K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror Installation - 2015 Jeep Cherokee

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How to Install the K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror on a 2015 Jeep Cherokee

Today on our 2015 Jeep Cherokee we're going to be taking a look at the K Source Universal Towing Mirror, part number KS3891. Now here I am at the back of my trailer. Now you can see me clearly in the factory mirror but if I step off to the side you lose track of me in the factory mirror, but that's where our tow mirror comes into play. It's going to give you a wider field of view allowing you to keep an eye on your trailer whether you're driving down the highway, parking, or even trying to get into a camp ground. So here's what our mirror looks like fully installed, and we actually have the option with this mirror if we want to tall angle of view like this, or if we come to the back and remove the screw, we can actually remove our mirror and we can put it back in this way and actually have more of a wide angle view. Now the clamps here actually go in between the housing and the mirror glass itself, so we're not going to lose the function of our factory mirror. We're still going to be able to adjust up and down, as well as left and right.

We're even able to still fold our mirror in. Now on the back here we have two rubber mounting pads which is going to keep our mirror nice and secure, and prevent any scratches on our paint. Now the ratcheting straps right here are going to lock down, making sure that the mirror's tied to your vehicle, and we can tighten them and loosen them very easily. Now the ratcheting strap is going to provide a nice snug fit on your factory mirror. Now these are universal mirrors, so they're going be great if you have more than one vehicle in the family that you tow with. Now they do come in a quantity of one, so if you need one for the passenger side go ahead and use the same part number. Now that we've gone over some of these features let's show you how we get it installed.

To begin our installation we're here on our driver's side. We're going to open up our arms, and if we bring our attention to the small tabs right here, this tab right here is actually going to fit in between our mirror housing and the glass itself. So we can take our bottom section right here and we're going to slide those tabs in between our mirror and the housing. Then we can bring our upper arm, rotate it around, and do the same thing, making sure that we get the tabs in between our mirror and the housing of the mirror. Now if we come to the bottom and we take our strap we're going to go around our mirror, and this hook is actually going to come underneath the small tab and hook in just like that.

And we can do the same thing with the other one as well. Now the pads here, I like to have them on the flat portion of my mirror here, that way it has more to grab onto and more surface contact. But the way we're going to tighten these straps down is that we take this lever, we're going to lift up, and we're going to take this lever and it'll ratchet down our mirror. Once we get it nice and snug you can start the other one. To loosen our mirror we can come right here and we can push this button, which is going to release our strap. Again we can just ratchet it down until it's nice and snug.

Lock it down. Put our covers in place. Now we're ready to hit the road. That'll finish up the look at the K Source Universal Towing Mirror, part number KS3891, on our 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

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