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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2014 Ram 1500, we're going to be installing Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera.So as we back up here to our trailer, we can use it to guide us in, to make sure that our hitch ball is going to line up, and that we don't get too close and back into our trailer. As we're backing up, we can hear the beeps indicating we're getting close. And as the beep intensity increases, we know we're getting very close.And we're there. It features a full color, three and a half inch display. The base at the bottom has a sticky pad on it, so you can mount it wherever you'd like. And it can swivel on that mounting pad.

Located on the right bottom side of our display, you'll have a small knob that will allow us to adjust the volume level of the audible backup sensors.This is what our camera looks like when it's installed. As you can see, it mounts right where your license plate would go, your plate slides right up into it. You're going to have your camera in the center, and two backup sensors for an audible signal on each side. Both the camera and the sensors are adjustable, so you can set it just as you need to see your hitch ball, depending on whether you use extensions or anything. Additionally, your backup audible sensors are adjustable, so you can tweak those in case they're giving you false readings.

If you got your trailer too close, you may have to adjust it up or down to where it reads properly. The kit comes with just about everything that you need to get it installed. I do recommend picking up some zip ties here at to help make it a cleaner, nicer installation for your wiring.The screws that come included with it are extra long, so that way you can ensure it's going to go through both your license plate, the bracket, and securely attach it to the vehicle.To begin our install, we first mounted our bracket behind our license plate, so it's a simple as removing your old plate, sliding your plate up into the bracket here, slides behind the camera and up behind these sensors. Take the included screws with your kit, and then just reinstall it right where your plate used to be. We took the wiring from the camera, and we just rided it up over the top of the bumper and that came to just right here.

You'll then receive a large harness with your kit. You'll take the seven pole end and plug that in line with your existing seven pole. So you're going to disconnect your original seven pole connector, plug the new harness into the seven pole, and then plug the other end into your existing harness. The rest of the wiring then is going to be routed to the front of the vehicle. Your camera will plug right into that existing harness as well.

Rerouted it following our existing wiring, just follow that factory wiring all the way to the front.Just go down the frame here. We did have to go up over the frame here, to the other side. That went around the other side, came on top the frame here, and then again on the inside we followed it all the way to the front, down along our fuel tank, continuing on, we crossed over our frame, just behind the driver's side front tire. Continued routing it down that same harness, 'til we get to the fender well here. Here, we route it up into the engine compartment. We brought the wiring up on top of the fender liner, went ahead and secured it to the wiring here, and we drilled a hole in the center of the plastic cover located here on the firewall, just to the outside of our break vacuum booster. We routed the wiring inside, sealed it up with silicone, which is available here at wiring then comes in, we take it behind the dash here, secure it to the wiring that exists already behind your dash, we then routed it up, and we came out next to our steering wheel. Here we can just tuck it in the cracks and run it over to our display. Now you can mount your display wherever you'd like, another option, you could take your wiring where it comes in and go down the left side, along your weather stripping channel here, and mount it here. It just depends on wherever you'd like that display to be mounted. You simply plug it into the display, and you're now ready to test your system out.We've now put our ignition key in, turned it to the run position, and we'll pull it into reverse. Here you can see our camera has turned on, and we can see what's behind us. And since we've got some carts behind us, our audible sensors are detecting those, warning us that there is something behind us. And that completes our installation of Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on our 2014 Ram 1500.

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