Longview Slip On Towing Mirrors Installation - 2016 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Longview Slip On Towing Mirrors on a 2016 Ford F-150

Today on our 2016 Ford F150, we're going to take a look at then show you how install the Longview Custom Towing Mirrors for the driver and passenger side, part number is LVT-2300-C. Here you can see what the field of view extension is going to look like. As you can see, as I step out to the side, you've got me in the factory mirror up until about this point. That's when it's going to switch over to our towing mirror allowing us to see over here, good additional area so maybe we don't have to turn around quite as much to see the trailers are making corners, changing lanes, trying to back up into the camping spot, whatever the case may be. Here's what the Longview Mirrors are going to look like installed. As you can see really nice custom fit right around the edge of that mirror. Matches it perfectly. This allows for full operation of our factory mirror whether it's power or manually adjusted.

As you can see it's not going to block our blind spot mirror there on the side. Simply going to give us a nice quality mirror here on the side which is fully adjustable, go up and down, left and right. That'll allow us to customize our view. This is going to expand our field of view. It's going to make it wider so we can more easily see our trailer and also the road.

Helps us to make easier lane changes, parking much easier to do when you can see where you're going. Especially getting into the camp sites and things like that. The mirror itself has a nice durable ABS plastic housing. Of course that's rust resistant. We don't have to worry about any sort of corrosion or anything. That custom fit really going to continue the aero dynamics of our mirror.

It's going to reduce any vibration or any wind noise we might experience as we head down the road. Here's what our towing mirror's going to look like before we install it. This is a completely tool free installation. You're going to have your mirror of course. You're going to have the hook and then also a thumb screw that'll go on that back side to keep everything nice and secure. We want to make sure that we have our mirror nice and clean.

As you'll see, we've got a couple of foam pads that have been pre-installed. Those are going to take up any slack and give us a nice sturdy looking mirror as it heads down the road. We won't have that shake and that wiggle. It also helps to reduce any type of wind noise that we might get or vibration. We'll slide our mirror right over the face just like that. Make sure that it's on there nice and secure. You can see the foam's already really doing a good job of keeping it from moving around. Then our hook's going to come around the front and we just have to thread on our thumb screw on the end of our hook there. That's just a matter of tightening that down until it's nice and secure. There we go. Now you can see it's nice, snug fit. Our towing mirror's not going to move unless our factory mirror is moving with it. Here's our passenger mirror. As you can see, same situation. No interference here. Same style connection point. We'll just bring our hook around, tighten up our knob here on the rear. Just the exact opposite of our driver's side so we can use it here on the passenger side. That'll complete our test fit on the Longview Custom Towing Mirrors, part number LVT-2300-C on our 2016 Ford F150.

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