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Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Light Kit Installation - 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500

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How to Install a Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Light Kit on a 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Hey, everybody! Clayton here in Here at etrailer, we install, test, and review a lot of different products to help you, as a customer, make more educated decision before your purchase. Today, we're gonna be working on a 2017 Mercedes-Benz Burner 3500. We're gonna be taking a look at, and I'll be showing you how to install, the Pace Performance Hi-Five Truck Cab Lights. Adding cab lights to the roof of your truck, or in this case, it is an RV, is gonna make it look a lot more muscular and big and broad. Now, of something of this size, it is required to have these but if you're putting them on a regular truck, it's just gonna make it look big, broad, like I said, give it that big rig appearance.

It's gonna look really nice on our roof here. Whenever you replace these, it's gonna give it a fresh in-depth look, if you don't already have them. Now, this is pretty cool because we can use LEDs or incandescents. In this case, we're using LED because that's what our customer wanted. But they're gonna look good either way, and this amber color is very sharp.

These are gonna be a universal fit, so that's gonna be really nice because it's gonna work with a lot of different vehicles. Now, if you are replacing your stock cab lights, you're gonna wanna make sure that these measurements line up with what you have. We do have a few different size options here at etrailer, as well. A cool feature of this kit is you can actually wire these up to a toggle switch. That toggle switch is actually gonna be included, so you're not gonna have to hunt one of those down.

That's gonna be really nice if you don't want these running off of strictly your headlights or taillight signal. We do have ours wired directly to our headlights, so whenever we turn those on, our cab lights are gonna come on. Our kit is gonna include everything we need to get it installed except for our silicone, so you'll have to fix some of that up from your local hardware store. But other than that, everything is gonna be in there. Now, in terms of installation, getting these installed isn't bad at all.

The hardest part is being up on the roof. That might suggest having an extra person with you, just to watch the ladder and anything like that. To begin our installation, we want to remove our old lights. Now, our old housings are two pieces. They're gonna be epoxied together right at the seal, so we're just gonna take a pocket knife or utility knife, kind of cut along that seal, that way we can pry that lens off. We're gonna take a flat blade screwdriver, we're gonna go in on that seal. Just kind of pry up. We'll work our way around that lens cap, carefully prying up until we can get it to come off. Just like so. Now, for our vehicle in particular, our screws are gonna be under this lens cap, but depending on what you have at home, your screws might be on the top, so this step might not be necessary. And if you do have screws on the top, all you're gonna do is trim around this base, then pull it off the way we just did. But now since our screws are here, we're gonna remove these screws using a Phillips head, and then we're gonna remove that base. Then once you get these screws removed, you wanna make sure you set them somewhere safe, that way we're not gonna lose them. Now that we have those screws removed, we need to cut along that silicone lining around our base. Again, we'll just use that utility knife. This is gonna pry out the same way that our lens cap did. Now depending on what you have at home, there's a good chance you're gonna have the silicone around the base, so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take our razor blade, kind of trim all this back, that we really have a good mating surface. When you're doing this, you wanna be careful not to cut your wiring. We now want to grab our base and our red wire with this spring on it. We're gonna take this and slide it through this socket and our housing. We're gonna pull that out off our gramite here at the bottom. Pull that through. You're gonna make sure that the spring end goes all the way into that housing. What we're actually gonna do is take that red wire, and just pull it forward, that way it winds up with our white ground wire. Now we wanna grab our wire strippers. We're gonna strip back this end. Do that on our red and our white wire. We now want to grab a blue heat shrink butt connector, I really suggest using these just 'cause these will be outside in the elements, and we want to keep all of our wiring protected. So we're gonna slide that onto our white wire, and cramp it down. Do that same thing for our red wire. We now want to grab our black wire, this is gonna be our power wire, and it may vary with whatever motor home you have at home, but you can always test that by turning the lights on, and using a test light that you can find here at etrailer. So we're gonna cut that black wire, and I'm gonna cut it up by our housing. You wanna make sure to hold on to this, so it doesn't drop back into your roof. We'll strip that back. We're gonna be adding this to the red wire on our housing. Again, make sure to hold on to that. Just cramp it down. We'll repeat that same process for our white wire. Now we're gonna grab our heat gun and just shrink down our butt connectors. We're gonna grab some electrical tape, and just wrap this around our butt connectors. You can find electrical tape here at etrailer. Now we wanna push our wiring back down into our roof. You wanna make sure that you have this foam gasket on here. So we'll just start by pushing that down. Once you get that pushed down, we're then gonna line the holes up with our base within our foam gasket, and the holes on the roof. Our holes line up perfectly, in this case, so we'll be adding the same hardware. But if your holes do not line up, your kit is gonna come with new hardware, you just drill them to your roof and get them lined up with the holes here, or if your RV didn't already have cab lights. Now, if you don't have cab lights, you will need to pull down your headliner and make sure that there's not gonna be any interference when you do add your hardware. We're now ready to install our light bulb. Our customer wanted to go with LED, but luckily our kit does come with LED and incandescent, so you can do whatever you prefer. Now when we install these, there's gonna be a little notch here on the end, we're gonna take that bulb, slide it into that housing, then we're gonna turn that to lock it in. Just like so. We're gonna want to grab the gasket that goes inside of our light housing. We're gonna lay that down, and then we'll grab that cover. Just wanna line it up on all of our sides. We can grab our provided bolt to screw down our lens. Now you wanna make sure that you do all of this by hand. Since it is plastic, we don't want to over tighten it and risk breaking anything. Like that will do just fine. It's nice and snug. Now, as far as getting this installed, we are totally done there. However, we do need to come back and seal these. I went ahead and installed the rest of our lights, but now would be a good time to go ahead and do that. And once you're done, you can grab some clear silicone, we're just gonna run a bead of that around our lens cap here and then around the base, ensuring a good seal. Like I said we're gonna run a bead around the outside of that lens cap, and the bottom of that foam. And we'll come back with our finger and kind of work that into place, making sure we're not missing any spots. Well, that's it for a little while, and then we can test it out. And with all five of our lights working properly, we now are ready to hit the road. That's gonna do for our look at your installation of Pacer Performance's High-Five Truck Cab Lights..

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