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Husky GearBox Interior Storage System Review - 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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Review of the Husky GearBox Interior Storage System - 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Rob: Hey everybody. Rob here at, and today we're going to be taking a look at the Husky Liners Gearbox Under Seat Storage on our 2019 F-350. Now a lot of times in the back seat, we keep a lot of different things. I like to keep some tools back here, maybe some jumper cables, just some emergency type stuff. But what ends up happening is exactly this. I try to put everything underneath the seat, but once we start driving around, everything starts shifting and coming out.

Especially if you have any kind of all weather mat, because it's definitely going to start sliding around on there because they're kind of slick. A little bit like plastic.So we got our emergency triangles, some wheel chocks, and some other tools. And again, we can shove it all back under the seat, but as soon as we hit the brakes, chances are it's probably going to come flying forward and come out. That's where a Husky Liners Gearbox is going to make sure that we can keep all that stuff contained in a nice little compartment underneath our seat. So to put our gearbox in place, it's really simple.

We just want to fold our rear seats up, make sure all of our gear that we're going to put in the gearbox is out of the way. I'm just going to line it up to where it sits right underneath the seat, and we want to grab the strap . should already be in place, but there's a notch that's over towards the passenger side.I'm going to feed that strap down and we'll take the free end, and there's a bracket right here, we want to feed our strap through the bracket. It's a small hole that we can feed it through. We'll take it, we're going to feed it into the buckle on the other end, and feed it through.

Just want to cinch it down to where it's nice and snug. And the box is going to be nice and tight. Let me just lock it down, make sure that strap isn't going to come loose. And we can always just tuck the excess strap behind it. I'm going to actually probably fit almost everything ...

Well, we can fit everything that was underneath the seat back into our storage container.Everything will have a nice little pocket that it'll fit into and the raised walls are definitely going to make sure it's not going to be sliding out from underneath the seat. Just trying to organize everything. And now we can even put our seats back down, and you can see it's going to come right to the edge. So we're not going to have to worry about it sticking out and our passengers hitting their legs or anything. I really like the fact that it fits so well underneath the seat, and the fact that it has black on it, matches the interior of our F-150 really well. It just blends in, almost looks like it's supposed to be there.From the factory they already give us a little spot underneath our seat for spare tire tools, but as you can see, there's really not a whole lot of room. And obviously it did not hold our gear in place all that well because it all slid out from underneath the seat. But our gearbox is going to make sure, again because of the sidewalls, that nothing is going to be shifting around. The other thing I like is that it does come with that divider, so if you have some smaller gear, we can keep it separated from each other. If you have something particular you want to keep in a small section, or if you have some longer gear, we can always pull that divider out.It's just a foam divider, but it is going to hold everything in place really well. But if you pull it out then we're going to have something going all the way across the backseat, in case we have some really long gear we need a store. And not only is the gearbox going to make sure stuff doesn't slide around, but it's going to keep it out of sight. People can't see what's underneath the seat if the seat is down. So it doesn't even give them an opportunity to start looking and start eyeing what you have. So it definitely is going to deter would-be thieves.Overall, I just think this is a really great idea. We have a lot of space that really is dead space underneath our seat, so why not use it to organize all the tools and gear that we normally keep in our truck Aside, again, nobody really wants all their stuff sliding around, making a bunch of noise. And every time you get in the back seat, you have to reorganize it. But I can really appreciate the fact, the idea of the box, there's a bunch of dead space under here. Now it makes it usable, so we don't have to reorganize all of our stuff. It's really handy, easy to get to, and again, it keeps everything out of the eyes of people that don't need to see our stuff. Again, I'm Rob here at That'll finish up your look at the Husky Liners Gearbox Under Seat Storage on our 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty.

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