MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation - 2007 Ford F-150

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How to Install a MagnaFlow Exhaust System on a 2007 Ford F-150

Today on a 2007 Ford F-150 we will be installing a MagnaFlow performance exhaust, part number MF16523. Our first procedure is going to be soaking down our clamp and hardware. I highly recommend that you soak this down several times and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before trying to break this nut loose. These bolts tend to become extremely rusted and very difficult to remove. As you can see, we have already gotten this nut broken loose. This clamp is loose but, if it becomes difficult to back off, I recommend that you work the nut back and forth, on and off, breaking free the rust that has built up in the threads of the clamp. After giving it a few taps with the hammer, you will notice that the clamp came loose and broke the rust free. Now that my clamp is loose, I just want to spread it open a little bit to make it easier to remove the exhaust pipe. 0:58

Now what we are going to do is remove the rubber insulated hanger that is bolted to the frame just to try to give us more room to work this exhaust pipe and separate these two pieces. Now I am going to go ahead and loosen my second rubber hanger insulator here in the rear. Now we are going to try to work our exhaust pipes and spread them away from each other. Now that we are separated from our front exhaust hanger exhaust pipe to our rear exhaust pipe, we are going to remove the old assembly. Make sure you save your old insulators because you are going to need these with the new exhaust system. Once we complete our reinstallation of our hangers, we will be ready to install our new exhaust. And now we are installing our new exhaust pipe. You will notice that this already has a preformed hanger already set up for you on it. And we are just going to take that and wiggle it right back in to place where we remove our old one. Now that we have our new exhaust pipe installed, we can install our muffler. 2:00

Before installing your muffler, you want to slide your clamp on first. Keep in mind that you want to keep your tailpipes level. Now it should fit right in place. We are going to come back and tighten our clamps down after we get everything set. With our new MagnaFlow exhaust, we have twin tailpipes coming out of the muffler. It also has a preformed hanger on it. Keep in mind before installing your tailpipe that you want to slide those clamps on first. I like to slide mine on to the tailpipe, keeping them out of the way, while installing my tailpipe on to the muffler. OK, now we can install the second half of our tailpipe. Now that we have the back half of our tailpipe installed, what I am going to do is remove the hanger and install it on the pipe first just to make it a little bit easier for installation. Now that we have got our rear hanger reinstalled, make sure everything is lined up. Tighten our clamps down and we are good to go. We are done installing the MagnaFlow performance exhaust, part number MF16523.

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