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Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box Review - 2017 Kia Forte5

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Review of the Malone Cargo16 Rooftop Cargo Box on a 2017 Kia Forte5

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today, we'll be taking a look at the Malone Cargo 16 Rooftop Cargo Box right here on our 2017 Kia Forte5. Your Forte5 is a cute little hatchback with a lot of soul. It can do a lot of stuff and get those good speeds, but did you know you can also get a roof rack and even a roof box on it My friend here owns this car, and he and his wife went out camping, and he was saying it would've been nice if they had a rooftop cargo box for their extra gear. So this is probably the maximum size I would recommend for the Forte5. You can see where I position it just enough where it just hits the antenna, but we still have space to open up our hatch. There's definitely a clearance right over there, you may have to fit around or play around with your fit to get that clearance, but now, your hatch is open for your larger, heavier, bulkier items.

This is a perfect spot to put your suitcases, because everything else is stored away above your car. We have the Rhino-Rack Roof Track installed on the naked roof of our Forte5, and even with that, you can see how low-profile the clamps are, we're not worrying about this making contact with our roof, we still have plenty of space underneath there, so even as you're putting this box on, you're not scratching up your roof, in fact, let's take a look at how I got this on there. So I set this box on our crossbars, and it's really up to you where you want to mount your box, if you want it centered, so it's easy access on both sides, if you want it off centered more towards the passenger's side, which is what I did here, you can actually even move it a little bit further out if you wanna carry other accessories like a bike rack on the other side. Wherever you want to put it, you just set it there, and then you get your cramps and then you tighten it down. This drops right in, and then it need to face inwards, once you have them around your crossbar, just tighten it until it clicks, and that's how you know you have enough torque.

This has 16 cubic feet of cargo space, and it's designed to be on the taller end, so rather than longer for your skis and snowboards, you can fit items up to 14 1/2 inches inside the box. The lid is very stiff, so you are gonna have to give it a little bit of force to bring it up, and then when you're bringing it down, it doesn't click to tell you that it's secured, but rather, you just have to turn the keys. If you can remove the keys, you know it's locked, in our case here, I can't remove it, so I know I have to adjust a bit more. There we go. This is dual access, so if I wanted to access it on the other side, I can, in that case though, I would definitely recommend centering the box, or you can also carry other items here like you have space for a bike rack.

Measuring from the end of the box to right before our endcap, you still have 19 inches of crossbar space for those other accessories. This does have a weight capacity of 165 pounds, but you really are limited by your actual roof weight capacity. For example, our Rhino-Rack system here has a weight capacity of 165, so minus the weight of your cargo box, and that's the actual weight of the cargo that you can carry. But all in all, I really like all the different features that this box has, I like the construction, as well as how easy it was to clamp around. If you want a more in-depth review of those features as well as the type of cargo this box can carry, check out our full review.

Comparing this with some of our other roof boxes though, I really like how this one fits. I usually compare the Cargo 16 with the Yakima SkyBox 16, they have similar cargo capacity, but in this case, the SkyBox is gonna be just a little bit longer, so this is a perfect fit in terms of hatch clearance as well as not covering our windshield, so I would prefer the Cargo 16. If you want a smaller box though, you may wanna check out the Cargo 12 or the Yakima SkyBox 12 instead, those are definitely gonna be smaller in terms of cargo space though, but similar in how easy they are to install and how low-profile and aerodynamic they are. So it's really just depends on what type of adventures you're going on, I would definitely say that the Malone Cargo 16 is a solid choice for the Kia Forte5..

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