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Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Lights Installation - 2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Lights on a 2001 Dodge Ram

Speaker 1: Today, in this 2001 Dodge Ram, we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED truck cab lights, with amber LEDs and a smoke lens, part number PP20-244S.These lenses are also available in a kit with amber colored lenses, part number PP20-244, as well as a clear lens, part number PP20-244C.Here's what the lights look like installed, at night. As you'll notice, even though we have smoke lenses, we still have amber light showing through them, so we can stay safe and legal at night. These LED lights are not only bright, but they are much longer lasting than your standard incandescent light bulb. If wanted, you could use incandescent light bulbs in it, if you want. The kit even comes with five incandescent bulbs, if you need them.Here's our light bulb without the housing. As you can see, we have eight individual LED diodes on each bulb.

And these diodes are amber in color, so we have the amber clearance lights that our vehicle had from the factory.And here's what they look like during the daytime, with the lights on. You'll really notice the smoked housing and still see the amber light shining through. These housings are designed and styled after the 1999 to 2002 Dodge Ram factory cab-clearance lights. So you still maintain that factory look. With our lights off, you can really appreciate the nice appeal of the smoke color.

It blends in nicely with your dark-colored trucks, such as this one.Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get them installed. To begin our install, we'll be working on the roof of our truck. In our particular application, our truck already has factory cab lights. The replacement lights that we are installing are modeled directly after the factory cab lights, so they will be a direct replacement for it.We'll start by removing our factory cab light. To do that, there's two Phillips screws.

This kit comes with everything you need in order to install these. You'll have new screws, you'll have a switch, and all the wire you need, in order to hook it up properly. However, in our case, since our truck already has factory clearance lights on it, we'll be reusing the factory screws, since they work properly for the holes that are already in the roof of our truck. And we'll be reusing the wiring that's already there. That way, we don't have to worry about adding a switch.

These will come on when your parking lights are turned on.Now grab the light, pull it up. We'll now cut the two wires that go into the factory bulb socket, as close to the socket as possible. We're doing this because our factory socket is slightly different from the socket that can be used for our new light.We'll now take a utility knife, and we'll slice down the middle of this wire insulation, only going through the top layer. Pull the two wires out through that slit, and we'll now cut off the insulation.We'll now strip off some insulation from both wires, and we'll now crimp on two 18 to 22 gauge heat-shrink butt connectors, which we have available on our website. And the reason I'm using these is because they offer a better weather-proof connection, and they don't damage the wiring.We'll take our new socket, we'll cut off the ring terminal and black wire, and we'll cut the red wire to the same length, to match. We'll strip back insulation from both of those wires. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which one, since this is a light bulb. There's no polarity issues that matter there. But in our application, I'm going to take the red wire to the black wire with the yellow stripe, and I'll crimp it. And then the black wire will go to the other connector, which is on a plain black wire.Now we'll take our heat gun and shrink down our butt connectors. You want to make sure you use a heat gun versus a lighter because a lighter can damage the butt connectors, and you won't have a proper crimp. This provides a source of indirect heat, and we have these available on our website, if you'd like one.We will now take our new LED bulb, and we'll plug it into the socket. We're going to turn on our headlights, now, and ensure that the bulb comes on. If it doesn't come on, we'll need to pull the bulb out, rotate it 180 degrees, and stick it back in. Since this is an LED bulb, the polarity does matter.We have our parking lights turned on, now. As you can see, these are working, here, but this one's not. Now since this one's not working, we will need to pull the bulb out, rotate it 180 degrees, and place it back in. And as you can see, it is now illuminated.Now we'll take our new gasket, run our wires and socket through it in the large hole in the middle. And now we can take our new housing, we'll insert our bulb and socket into the base of it, and we'll rotate it clockwise until it locks in place. Now we'll take our factory screws, place them back through our holes in the top, slide the gasket over the screws, and we'll line this up with the holes in the roof, and tighten the screws down. We don't need to go overly tight on these, just enough to secure it into place, and ensure that the foam gasket provides a good seal on the roof of the truck, to keep the elements out of the cab.With this one done, we can repeat the process for the other four lights. And that completes our look at and installation of the Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED truck cab lights, with amber LEDs and a smoke lens, part number PP20-244S, on this 2001 Dodge Ram.

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