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MaxxAir FanMate Vent Cover Installation - 2020 Grand Design Momentum 5W Toy Hauler

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How to Install a MaxxAir FanMate Vent Cover on a 2020 Grand Design Momentum 5W Toy Hauler

Hey everyone. Shane here with Today we have a 2020 grand design momentum, fifth wheel toy hauler. And I want to walk through how to install the max air Fanmate roof vent cover. These are going to be designed to allow you to leave your vents open, whether it's raining or you're pulling your camper down the road. This cover is a smoke cover.

This is going to allow more sunlight come in, but they are also available in black, which is going to block the sun from coming in. They're also going to be available in white. You can find each of those here at Let's say we're out camping. It's a nice, cool day.

We don't want our air conditioner on. We want to open all the windows, kind of air everything out.If we didn't have a cover and it started to rain, we'd have to close our vents because rain will get inside the vent and potentially cause damage on the inside of the camper. With this cover, we can leave our vents open, keep that nice fresh air coming in. Let's say we're getting ready to take off for a trip. And our camper has been sitting closed up for a couple of weeks.

Our lids would have to be closed because they can not take the air pressure from the wind blowing them. The arms on them will break. With a vent cover this allows us to leave our vents open, to allow fresh air, to go in and out to air out the camper. As we're pulling it down the road, there's going to be a durable plastic design. You can see very nice aerodynamic design.

Also, it's really going to cut down on wind resistance.They're going to be UV resistant, hold up well in all weather conditions. And another nice thing about them is our vent lid, it's actually going to protect the sunlight from beating down the vent lid itself. It'll save us a lot of extra money later on. We won't have to replace those. Another nice thing about these is these are clip on. So if we ever have to get up here and do any repairs on our events, well, you can simply pull out two of the clips. And we can take this and just rotate it over out of the way. Adding a screen is going to prevent bugs from getting in and potentially getting inside the camper. My opinion, I highly recommend if you're getting this set up to get the bug screen with it. As far as the installation process, it can go two ways. You can install the brackets that hold this in place.Or if you have your vent, a shroud that goes around the outside. If it already has little tabs in it, which I'll show you here in a second, then you won't have to install the brackets. You can just install the clips. Installation's pretty simple and straightforward. If you do have to install the brackets, you drill a couple holes, mount the brackets onto the sidewall of the vent itself. This vent cover will drop right into place and you slide the pin in. This is the shroud I was talking about. And they'll have these little tabs in it. This cover will simply slide over the top. And then you insert your pins right into place. And that'll keep you from having to install the brackets.These covers are going to work with standard sized vents, which you're going to find on most campers. Now we've gone over some of the features. Let's walk you through how to get it installed. In your kit you're going to get some brackets that look like this, and we're going to take them and set them in the general area. We're going to take our vent cover. We're going to take the bracket. We're going to line it up with the vent cover, where it's going to be, and then the cover is going to mount to it.We're going to take it. And we're going to slide them all the way over against the lip on the vent. We'll do one side at a time. What we're going to do is take a 3-16th drill bit. We're going to drill the center of the bracket, right through the housing and the fan or the vent. I'm just goign to mark it right now, kind of go center in there. So we are able to slide this little bracket forward or backwards if we need to. The same thing with this one. Next we're going to take one of the bolts and go through the hole on the inside. We're going to put a flat washer, followed by a lock washer, followed by the same thing here. Just going to hand tighten them right now. What we'll do is put our cover back on. We're going to take the pins and pin it in here and that'll give us our exact location on the other side, to mount our brackets. We're going to take the pen that comes in the kit. We're going to slide this through. So it holds it onto the bracket. Just like that.We'll take our other side brackets. We'll get them lined up into place. Flip that over. We're going to mount these the same way we did the other side. Once you get the other two in set it in place, get them lined up where they need to go, and then we'll pull it out of the way. And then we can go ahead and tighten our hardware. We're going to use a nine millimeter wrench for the inside and a Phillips head for the outset. Once you've got everything tested, you've got these tightened down the kit's going to come with two little screws for each bracket.They seem to be going in here pretty easy. You can also drill a small hole to get them installed. It's just going to help hold that bracket in place and keep it from twisting. We're going to repeat that same thing for each bracket. Now we're going to put our screen onto her vent cover. It's going to come with this screen. Keep in mind. It is open. I highly recommend picking up a bug screen and it's going to mount right to the inside of it. Just like that. It's got little tabs. You just push them into place.Each end is going to have a tab on it. Your vent cover is going to have a hole. Slide it in like that each side. Here on the bottom there's tabs on your vent. We're going to take those. Feed those into place. Just like that. Once you get that installed you want to make sure that the angled side is going towards the direction of travel. Slide it into our brackets. Take your pins and slide them through each one. Once you get one installed you're going to repeat the process for any other venture installing covers on. That's going to do it for a look at the installation on the max air Fanmate roof vent cover on 2020 grand design momentum, fifth wheel toy hauler..

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