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Hopkins Quick Fix 4 Pole Flat Car and Trailer Ends Installation - 2002 Ford Van

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How to Install the Hopkins Quick Fix 4 Pole Flat Car and Trailer Ends on a 2002 Ford Van

All right, today on this 2002 Ford van E350, we're going to install part number 48195 from Hopkins. This is the Quick Fix 4 Pole Flat Car and Trailer Ends. All right, this is our parts right here. Now this end is for the van. This end would be saved for a trailer eventually. We'll set these parts to the side. Now here's our factory 4 pole connector.

We actually test it, and we have power in the wires, but nothing out here. So we're just going to use our Quick Fix to work on it. Peel back some of the insulation material, we'll get down some fresh wire, and we'll go ahead and just cut it off. Now we'll go ahead and line up our wires. It's printed inside here what wires does what, or you could copy your original connector too. Go ahead and line them up.

It's marked GD for ground, TM for trailer marker lights, for pushing our brown wire, LT for left turn, and our last wire, RT for right turn. Now we got our wires in place. Now we actually have some inaudible 00:01:17 grease that'll actually fit inside here, so just to keep things clean and clear, we're going to put the wires in first. We'll take the wires back out, put in our grease, and then reassemble it. Once you have all your wires lined up, basically we'll take our cap and push it in place. We'll take some pliers, and we'll just go ahead and squeeze it together.

When you squeeze it, you should hear a click with these clips catching. So let's go ahead and take our loom, shorten it up a little bit, maybe some fresh tape around the end, and we'll be set. Now all we got to do is try it out. We'll go ahead and try it out with a light tester before we try it on a trailer. Okay. Looks like everything works.

With that, that'll finish it for our install of part number 48195 from Hopkins, the Quick Fix 4 Pole Flat, on our 2002 Ford van E350. .

Bernice B.


why do we lose brake lights when we hookup our trailer? we lose them on the van and trailer but we still have turn signal and backup lights

Patrick B.


Normally, the cause of an issue like this would be a bad or corroded ground connection on the trailer or the vehicle. However, the symptom would be no brake lights on the trailer, but they should still work on the van. Since the van brake lights also cease to function, I would check trailer connectors and make sure they're not corroded inside and causing a back feed. I would also check the relays in the fuse block that control tail lights and trailer/towing circuits.

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