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Lippert SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps Install - 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lite Fifth Wheel

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Install of the Lippert SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps on a 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lite Fifth Whe

Hey guys. Shane here at Today I have a 2007 Starcraft Homestead Fifth Wheel Trailer and I want to walk through how to install Lippert Components Solid Steps. Solid Steps are going to be a great upgrade from your factory steps that usually come on the trailer. The difference between them is your typical steps are just going to fold down and they're not going to touch the ground, so when you step on them, they have, a lot of give a lot of movement, not very stable. Also, they're open to the elements so you can see all the dirt and everything on them.

Eventually these rust and they're going to be hard to pull out. With the Solid Steps, you see how they fold up into place so they're out of the weather when you're not using the trailer, they're behind the door and they lock into place right along the edge of your door frame. To get them out, it's very simple. You can turn the handle either way and it's got spring-loaded pins that clamp around this frame piece.Simply turn it, pull them out, set them down on the ground. Nice thing about these is they actually touch the ground so they give you a lot more stability than the factory ones.

Another nice thing I like about these steps is they're adjustable. So once you get them, these are going to be adjusted all the way in. You loosen the three bolts and you adjust it to the width of your doorframe. These are going to fit from a 26 inch wide door frame up to a 29. How you measure that is you measure inside of doorframe to inside of doorframe and you're going to go up to the nearest even number.

So if it measures 26 and a half, you want to go up to a 27. They call these Solid Steps for a reason. As I mentioned, with them being on the ground, that gives you a nice solid foundation for walking in and out of their camper. So you'll notice we don't have movement or give like our factory steps would. Nice wide base at the top for walking in, first step into the camper first step out.These are going to be an all aluminum construction.

You can see our framing is going to have a nice black powder coat finish. We're not going to have to worry about rust or corrosion. Each step is going to be eight and a half inches wide, or deep, by 24 inches wide. When we come up here to our top step, 24 inches wide except it's going to be 13 inches deep, so it gives us a nice platform for either going into the camper or our first step out of the camper. You'll also notice this back plate here. It comes all the way down to our first step so that as we're walking up we don't have to worry about our feet slipping in back behind here, maybe catching our toes underneath the trailer. Each one of our steps is going to be eight inches apart, so it's going to match up nicely, kind of like your home steps. Also, each step, if you notice, it's going to have a tread on it so your feet may be a little bit wet, a little bit dirty, it's going to help maintain a nice grip while you're walking up and down. You'll also notice the grip strips here. Again, helps your shoes really grab onto that step really well when they're wet or dirty. Each leg is going to have a nice foot on it, so it gives you a nice solid foundation when it's on the ground.It's also going to have different settings, so it's really nice if you're at a campsite that had unlevel ground that you make sure you can adjust your legs so that your steps are level when you're walking in and out of the camper. Very easy to adjust. It's going to come with a pin, set it in the spot you need. Once you have it level, take the pin, feed it through on each one and you're ready to go. With each step being as wide as it is and the backing plate up here coming all the way down to the first step makes it really nice for our pets going in and out of our camper. It will make it very easy for them and much more comfortable than the factory steps that usually come on the trailers. A couple other things that I would like to mention with the steps. They don't come with them. However, these are other pieces that you can purchase. Say we may have mobility issues and have a hard time walking up and down. Along with the steps having a wide area to give us plenty of footing but being on the ground giving us that stability, there is a handle that you can purchase and it mounts directly onto this side so that with the mobility issues walking up and down, making it a little bit difficult, we have a nice handle to grab on to.Another nice upgrade you can get along with the steps is if you have shoulder problems, back problems or anything like that, you have a hard time lifting, even though these are all aluminum, they're not really heavy, but if you have shoulder problems or back problems, they could be a little bit difficult. There is a lift assist kit that you can purchase that mounts on the inside directly to the wall, has a shock to it and you can actually lift the steps up with one finger because the shock will support the weight of the step so it makes it very easy in that type of situation. Now if we we're to remove our factory steps, we'd have a large opening here. Lippert makes a storage box that is designed to go with the Solid Steps and it fits in place of your steps so you now have use for that area that otherwise would be open.These are going to come in two step, three step and four step configurations and different widths for different sized doorframe openings. As far as the installation process, very simple and straightforward. It's going to come with all the necessary hardware. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk through how to get it installed. To start our installation, it's a good idea to remove your steps. These steps are actually welded on and they're not going to interfere with our new steps that we're putting on, so our customer just decided to leave those on for now. Then we're going to come up here and this trim piece on our sill plate, we need to remove it. Phillips screwdriver or square bit, you'll have three screws, remove those. We'll take this and set it aside. It will get re-installed a little bit later. Next thing we need to do is we need to pop these two caps out. So you're going to have one on this side and you're going to have one on this side. You're going to take your steps, set them in to place.We want to push them all the way back against your sill plate. Next what we are going to do is we want to measure from the edge of this frame to our door frame on each side and make sure we're centered in the door. Next we're going to have bolts that look like this. In the plate where he took two caps out, there's a plate right underneath of it. We're going to take these and drive them right down through the floor. Once you get those two in, we're going to raise our steps up. We're going to take a 7/16 socket. We're going to loosen this bolt, this one, and this one on each side. We don't need to take them all the way out. And we're going to take this bar, we're going to slide it right over to our doorframe and then tighten it back in place. Once you get it adjusted, we're going to close it and lock it into place. Then we're going to come down here and we're going to put our eight remaining bolts into the floor through this plate. Once we get those in, we can reinstall our trim piece. Keep in mind we're only going to be able to use two screws, even though we took three of them out because our third hole is covered up by the plate.So what we're finding is we're having a problem getting our cap to go all the way in because this trim piece here is pushing it up when we set our steps down so there are a couple of different options that we can do. We can take this plate and we can cut it right here on both ends and remove the whole centerpiece and just leave the ends just to keep the nice look. We can not use these, which in my opinion I would prefer to use them because I like it with these on. It kind of cleans it up, makes it look nice or what we can do is we can mark the inside of this hole where it sits and then just drill a hole through it that big so that when we close it, we don't have any pressure on the bottom of that cap, which is what I think I'm going to do is I'm just going to drill that hole. Now what I'm going to do is raise my steps up. I'm going to take that plate back out after I mark it and then I'll get my holes drilled. You see there Now we got our holes drilled correctly where our caps stay in place.See, all I did was marked, made the holes enough where it's not pushing the caps back up. Once you got everything done then go ahead, fold your steps up, then you're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Lippert Components, triple Solid Steps on our 2007 Starcraft Homestead Fifth Wheel Trailer.

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