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Husky Shield Headlight Protectors Installation - 2013 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Husky Shield Headlight Protectors on a 2013 Ford F-250

Today on our 2013 Ford F250, we'll be installing the Husky Shield headlight protectors, part number HL06987. One of the first steps of this installation is we need to clean our headlights. We do this by spraying some soapy water onto the headlights and wiping it clean. Please keep in mind that whatever you do not get off will be trapped in between your headlight shield and your headlight, and will be tough to remove without damaging your shield. With our headlight still damp, we'll take the clay bar included in the kit and rub it along our headlight. Please make sure that your headlight is still damp when you rub this on, or else the clay bar will want to stick to it.

Once we have it rubbed on, then we can wipe it clean. We already poured the solution into our bottle with clean water, so now we're ready to spray it onto our head lamp in preparation for our guard. It's okay to completely soak it. The wetter it is, the easier it's going to be to move around your head lamp guard when you have it in place, and we'll take care of getting all that solution out later. With the film that our guards are on pulled out of the box and set on a table, we're going to go ahead and spray the passenger side film, the top of it here, and then we're going to try lifting it up.

As we do so, we want to make sure that our fingers are wet. It makes for easier handling. As we pull up on this, we'll also want to be sure that we are spraying the sticky side as well. As long as your fingers are wet, then it's okay to handle the adhesive side. If your fingers are dry, then you do not want to touch that side.

And we'll get this plenty wet, and now we're ready to put it onto our head lamp. We'll stick it in place. The good thing about having everything damp is that if we need to move it, it's easier to move with everything damp. To start getting all these bubbles out in the creases, we're going to spray the top side of our head lamp guard, and then we're going to use the included squeegee, starting about 2" in from the side here and moving this way, and then we'll go around the edge later to get the remaining creases and wrinkles out. Since our head lamp has more than one piece for the front, we have to install our second piece up in this area here.

We're going to go ahead and wet it down with the solution. We're going to make sure we grab the right piece, spraying the underside as we pull. Again, you can set it on there, and then we can move it around as necessary, as long as we keep our area moist. Now that we have our second part in place, we're going to go ahead and use our squeegee and try to get our air pockets. Now we're going to move to our bottom fog light on the passenger side of the vehicle. Again, we'll want to spray it, and then we move over here, find our fog light piece, spray it. Once we have it centered, we can just work our way out from the center here to the edges, getting all of our bubbles out, and causing it to sit around our lamp. Now with our passenger side complete, we'll go ahead and move over to our driver side and repeat the exact same process. And that will complete our installation of the Husky Shield headlight protectors, part number HL06987, on our 2013 Ford F250.