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MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation - 2008 Ford F-150

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How to Install a MagnaFlow Exhaust System on a 2008 Ford F-150

Today on our 2008 Ford F150 well be installing the Magnaflow turndown cap back exhaust system, part number MF17106. Before we can begin installing our new exhaust system well need to remove the old or manufacturers exhaust system first. For this application well be removing the muffler and tailpipe. To make it easier to remove the muffler and tailpipe it will first be easier to go ahead and remove the rubber isolators. There are total of three for this system, one just behind the rear axle, one just forward of the rear axle and one just forward of the muffler. Before we remove our hangers well go ahead and loosen up the clamp, securing the muffler exhaust pipe through the forward exhaust pipe.

To remove our hangers well remove the fastener from the frame and rotate the rubber isolator down and out of the frame. Note, it may be easier to remove the hangers and hardware if you spray them down with some spray lubricant first. Now well go ahead and start working the muffler out of the exhaust. Note, in extreme cases it may be necessary to heat up the exhaust pipe to remove the muffler inlet. Well go ahead and get out our torch now.

Well heat it up, and then remove it. Quick tech tip, it can be easier to get an extra set of hands to help you twist and turn as you pull the muffler inlet out of the exhaust pipe. Now were ready to go ahead and start installing the new Magnaflow turndown cap back exhaust system. Starting with our forward exhaust pipe well go ahead and slide it into the manufacturers exhaust pipe, reusing the manufacturers clamp. Then well install the intermediate, or second exhaust pipe by first installing the clamp over the exhaust pipe and then slipping it over our forward exhaust pipe.

Now were ready to go ahead and install the muffler. Well install the clamp onto the inlet of the muffler and slide the inlet over the second exhaust pipe or intermediate pipe. Then well go ahead and reuse the manufacturers rubber isolators, sliding it over the pre-attached muffler hanger, secure it to the frame, install it into the frame and then rotate back up into position, securing it with the fastener. Next well go ahead and install the tailpipe turndown. Well slide the clamp on first then slip it over the outlet of the muffler.

Now with all our pieces in place, were ready to go ahead and tighten it down, starting with the manufacturers forward clamp, working our way back. It should be duly noted that you want to direct the tailpipe away from anything. In this application were making sure we dont turn it toward the emergency brake cable or the rear differential. Now with everything tightened down this will complete the install of the Magnaflow turndown cap back exhaust system, part number MS17106 on our 2008 Ford F150.

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