Husky Liners WeatherBeater 2nd Row Rear Floor Liner Review - 2020 Toyota Tacoma

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Review of the Husky Liners WeatherBeater 2nd Row Rear Floor Liner on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today we are looking at our Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners on our 2020 Toyota Tacoma. Now these floor liners are great if you're worried about snow, rain, dirt, getting in your truck's carpet. And these are also great if you needed something that's quick and easy to take out, rinse off, and pop back in there. So let's look at how we install them.Now, before you install your floor liners, make sure your old mats are out of the truck as well as it helps in your Tacoma to just push the seats up a bit so it goes in pretty smoothly. And to install it, you just pop it in there. Now these are custom fit, so they should fit into all the nooks and crannies of your Tacoma.

Let's put that down right over there. That looks good. Now you just pat it down at the end to make sure nothing's sticking up weirdly. And that's it. It's in there.Let's take a look at some of the features this floor liner has.

First and foremost is that it's super durable and sturdy. You won't have to worry about the wear and tear of the elements upon it. Another thing is that it has these grooves here. So all the dirt, water, and snow you track in will just slip away to these edges and be contained by these containment walls. So these are walls at the edge of your liner, and they surround there, and just contain all of that dirt that you don't want messing up your carpet.

Another thing here is that this actually has these anti-slip nibs, and these are there just to keep your liner in your truck and not jostling around.What makes this extra special is how light these floor liners are. I didn't believe it when I was holding the box that there was a liner in there. When I opened it up, there it is. So, that's pretty cool. And the purpose for that is so it's easy to just take out, hose off, and pop back into your truck.

It's also one entire piece, so you can be sure that everything is protected.So final thoughts about these floor liners are they're pretty great. They're really durable, and they do what you need them to do, which is protect your truck. They also clean up really easy, so you keep your truck looking nice for whenever you need to show it off to your friends and family.So, that's about it. Those are your great liners. And these are our Husky Liner WeatherBeater Floor Liners on our 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

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