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Optronics Rectangular Submersible Trailer Tail Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics Rectangular Submersible Trailer Tail Light

Today we're going to show you the Optronics trailer light, part number ST16RB. A few things to know about this trailer light is that it's designed for over 80-inch wide trailers, and it's also submersible. This particular light is for the right-hand side. This is also available in the left-hand version as Part #ST17RB. All right, this is our trailer light here. This is what you get with your part number, get the light, the three wires out the back, incredible piece of hardware to install. First off, a hardware, this slide needs to track right here.

Now, our wiring. Our white wire to the ring terminal is the ground. This green wire is going to be for our turn signal and ground for our running light circuit. Now, this light has all the basic functions needed for a backup trailer. The first part of our install is to see which tracks need using that light. There are two existing holes here, on our bracket for light.

It looks like they line up with these two slots. Let's go ahead and install the hardware. Just going to route our wires, in this case, the wires go off the side, swivel, and put them in the tracks that are provided for it. They simply press into place. The ring terminal is going to be trapped by the light from this side, so I'm actually going to take it and re-route it and go out the bottom. We'll go ahead and connect our wires first, then put it in place.

Now, the buck connectors we're using do not come with the light, so you can use your favorite attachments at this point. It's going to be color for color. Now since these are heat treating connector, we'll go ahead and apply heat and seal them up. We'll go ahead and take our wires, push them back into the frame as far as it can go. At the same time, we'll put our light in position.

Make sure our brown wire is coming out the opening at the bottom. Then we'll set our hardware back in the studs. Sometimes, you run into a situation where existing holes on a bracket are way too big for the volts that come with the light. An easy fix is just go ahead and add some flat washers to it, then we'll install the new nuts. Don't have to crush it, just make sure it's nice and secure. You'll find the location for our ground wire here. It's hollow behind the light a little bit, so you could probably run a very small self-tapping screw in there and it'll work just fine. Now, you can use this loop on the studs here for ground as well. Since there's a major difference between the hole size and the bolt, this is why I went directly to the frame. Let's go ahead and apply power to the light and try it out. First off, we'll do a running light circuit. Now we'll go ahead and check your brake light. That'll be the same thing as a right turn signal. With that, they'll finish it for our Optronics rectangular submersible trailer light, part number ST16RB. .

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