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Husky Liners Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards Installation - 2007 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Husky Liners Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards on a 2007 Ford F-150

Today on our 2007 Ford F-150, we'll be installing the Husky Liner Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards, part number Hl79101. They're made of a durable, impact-resistant thermoplastic that won't crack or break, which will help protect the truck's rear wheels' underbody from wear and tear. As you can see, there are plenty of places inside the wheel well that will collect dirt, dust, debris, and road salt. Over time, this can cause premature failure and rust inside the wheel well. The first of our install will be identifying the driver or passenger's side wheel well. We can locate the part number stamped into the wheel guard. For the driver's side, it's going to be 7910DS.

We'll then need to determine if our vehicle is equipped with the factory fender flares. This application is not, so we're going to go ahead and pre-drill a pilot hole in attachment point A. There are 2 dimples here on the driver's side guard. We'll be pre-drilling our quarter-inch hole in position A. We're ready to put our wheel well guard into position. We'll set it in position by first taking the rear flap off the guard and putting it into the fender, locking it in position.

Then we'll move to the front flap and put it in position inside the wheel well. Note, on this application the vehicle is equipped with airbags, and the airbag bracket is making contact with the wheel well guard, so we'll move underneath the vehicle. Using a paint marker, we'll go ahead and mark the vertical positions that'll need to be cut out. Then we'll go ahead and remove the guard. .. using a paint marker and make the top line, completing the section.

Using a utility knife or a rotary tool, we can go ahead and cut out the section. Once we have it cut out, we're then ready the reinstall the wheel well guard. Again, we'll put the rear flap and the front flap in position and push the edges behind the body lip. Make sure to pre-drill holes in the guard to attach to the bed seam. Once we hold it in position, we'll go ahead and pre-drill the hole. As per the instructions, we're going to use our quarter-inch bit, and then we'll run the screw fastener supplied with our install kit into position.

We will not completely tighten it down until we have all the hardware in place. With one attachment point down, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the other one that will attach to the bed seam. Next, we'll move to our attachment point at the rear wheel well flap. This will go through the pre-drilled hole. Currently, it has a push pin fastener in it. We'll go ahead and remove the push pin fastener through our pre-drilled hole in position A of the wheel guard, and then secure it on the back side, with the clip provided acting as a nut. With our rear flap secured, we'll move to the front flap. For this application, there are no pre-drilled holes, so using our bit we'll go ahead and pre-drill a hole through the sheet metal and then through the wheel guard flap. We'll go ahead and put our screw through the pre-drilled hole and then secure it with the clip again acting as a nut. With both flaps tightened down and secured, we'll move back to the bed lip attachment points. Tighten them down completely. With one side done, we'll move over to the other side and repeat the same process. That'll complete our install of the Husky Liner Custom Rear Wheel Well Guards, part number Hl79101 for our 2007 Ford F-150. .

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