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Optronics Round Screw Mount Trailer Reflector Review

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Review of the Optronics Round Screw Mount Trailer Reflector

Shane: Hey guys. Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics Trailer Reflector. It's going to be a three inch round reflector. It's going to mount through the center. There's going to be a hole there.

You can see here we just mount it on a trailer, just used a self-tapper. It went right through the metal fender. This is going to be great to allow people to see anything that they may not otherwise see, like this fender sticks out a little bit. There's no lights on it. We don't have any lights down low, only up high.

So if somebody is trying to pass you or something like that, they may not know that this is here. So this reflector is going to allow them to see that you have a wider fender on it so they won't damage your property.But not only that. Let's think about some other uses that we can use a reflector like this in. Maybe you live on a dark street and you don't have any street lights. You can take this reflector, stick it on your mailbox post so that anybody driving down that road can see your mailbox and now your mailbox won't get hit by any cars.

Another scenario, let's say you have a parking lot, and you have poles where your parking spots are. You can mount these on the poles so people can see them at night. They don't hit the polls. Maybe you live down a gravel road and the sides of the gravel road kind of drop off a little bit. You can mount posts along that gravel road, put one of these reflectors on each one of those posts so that you know anybody driving down that road, family members, friends, whatever it may be, can see the road, where it is, and you don't have to worry about them getting hurt as well as yourself.It's going to be an acrylic design so it's going to hold up really well in all weather conditions.

They're also going to be available in amber. You can see we have a diamond pattern design. So I'm going to shine a light on it here, kind of move it around. You can see it reflects really well. So we know we're going to have the safety in knowing or the comfort in knowing that with this reflector on there, people are going to be able to see what they otherwise couldn't see. That's going to do it for a look at the Optronics Round Reflector.

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