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Husky Liners Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards Inatallation - 2020 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Husky Liners Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards on a 2020 Ford F-150

Zack: Hey, guys, Zack here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Husky Liner wheel well guards on our 2020 Ford F-150.Now, a lot of trucks are coming factory and they don't have any kind of wheel well liner down there. And these are going to be a really good, affordable way to give you a nice, clean look but also protect your truck. So it's going to keep dirt and dust and rocks from getting kicked up everywhere, but also is going to dampen that sound. So especially when you're going down a gravel road, you're kicking up rocks, it's going to be much quieter versus hitting that bare wheel-well.I also think that these have more coverage than the factory ones, and I like the material a little bit better than the ones we've seen coming through the shop. It's made of a really hard plastic, and it's smooth enough that I think it's not going to really hold on to mud and dirt that well, so you can easily hose this off.

And if you're concerned about putting airbags, or if you have a gooseneck handle that comes through here, this can easily be trimmed. It's not so hard and rigid that you wouldn't be able to cut it to trim around that stuff.When it comes to installing these, it's no drilling required, which is really nice. It just has a couple clips and a couple of screws that go into some factory holes that are already in the wheel well. A couple customers did note the passenger side is, oddly enough, a little more challenging, but they said they just had to shift it around a little bit, everything lined up, and it was just fine. Everybody seems to love the material that they're made of, how easy they are to install, and just the general coverage that you're going to get out of these.

So let's just walk you through how we got these put on.To get these installed, the first thing you want to do is you want to check to make sure you have the right side. And in your instructions, it will be labeled which one's driver, which one's passenger. And they have it labeled right here with a little code to help you decide which one's right. But before we put that in place, we have a couple of little keeper clips that we need to put in place. So we're going to take two of those right off the bat.

We're going to install them in two holes right here on our wheel well. You can see we have a hole here and a hole here, and we're going to take those clips and we're just going to feed those so they're centered on there and they hold themselves in place.These are kind of awkward to fit in there. They're going to be custom-fit. So it's going to be a tight fit, but you can definitely get these in. I like to just feed them in over the top.

Just be sure to not scrape the outside of your truck there. You can get them in to sit like that. And then you just want to kind of put it up in place and just feed it in until you get it held up in place.Then we can start lining up these pre-drilled holes with those clips that we just put in place. So we can take one of our screws that's also included and we can get this lined up with those holes. It's probably not going to be exactly lined up. We can get those to get as close as possible, get that lined up and get that started. And you don't need to tighten these down all the way. You just want to get them started. We're going to do the same thing right over here.On each end of our liner, where the last couple will go, there's a little slot right there in our wheel well. The clips that are included don't clip onto that, so what we do is we get that lined up with the hole in the liner and we put this retainer clip on the backside of that hole and then screw it in place. So you have to hold it there. It's somewhat challenging, but it's right there, so it's not too far. You just have to feel for it. Then we can just repeat that same process for the fourth one. And once we get that in place, we can go back and we can tighten all of those down. Once we get that tightened down, we can repeat that same process for the passenger side.But that's going to do it for our look at the Husky Liner wheel well guards on our 2020 Ford F-150.