Inno Roof Rack Review - 2018 Ford Fusion

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Review of the Inno Roof Rack on a 2018 Ford Fusion

Today on our 2018 Ford Fusion, we're going to be performing a test fit for our Inno Aero roof rack system.This Inno roof rack system is going to allow us to carry roof mounted accessories on our Fusion. Things like roof mounted bike racks, kayak carriers, cargo baskets and more. It's going to allow us to us clamp on style accessories, as well as T-track accessories.Now our crossbars are going to allow us to use about 38" of usable space from end to end. There's about 2" of clearance from the bottom of the bar to the top of the roof. They're also an aerodynamic design, which means they're a lot quieter when traveling down the road, than your traditional round or square bars.Now, our bars are flush mount design, which means that they're going to end at the edge of your vehicle and not overhang. Also, our end caps here are nice and smooth, and kind of offer that more factory look.

Our end caps are also locking on all four, and our key inaudible 00:01:07, and that'll help prevent theft. To undo it, just put your key in and remove it. As you can see our cap also helps protect all the hardware underneath. Our feet do have a nice thick vehicle specific rubber pad. What that does is help protect your vehicle's finish from any scratches or damage.Our fit clips here, as well, are also vehicle specific.

You know your kit is going to fit your Fusion perfectly, and it does fit really nice. These clips are rubber coated and what that does is protect your paint and finish as well.Now one thing I would like to mention here, is how this T-slot accessory groove works. There's a rubber strip in here, and that way you don't have to do any cutting or trimming like some other roof racks. You simply just push your accessory in, slide it down to the position that you want it, and just reinstall your end cap. And it's that easy.Now, with the cross bars installed on your Fusion's roof, it's overall height is going to increase about 3", meaning from the top of the roof, the top of the crossbar is an additional 3".

So keep that in mind when you're traveling through low clearance areas or anything like that. The maximum weight capacity the crossbars can handle is 165 pounds total, but you always want to check with your Fusion's owner manual to make sure your roof can support that.Now that we've gone over the features, I'm going to go ahead and show you how to get our crossbars installed here. You have the front one installed for you already. All right, now we're going to go ahead and assemble our crossbar here. This side is already assembled, and all four of them are assembled exactly the same, so we'll just go ahead and show you how to do this one side.The first thing you would do is take your slider here, and slide it out as far as it can go.

Take your clip, the notched side facing outwards, the metal side facing us. Go ahead and insert that in the housing. We'll just push that all the way back. Now, by pushing this button down, you're able to slide it back a little further, and you want to do it enough to where this slot here is exposed. So we'll just keep that like that for a second.Next thing we'll grab is our foot, and these are marked with Ls and Rs. L for being left, which is the driver's side, R being right, which is the passenger's side, so just make sure you have the appropriate side. Here we have an L, so we're good to go. Next, we'll take our rubber pad, and these are side specific as well. You can tell by the part number that's marked on them, or they have a specific pattern that kind of fits around the head of the screws and you can tell that way as well.It installs, kind of just push firmly on it and you'll kind of set into place and clip in. Like that. Now, with this slot exposed here, it allows us to take our T-clip and put it in that exposed slot, and just with gentle downward pressure push out to the end of the crossbar, and you'll feel the foot kind of fall and just kind of fall into place. Like so.Our next step, we'll take our tape measure, and per our instructions from the center of the crossbar to the edge of our pad here, you need to be 21 and 3/8 of an inch. Go ahead. Go to the edge of the pad. To the center, looks like we're a little long, so we can just push that in a little ways. And it looks like we're about spot on. Set our tape to the side, provided an Allen wrench here. There is a bolt, right there in the center. Just take your wrench, go ahead and tighten that down, set that to the side.There's one more thing we need to do before we actually set it on our roof, and that's grab our fit clip. We're going to remove this bolt with the washers. Just place our fit clip on like so, and just loosely tighten this bolt. Maybe a few turns. You want to have some play in it, so when we set it on your roof, you can get it properly aligned. All right. Let's go ahead and get it set up on our roof.Now, before we put our crossbar on the roof, it's a good idea to open up both your doors. Just makes things a little bit easier. So go ahead and grab your bar, and don't forget to make sure that each side is going to be on the correct side, as I mentioned before. Just take it and gently and carefully lay it on the roof. All right. Like so.Now, our directions instruct us to take a measurement from the center of the two doors, here to the center of this main bolt. And that measurement is going to be 13 and 3/4 of an inch. And the reason we do that on each side, is that way, the rear bar will be exactly square with the front bar. So I'll grab my tape, go ahead and get a measurement here, maybe come forward. All right, so that looks pretty good. Go ahead and measure up this other side.Now we do get a torquing tool provided, like so. And this is a pretty neat tool, because it clicks when you are at the proper torque specification, so you don't have to worry about over tightening or under tightening. So you take your tool, and starting on one side, just tighten it up enough just to get kind of the play and the slack out of the fit clip here. Give it a few turns, and you're going to want to alternate to each side. That way we pull the crossbar down evenly. Once you hear that click like that, that means you're torqued and you don't need to tighten it anymore.All right. So we're all good to go there. Now that we have everything torqued, we can go ahead and install our end caps. These are very simple. Just set them on there, kind of line up the grooves, take your key, go ahead and lock it into place. Give it a good shake, make sure it's on there nice and tight. Do the same thing with the other side here. And there we go. Now we're ready to hit the road.And that's going to complete our test fit on our 2018 Ford Fusion for our Inno Aero roof rack system.

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