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Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier Review - 2022 Kia Forte

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Review of the Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier on a 2022 Kia Forte

Hey everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the Kuat Class 4 C2 Kayak Carrier and how it fits on the 2022 Kia Forte. This is one of my favorite kayak carriers. It's definitely a premium one with a bunch of premium features that just makes it easier for you to carry around your kayaks, and you have integrated locks. Now we do have 'em on the SeaSucker round bars, and pretty much no matter what kayak carrier you have, there will be a little bit of rotation on round bars, but this one has it down to a minimum. So this has a bunch of integrated locks, but you aren't able to lock the kayak to the carrier. That's something to keep in mind.

You may wanna check out upgrading to locking straps as a feature, or just keep it up there. Now another thing is gonna be the angle of how it opens. So this is a J-style kayak carrier, but the angle is a bit shallow compared to some of your other carriers. Compare that with the Swagman on the other side, definitely a deeper angle, which means that the Kuat Class 4 takes up less space on your crossbars, but your kayak will be at a more aggressive tilt. This has included straps, and the straps are great.

I love the cam buckles, but because our Kia Forte doesn't really have anywhere to hook into right away, I'm using the etrailer strap kit just because it has included dog bones. Now look at where the cam buckles fit through. They fit through the top of your kayak here. They go around your kayak, and they go back into the kayak here, and that way you can secure it to your crossbars. This makes it very stable and a strong fit.

But let's undo these straps and take off this kayak so that we can take a closer look at the kayak carrier itself. So here you can see that there's that loading ramp that leads in to the inside of the carrier. So there's that rubber padding there on the bottom, but you also have a foam padding on top. That way, no matter what part of the kayak carrier is touching the hull of your kayak, you have that extra grip and cushion. There's a middle lever here, you pull that, and that allows you to drop this down, where it stays locked in that position.

And when you need to open it up, remember to put the straps in first. Pull that lever again, flip that up, you're ready to load. This has stainless steel straps with a rubber padding around them, and that's what's strapping around your crossbars. I've been very impressed by the straps 'cause they fit, whether your super large arrow bars or even your round bars. Now there will still be a little bit of a rotation on your round bars, and for that reason, I personally do not recommend driving around with them without a kayak on there, because then it will just be the carrier itself and the wind. Now the good thing though, is it has very easy to use levers here. You just flip those levers up, and then that releases a strap, and you can take that off of your crossbar, and you just wrap it around and tighten them back down. So because of that, even though you do have to take your kayak carriers off of your round crossbars, it's very fast to do so. So because of that, you don't have to worry so much about clearance underneath your crossbars. If you have some very flush crossbars on your Forte, you don't need that much clearance for bolts and things like that. It also is very low profile above your vehicle, only sitting five inches above the crossbar. And then for the width it takes up, it's gonna be about 20, 21 inches. This of course depends on where you put them and how big your kayak is. So my personal thoughts about the Kuat Class 4 is one, it looks really good, especially here on our Forte, we have the gray, and that matches almost perfectly with our paint, but you can also get this as a metallic black with silver accent instead. It's gonna work the same way. You have those same premium features. I really like where you can put the straps, as well as how those straps fit around pretty much any crossbar, whether you have a SeaSucker, round monkey bars, or you have some arrow bars, it's just gonna work out for you. It's more of a matter of how much do you wanna spend on your kayak carrier. I definitely think that those premium features are worth it. But this right here was a look at the Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier on a 2022 Kia Forte..

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