation of Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera, part number HM50002 on our 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

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