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Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2004 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install the Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2004 Jeep Wrangler

Speaker 1: Today on our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles. Part Number HM56202. This is what our wiring looks like when it's installed. This is gonna provide us with all the proper functions when we're towing our vehicle, brake light, running lights, both turn signals, and our grounds. Now what's gonna set this apart from some of the other kits out there is the diodes are already integrated into a box, so you're not gonna have to cut any wires, or make any attachments. It's gonna plug directly into your tail lights, as opposed to some of the other ones where it's gonna comes with the diodes, but you have to splice into the existing wires running to your tail lights.In your kit you are gonna get a dust cover.

That's gonna help keep any moisture, or any debris from damaging any other connections. You're also gonna get a four pole like this. The only way that this could really be mound is to attach it right to the bottom of the bumper here. If you decide to go with a six pole plug you simply cut this four pole off, and you connect these into the proper locations on the back of that plug, and it would mount right here. This is gonna be one of five main components in a flat tow set up.

Second is gonna be a base plate. Third is gonna be your tow bar. Fourth, you're gonna need safety cables. And fifth, a braking system. Now each one of these parts, each one of these five main parts, is very important to safely tow your vehicle behind your RV when you're traveling.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed.

To start our installation we're gonna start on our driver's side. We want our diode box to be mounted up behind it. So, there's gonna be a pushpin like this that holds this little rubber piece on, or plastic piece. You want to pull that off. We're gonna pull this down.

Now right up inside here you're gonna find the plug for the tail light. So, we're gonna disconnect that. It's gonna look like this. You're gonna push in on the tab on the side.What we're gonna do is we're gonna take and we're gonna match our ends. You want the side with the yellow, and brown, and orange on your driver's side inside this right short off the box. We're just gonna match our ends. Push them together until they click. We'll plug this into the other end just like that. And then we'll take this side, which is our green, orange, and brown. We're gonna go over top of our frame, put that down like this. You'll notice some existing wiring right up here. I'm gonna take this box and this extra wire, and I'm gonna zip tie it right up to it. Now we'll take our green, orange, and brown wire. We're gonna route that over the passenger side. We're gonna zip tie it right along his hitch that he has installed. Now I want to go up over the top of the frame right here. Up like this. Come right out on the other side.Our customer has a four pole plug on the back of his vehicle, so he's got it tied into his tail lights. The purple wire is gonna run to the tail light. Green wire's gonna come in from the vehicle, so we need to get to this big side here. So, we're gonna push in on this tab just like we did on the other side. And then we're just gonna match our plugs. Push them together like that. inaudible 00:04:04 together. I'm gonna zip tie it right to that existing inaudible 00:04:06. Now my four pole side we had to run it to the front of the vehicle. Let me show you how I did it. I went from my driver's side right up next to the fuel tank. I found some existing wiring and just zip tied it along the way. You got to make sure you stay away from anything moving or hot. In right here.What I did is I dropped an air line tube. If you have a wire hanger, anything will work to get it down there. With a Jeep like this it's a lot of open space and you can even use a string with a bolt tied on the end. So, we'll just take this four pole, take a little bit of tape, tape it onto the end of our air line tube here. Then we can go up top and pull our four pole up. Pull our air line tube up and our four pole just like that. Pull up all the extra wire because you don't want any hanging down there at the bottom. And if you look right here there's some hard lines. Next you're gonna zip tie it right there.Next we need to route this down behind the grill to the front of the bumper where it's gonna be connected onto the base plate that's already installed on this vehicle. There's an opening down back behind the tail light that has wiring already running through it. Next we'll take our air line tube, this is probably where you're going to want to use a wire hanger if you had one, or something a little bit stiffer than a string to get it through there. We'll feed this through. We'll tape our four pole. And make sure you feed this through there slowly.Next, right underneath the radiator, you can see my fingers right there, there's another rubber panel. We're gonna pull that back and drop our four pole right down behind it. And what we're gonna do with all of our extra wiring is we're gonna roll it up. I'm just gonna zip tie it right here in the engine compartment.Next, I'm gonna attach my ground wire. If you notice there's an existing hole right there. I'm gonna use a self tapping screw. You just want to make sure that if you use that hole that your screw is not in the same side. You want to make sure it holds on good. So, if it doesn't you can always go next to it, and put the self tightening screw in there. I'm gonna take a little bit of tape, and I'm gonna wrap my wire up here. Normally you would add a six pole or seven pole, whatever you choose to put on. You'd want to add that on here, here. And then it'd attach right to these two pegs. Our customer is unsure of what he's gonna put on, so he requested that we just actually zip tie this right here and leave this loose until he decides what he wants to put on there.Now that we have our wiring installed go ahead and test it out using an alternate power source. This is gonna simulate being hooked up to your RV. See how it lights Left turn. Brake lights. Right turn. That'll do it for a look an installation on a Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles. Part Number HM56202 on our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

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James S.

This is a good video when installing this harness to a vehicle that doesn’t a rear tow wiring. How do you install both the rear and the front wiring harnesses? You have three sets of connectors, one set is OEM, the rear set and the set going to the RV. What is the proper way to connect these plugs .

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I don't think it really matters to be honest. We've done it a handful of times and I think we usually do tail lights to the rear wiring for a trailer to the RV plug wiring, and then the OEM wiring to the vehicle.

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