Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack Installation - 2018 Nissan Rogue

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How to Install the Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack on a 2018 Nissan Rogue

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Nissan Rogue we're going to be doing a test fit on the Malone AirFlow2 roof rack aero cross bars. They're available in three sizes: at 50 inches long, part numb MPG215, at 58 inches long, part number MPG216, and 65 inches long, par number MPG217. The Malone AirFlow2 roof rack system is going to allow you to carry roof mounted accessories on your Rogue, accessories such as bike racks, cargo boxes, cargo baskets and much more. It has an aero style bar that's going to be stylish and reduce wind noise and drag. It's also going to reduce the need for a fairing, as opposed to round bars or square bars. It's going to work with traditional clamp on accessories as well as T-slot accessories.

The nice thing about this is you don't need to trim or remove the rubber strip. The strip just simply presses down and you slide the T bolt over the top. Unlike other roof rack systems, the lock cores come pre-installed. Two keys are included. The AirFlow2 has a weight capacity of 165 pounds, though you'll want to be sure and check with your Rogue's owners manual to see if your roof can support that much weight.Now we'll give you some clearance measurements.

From the top of the roof to the underside of the bar is about 2 3/4 inch. From the top of the roof to the top of the bar is about 3 3/4 inch.Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Today on our Rogue we'll be working with the 50 inch crossbars. The other two sizes will fit your Rogue just fine, you're just going to have a little bit more bar overhang. Our rear one installs the same way as our front one.

The nice thing about this roof rack system is it comes all assembled out of the box, so we're ready to head over to our roof. You can position this anywhere along your raised rails you like, you just want to position it to where it's going to work out best with your accessories. You'll also want to be sure that the rounded portion of the bar is facing forward. We're going to set it in the general area that we want it, which will be right around here. Now we'll take a measurement.

We need to make sure that our crossbars are parallel, so we can do that by just grabbing a tape measure, setting it to whatever width we want it on one side, and then repeating the same process on the other side.Now we can unlock it. One side of your crossbars is going to have a tool. The other side will just have a locking cover. We'll use that tool to clamp it to our side rails. We're going to take it, we'll find the Allen bolting inside, and we're going to start tightening it up. As we're tightening, we'll want to make sure that the rubber flaps on each side and on the inside are not overlapping. As we get it a little bit tighter, what we want to do is push it till it raises up and kind of wedges itself in between the clamp. Then we can finish tightening it the rest of the way down. Once it makes contact with the inside of the raised rail, we'll want to repeat the same process on the other side.With both clamps making contact with the inside of our raised rails, now we need to check for even bar overhang. We can take a tape measure and we can measure from the clamp to the outside of the bar. We will need to make sure it's the same on both sides. I already know I need to come a little bit this direction, so I'll take another measurement and then check the other side. Once we've got it set, we can then finally finish tightening it down. Now, you'll want to be sure that you don't over tighten, just get it good and snub on both sides, make sure it doesn't move. Finally we can store our tool back into the clamp and lock it up.With everything installed, we're ready to load up our favorite accessories and head down the road. That's going to complete our look at the Malone AirFlow2 roof rack system.

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