K-Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors Installation - 2020 Ford Edge

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How to Install the K-Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors on a 2020 Ford Edge

Rob: Hey everybody. It's Rob here at etrailer.com. And today we're going to be taking a look at the K source universal towing mirror on our 20,20 Ford Edge. Now I got my trailer hooked up to my Edge here, and you can clearly see me in the factory mirror. That's usually not a problem, but when we're going down the road and we're pulling our trailer, maybe we need to change lanes on the highway. That's when it starts to become a problem, because we can't see that far over, especially this far back from our Edge.So a lot of us end up sticking your head out the window, but then we're taking our eyes off the road and that's really not a good practice.Well, that's where our towing mirror is definitely going to help.

It's going to give us a much wider field of view so we can see that lane over and make sure we're safe to change lanes on the highway. Because as I step away, you're going to lose track of me in the factory mirror, but then you're going to regain sight of me in the towing mirror.So again, if you're going down the highway, you can make sure that the lane is clear, safely merge over, or even if you're just pulling up to the campgrounds, you can watch for trees going around a turn, you can watch the tires on your trailer, make sure you're not going to hop the curb or anything like that. It just makes for a much more safe way to get down the road with a trailer. And that we can drive down the road having confidence and not so nervously.Now our towing mirror does have two separate mirrors on it. We're going to have a large mirror here.

It's going to be a flat piece of glass. It's definitely going to give you a really accurate depiction of what's behind you. Whereas this small mirror here is going to be more of a spot mirror, and it's definitely going to help out with those tight corners and really trying to see further out around our trailer.Now our mirror is going to be held on by these two arms. There's actually a little tab that fits right in between the housing and the glass. It's just going to slide right in place.

Then we'll have a couple of straps that are going to hold it securely to our factory mirror. And I know nobody wants to scratch their vehicle and they don't want to worry about it either. The straps themselves are a plastic material, but this pad here is a nice soft rubber material. So not only is it going to help prevent any kind of scratches, abrasions, anything like that, but it's also going to give it a really secure grip. So our mirror is not going to move around.Now the straps are ratcheting and they do have a locking mechanism to keep them in place.

They're extremely easy to use. Flip the cover open. And if you lift up on the lever, it's going to tighten it up, push down on the button, it'll loosen it up. Extremely easy to use. Don't have to worry about setting any adjustments to it. You just kind of ratchet it down until it's nice and snug and close the cover up.Each one of our mirrors is going to be fully adjustable. We'll be able to adjust it up and down left and right. Pretty much any direction we need so that we can make sure we see what we need to and get that perfect viewing angle. Now I know a lot of customers are a little worried, especially when it comes to the universal mirrors because they're not sure if their factory mirror is going to work and they can still we'll make any kind of adjustments.Well, I can tell you right now, I can still move this mirror plenty, if not all the way and see exactly what I need to make any kind of adjustments. So the towing mirror is not going to affect any kind of operation of our mirror and what we see behind us. And as you can see, even though the straps are partially covering the turn signal, people are still going to be able to see it. So we can still utilize that. And the puddle lamp underneath it is partially covered by the strap, but you'll still be able to get some illumination at night. So you can see where you're stepping whenever you open the door. And I think one of the best things about our mirror is the fact that it has a universal design. So if you have more than one vehicle in your family that you tow with, maybe another one besides your Edge, chances are, this might fit that as well.And they do come in a set. So we're going to get the one for the driver's side and the passenger side, so whenever we're going down the road we're not going to be limited to just seeing what's on the left hand side of our Edge here.Now, installing the mirrors is extremely easy. You could probably have both of them on in under five minutes. In fact, let's go and put this one on together. To begin our installation we want to open up the arms on our mirror. And if we look here at the bottom, we're going to have these little tabs. These tabs are actually going to fit in between the mirror housing and the mirror glass. We're also going to have those tabs on top. So when I come to the front of the mirror and slide it in place. I like to get the bottom loosely sitting in place, just rotate the arms down, get the top end. I kind of like just to hold it with my hand. Now on the back, we're going to have these straps. We're going to lift open the cover on the strap. Then if you push down on a button, we can lengthen them out because on the bottom here, we're going to have this little clip. You want to hook that on to the hook on the bottom, and then we want to tighten it up and you can either just use the ratcheting mechanism to tighten up like this. Or again, you can push in on that button, pull the strap and then get nice and snug ratcheting it down.Just make sure it does get a firm grip on there. It's not going to come loose. Close the cover to lock it down and we'll do the same thing for the other arm.Once this is nice and snug lock both arms down and the other side is going to go in the exact same way. But with all that being said again, I'm Rob here at etrailer.com and that'll finish up your look at the K source universal towing mirror on our 2020 Ford Edge.

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