K-Source Electric Towing Mirrors with Turn Signals Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the K-Source Electric Towing Mirrors with Turn Signals on a 2013 GMC Sierra

Shane: Hey, everyone. Shane here with etrailer.com. Today, I have a 2013 GMC Sierra. And I'm going to walk you through how to install the K-Source custom fit towing mirrors. These are going to be direct factory replacements. These are going to give you a much bigger mirror.

They're also going to extend out. These are going to make it great for when you're towing. When you're towing a longer trailer, maybe you want to be able to see the back of it, where your factory mirrors or otherwise, wouldn't allow you to do that.As I mentioned, these are going to allow us to extend our mirrors out, to give us a much better view down the side of our trailer. I'm about one car length behind our trailer, or our camper. And you can see, we still have plenty of visibility.

We can see the back of our camper. We can potentially see a car that may be coming up behind us. As they sit like this, they're at 18-1/2 inches. If we slide them out, going to slide out and give us a total of 22-1/2 inches. So it gives us a much wider view.The total width of the mirror itself is 7-1/2 inches.

Top to bottom, it's going to be 12-1/2 inches. You'll notice we're going to have double mirrors. We're going to have a larger mirror on top. Again, going to give us a much better view. We're going to have a small spot mirror down here on the bottom.

The bottom one is a manual adjustment, but it can be adjusted up and down, and side to side. Our top, if your vehicle's equipped with it, is powered, heat, and it also has an LED blinker in it.The housing itself is going to be a durable plastic design. It is going to be a textured black finish. So it's really going to match with any color vehicle that you may have. Not only, as I mentioned, does it telescope out, but they also fold. It's also hinged right here in the center, so we can fold this in when we're parking in a tight space. Keep in mind the fold feature is manual. It is not powered.Now, you can buy these as a set for your driver and passenger side, or you can buy them individually. Maybe you have one on there already. You have one that may have got broken, got hit or something like that. You can find single replacements here etrailer.com. As I mentioned, our mirror is going to have not only heat function, it's going to have an integrated LED turn signal. It's also going to be powered. Keep in mind if your vehicle is not equipped with those functions, the mirror will still fit, but the functions will not work powered.Another thing these are not capable of doing as if your factory mirrors have curb assist on them, these mirrors will not work with curb assist. So that function will not work anymore if you have that. And if we compare these to some of the other types of mirrors out there, you have clip on towing mirrors, which will slide over the factory mirror to give you some added view. However, they're not to give you the added functions like these are. And they're going to be a temporary install.I've heard some people have those on and they kind of wobble a little bit. They're not quite as tight. Where these they're going to be installed just like your factory mirrors. They're going to look like your factory mirrors. They're going to be more useful than your factory mirrors. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk you through how to get them installed.To start your installation, we're going to start right up here in this corner. You're going to need a trim panel tool, 10 millimeter socket, maybe a couple of small flathead screwdrivers. Put our trim panel tool in here. We're going to pop this panel off. Like that. We'll set that aside. We're going to come over here to our lock. You're going to see a little tab there. Take a small flat head screwdriver. We need to put that down in there and pop that out. Once you pop that out, your lock will slide off.Just going to reveal two screws. We're going to come down here right behind our handle here, we're going to have another panel. We need to remove that one. Going to reveal another screw. Right here at this handle, right behind it, there's another panel, we need to remove that one. Best way to do it, if you couldn't see, start the side and just rotate your tool around the corner, and it will slide these out. We're going to have two more screws there, 10 millimeter socket. We're going to remove all the bolts.Once we get our two bolts out of here, we'll go ahead and remove this handle. For the two that are back here, if you're worried about dropping them down inside the door panel, a little trick, take a paper towel, take one of the bolts you already removed. Push it down in there. When we feed this onto the bolt, it'll actually grab it and kind of treat it like a magnet. It won't allow the bolt to come out of the socket once we pull it out. Just like that.We're going to take our trim panel tool, we can start down here at the bottom. We need to start popping these clips off. And it may be a little bit easier for you if you actually lay down on the ground where you can see the clip, and then if you have a forked one like this, take it and stick it, and get that clip right in there and just pry it out. They'll usually pop out pretty easy.Once we get our clips off, once we get up here at the top, what we need to do is we need to take our door panel and lift up. We're going to lift up like this, and we don't just want to pull it off because we have wiring in there. And right in here, you're going to have this black kind of a semi-gloss cable. This is the one running to your mirror. You can see, we have a couple of other ones. This is the only one we really need to unplug. You can try to get the other ones off. One of them is a little bit difficult, but if you reach down underneath, you can actually pull this one off.You're going to reach down and you're going to push on this tab. You reach for it, it sits like this. Take your finger, push on it, and pull out. We're going to let our door panel just kind of rest there. And we need to feed this through this bracket. You can kind of see where it runs up to where my mirror housing is. You're going to have a couple of fasteners that are holding it in place. Your trim panel tool can kind of help pop those off.What we're going to have to do is we're going to loosen this bolt here, actually we're going to take this one out, and then we're going to slightly loosen this one. It kind of releases that bracket a little bit. We can kind of pull it out, to pull that plug through. We got a little play. We able to pull our wire out. We'll come up here, go ahead and disconnect the fasteners that are holding it to the door. Just pop those loose. Come up here to this foam, go ahead and pull that out.On the inside, we're going to have three nuts. Use our 10 millimeter socket, we'll remove each one of those. Now it may be easier if you have a second person standing on the outside, holding the mirror while you take these off. If not, you may want to stand on the outside of the door. What we don't want to do is we don't want to lose these nuts, because we're going to be reusing them. Once you have the three nuts off, right here on your factory mirror, there's going to be a little clip in there. Take your trim panel tool and stick it in there. Pop it lose like that.And we'll just feed our wire from our factory mirror through the hole, and then we can install our new one. Now to install our new one, you're going to have a driver and passenger side. Driver's side blinker, it's going to be the outside, big mirror is going to be on top. Feed our wire through first. Now this is not going to have that snap pin that the factory mirror did. So you need to make sure you hold it as you're putting on the three nuts, or at least get one of them on there to hold the mirror.Now the foam on this is pretty thick. So you might have to push the mirror back against the door to get the nut to catch. So I've got two of them on so far. I'm not quite able to get that third one on. So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to tighten these a little bit. That'll allow me to get that third one on. Once we get our mirror tightened down, we can go ahead and reinstall our foam piece up here in the corner.Wiring is going to come with new clips, so we'll just pop those in the factory holes. We're going to route our wire the same way our other wire was. We'll go ahead and get this through here. Get it pushed down here, come out the bottom, feed it through the same hole. And then we can go ahead and plug it in. Help if I turned it the right way. Now that we've got it plugged in, and we got our mirror installed, we're going to go ahead and test it out before we put our door panel back in place.And factory power works. Think we're good. We can go ahead and start reinstalling our door panel in reverse order from the way we took it off. Once you get all your bolts put back in, you can go ahead and reinstall all your covers. And you're ready to go. That's going to do if for a look at and installation on the K-Source custom fit tow mirrors on 2013 GMC Sierra.

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