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Husky Shield Headlight Protectors Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

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How to Install the Husky Shield Headlight Protectors on a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

Today on this 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 were gonna be installing a Husky Shield Headlight Guard System from Husky Liners part number HL06647.The headlight guards are a fin thats going to go over the surface of our headlights to protect them from road debris, bugs and exposure to the sun.First thing we need to do before installing the headlight guards is to prep our surface. Included with the headlight guards as well as the installation kit are small pieces of clay. These clay bars are going to be used to remove debris bugs and any embedded particles off the surface of our headlights. Weve take a spray bottle and made a soapy water solution that well use to lubricate as we run the clay across the surface to clean the headlights. Youll feel little bits of debris that are embedded in the plastic come up. Youll also feel things like bug guts and other dirt come off as you slide the clay on the surface.

After using one portion, fold one clay over and spread it out again. Make sure you keep the headlight wet so the clay glides over nicely. Then well do the whole surface and make sure everythings clean before we go to apply our films. Now well take a lint-free paper towel and use it to dry our headlight. Look it over again, if you still see some debris or dirt stuck to the headlight, go ahead and run the clay over it again.Now well move down to our fog light and do the same.

Its always easier if you wash your car or truck before you do this so you get most of the debris off and we use this clay to get all the little stuff. The clearer the headlight surfaces are the better our headlight guards are going to adhere and the less bubbling well get.Ok, we have our installation solution mix. We took a 32 oz solution bottle, filled it up of the way with water, added our 1 oz bottle of install solution and then tapped it off with water.What were gonna do now is wet down the drivers side headlight completely. What the solutions going to do is act as a lubricant so we can slide and move the film around to get it into position. Make sure that you keep this wet throughout the whole application procedure.

Well get the film wet so well wet our hands too. If your hands are dry and you touch the adhesive side of the film, youll ruin the adhesive. Be careful when you start peeling it around and the cutouts to fill your headlight. Now with the whole film wet, well head back over to the truck.Well take our wetted film, slide it on top of our headlight then well get our hands good and wet, spray everything down again and then well start bumping it and shifting it around til we get it set where we wanted. There should be about an 8-inch gap from the edge of the film to the end of the headlight.

When we get everything in position, were gonna tap down the corner. Well just take our squeegee, squeegee out some of the water on the corner here to kinda get it to stick at that corner. Remember to keep spraying the solution as you move it around. You can take a blow-dryer or a heat gun and heat some of the areas that are bubbling up to help them form better to the headlight. Make sure as youre squeegeeing that you chase any air bubbles out and reapply installation solution as needed so that the adhesive doesnt dry on you. Use overlapping strokes with the squeegee to make sure you get all the moisture out from underneath the film. Again, check for air bubbles and any moisture thats still inside. Its important to let the film sit out for a couple of days before you take it through a car wash so that the adhesive has appropriate time to cure and tack down to the plastic headlight surface. With the headlight film in place, we can go ahead and move down to the fog light.Well take our fog light film layer over the same way we did with the headlight film, bump it around til we get it to position and well use the squeegee to remove any air bubbles and moisture.And that does it for our installation of the Husky Shield Headlight Guard from Husky Liners, again its part number HL03647.