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MaxxTow Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2015 Ram 1500

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How to Install the MaxxTow Truck Bed Ladder Rack on a 2015 Ram 1500

Today on this 2015 Ram 1500, we're going to show you the Max Tow truck bed ladder rack, part number MT70423. This is what the ladder rack looks like on a Ram truck. All right, let's go ahead and take a look at construction. First off, aside from the plastic caps on top, this is all aluminum construction, so it doesn't add too much weight to your vehicle and it is very easy to install. Okay, you know the shape of the ladder rack, it has an elliptical design, so it helps cut down on wind noise going down the road. All right, let's get a couple of quick measurements. From the bed rail to the top of the latter rack is going to be about 26 inches.

We checked the measurement between the ladder and the roof of our check, about 3-1/2 inches. You saw the top of the rack. Let's look at the bottom here. This is also aluminum construction with a power coat finish. This entire rack here clamps onto the rail, so there's no drilling involved.

Now the width of the cross rails on our ladder rack is going to 70 inches. This applies to both front and rear. It also includes these load stops right here. It keeps your ladder from moving from side to side and you also can use your favorite tie-downs to hold it in place. Our ladder rack is rated for 400 pounds, so you can use this obviously for ladders, but you can use it for a couple of other things, such as lumber or even maybe plastic piping as well. We already one half of the ladder rack installed in our truck.

Next, we'll go ahead and show you how we did the second half. It's identical for both halves. Now, we already have our second half of the rack already loosely assembled. Now, we're leaving it loose because we need to measure it off the truck to set the distance between the two uprights. All right, we'll just measure on the inside edge of the bed, all the way across.

Then we'll take our tape measure and put it next to our ladder rack. With our tape measure on the ground, we'll just simply go ahead and spread the uprights out until they match up. Now with the ladder rack sitting the way we want it, we can go ahead and put it onto our truck. This will get us in the ballpark and we can make final adjustments once we have it in place. Now that we have it on the bed, it's a good idea to go ahead and push it back as far as possible. You will also want to inspect underneath the edge of the bed row here and make sure there's nothing in the way of a clamp. Sometimes these plastic caps on top have little pieces that come through the top of the bed rail and get in the way. You might want to look for those first, then we'll put in our clamps. In this case, looks like we have to push it all the back until it touches the bed liner at this point. So, this is our clamp and it needs to catch underneath the metal edge of the bed cap like that. Let's go ahead and put this guy into place and we'll install the hardware. The hardware will be a metric bolt with a flat washer and a lock washer. We'll just get it loosely installed for now here and here. All right, done with our passenger's side here. Let's do the same thing on the driver's side. Now, it's just sitting here loosely installed. You may want to double check the top rail, make sure it's sitting the way you want it, then we'll tighten everything down. We'll tighten down our bolts starting from the top and work our way down. Okay, now this does comes with a 5 millimeter Allen key and they you tighten down the hardware. If you can find a 5 millimeter Allen on a socket, it makes things a lot faster. Now, we'll tighten these two screws up using a 16 millimeter socket. You don't have to get these guys super tight, but nice and firm will work just fine. With the ladder rack fully installed, we'll go ahead and take a look at the load stops. If you've ever had these previously installed, it's very simple. All it is is a T-bolt right here that goes to the track and the T-bolt threads into the body here, loosen it up to move it around and then tighten it up like a nut to secure it. Since we have a ladder rack, let's go ahead and put on a ladder. We have our ladder in place against our load stops on the outside. Let's go ahead and slide up the ones toward the inside. All right, at this point you want to go ahead and tie it down with your favorite tie-downs. Now, when we installed the front half of the ladder rack, we wanted to push it as far as we can towards the front. However, in this case, the stake pocket is built in in the corner of the bed, it's actually going to be in the way a little bit, so that's why our ladder rack has to sit a little ways back from the cab. With that, our ladder rack's fully installed and ready for service. That'll finish it for the Max Tow truck bed ladder rack, part number MT70423 on this 2015 Ram 1500.