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Lippert SolidStep RV and Camper Steps Installation - 2019 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel

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How to Install the Lippert SolidStep RV and Camper Steps on a 2019 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel

Shane: Hey guys, Shane here with Today I have a 2019 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel, and I want to walk you through how to install Lippert Components Solid Steps.These steps are going to give you a very solid foundation for walking in and out of your camper. When you compare them to the other steps that are normally coming on campers, they're a little bit wobbly. They don't have any base that touches the ground, so they have a lot of give in them.With these, they give you adjustments so you can set them down on the ground to give you a solid foundation walking in and out, not only for you but also for your pets. These are going to have a 400 pound weight capacity, so very high. You'll notice again, top step is very wide.

I can stand on sideways, gives us plenty of room for sure footing or walking in and out of our camper.Another nice benefit to adding these over your regular steps is one, they store inside, so we don't have any components outside. When we're done, fold them up. They stay inside the camper. They're out of the weather when we're not using them.Steps are going to be an aluminum construction, so we don't have to worry about rust and corrosion. You look at our top plate here, you'll notice that it comes all the way down behind this top step.

This is to ensure that when we're going in and out of the camper, our feet don't slip back behind that step, so nice feature they have there.You'll notice our top step, it's a little bit wider than the rest of them. That's to ensure that we have a good wide platform for going in and out of the camper with our first step. It's going to be 13 inches in depth, by 24 inches wide, which each one of our steps is going to be 24 inches wide.Come down here, these steps are going to be eight and a half inches in depth, and each step is going to be eight inches from one to the other, so it's going to be more like your home steps. You'll notice we're going to have grip here, so during those wet conditions we don't have to worry about our feet slipping. Each one of our steps is going to have grooves in it, and that's for if we have any mud or if it's raining out, water will kind of divert from our feet, so again, we get sure footing.We come down here to our legs, we'll notice we have a nice foot to give us that solid base on the ground, but not only that because we're going to have holes that run up the leg that allow us to adjust each leg in one inch increments for unlevel ground.

I'm going to go ahead and pull this one all the way out.You can see how much adjustment we had, so if we're parked somewhere and we have a steep hill on one side, and it's light on the other, or low on the other. We have plenty of adjustment to get us or get our steps adjusted where they're safe and level when we're going in out of our camper. Very easy adjustment, adjust the pin, push the pin out, adjust it where you need, put the pin back in place.Now these are held inside. You'll notice these spring pins here, you have one on each side, and what it does is they lock against this edge inside your doorframe. Once you fold them in place, you can close your door again.

When you're not using them, they stay stored inside the camper.Another nice thing that I really like about them is it allows you to adjust these two brackets in or out. This one in particular will fit 30 to a 36 inch door, so if you have a camper that's a little bit wider, a little bit wider opening, it'll allow you to adjust that out as necessary.As far as opening them, very simple. You can turn the handle either way and it releases the spring pins that lock it into place. When you're ready to lock it into place, you simply just push it, and it locks around that edge.Couple of other things I want to talk about here, with our solid steps, once we put them in Lippert also makes a storage box, and if you'll notice we have this opening here where we had our old steps. If we wanted to fill that in, there's a storage box that they make, and it's designed to go with the Solid Steps, and it fills in that spot and gives you extra storage. You can find those here at etrailer.I'm going to go ahead and fold these down. I want to talk about another component that if you have issues with lifting, maybe you have back problems, or shoulder problems, or arm problems, or maybe you're just getting up there where you're a little bit older, and things are a little bit too heavy to lift. These are aluminum, so they're not really heavy, but Lippert also makes a lift assist for the Solid Steps and it mounts right inside the wall here. It has a shock on it and it allows you to lift up your steps with one finger. They'll lift by their self, you fold them into place. When you're ready to pull them out, they'll support their self, and you just pull them down when you're ready to use them. You can find those here at, these steps are going to come in a couple different varieties. We have our quad steps here. They're going to come in three, they're also going to come in two steps, depending on how high or low your camper sits. They're also going to come in different widths depending on your door frame or door opening, and how you get that measurement is you're going to measure from the inside of your door frame here, to the other side, and you're going to round up to the nearest even number. If you measure and it goes up to 29 and a half inches, you want to round up to 30 inches. That's going to be your starting number for the door width.This one was 29 and a half. We rounded up to 30. These steps fit 30 to 36 inches. Again, many different sizes that you can find here for different size door frames.As far as the installation process, very simple. It's going to come with all the necessary hardware to get it installed. Once you have it mounted up here, you adjust your arms inside your door way, and you're ready to go. Now, that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk you through how to get them installed.To start your installation, you need to remove your old steps, and we're going to come up here, and this sill plate right here, we're going to remove it. Take a Phillips head screwdriver, and take the three bolts outs holding it in place.And we'll set this aside to be reinstalled later. What we're going to do is we're going to set our steps out. You're going to have a couple caps here. We need to pop those out. We're going to fold this in, and we're going to set our steps in place. What we're going to do here is we're going to make sure that we're pushed all the way back up against our sill plate. Get your legs adjusted where they're sitting level.Essentially what we're looking for here is this to be sitting all the way against here. This plate to be sitting on top. We don't want a gap there, so it's not as necessary for your steps to be level at this point. We want that to be flat. Once we get our legs set to where that's flat, then what we're going to do is we need to center it in our door way. inaudible 00:08:01.Once we get that, where we pop the two caps out, there's going to be holes. We're going to take a wood screw, and we're going to go straight down through the floor. And I have one for each side.Once we get those in, we're going to fold our steps up, and we're going to take a 9/16 socket. We're going to loosen these two bolts on each side, and this one. We don't have to take them all the way out. We just need to loosen them. We're going to slide this out until it makes contact with the door frame. And then tighten them back into place.I want to make sure the door or the steps are going to open and snap back into place, so very easy adjustment if you need to. This side right here, what was happening was when I went to close it was actually making contact here first. Again, it makes it very easy to adjust it so it doesn't make contact, you don't scar up the framing of the camper, or the door, and it still locks into place. Once you get here, we can come back down here to this plate and put our remaining bolts in to the eight other holes.Once you get that done, you can go ahead and put your trim piece back in place. Now, we're only going to be able to get two of the screws in because our third one here in the center is covered up by our plate.Once we get our trim piece put back in, go ahead and test out our steps. Once you're happy with it, you're going to take your caps, reinstall them back in the two holes.Then you're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at installation on the Lippert Components Solid Step installation on your 2019 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel.

Craig L.


I have a Jayco 2018 MBS my dealer at the time said that they couldn’t install steps similar to the one in the video, will a Lippert stair system work with our trailer.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


These steps are a universal fit so you should definitely be able to install the SolidStep system on your Jayco. Here is a link to our selection that you can filter through. You'll need to know your door frame width as well as the height from the ground to your threshold.

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