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Pacer Performance Hi-Five Truck Cab Lights Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the Pacer Performance Hi-Five Truck Cab Lights on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Hi, Shane here with Today, I'm going to walk you through how to install the Pacer Hi-Five Truck Cab Lights on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2,500. Adding cam lights to your vehicle is going to add extra lighting to the roof. It's going to be more of a marker for the top side of your truck. The way they used to be used is when these we're added on a vehicle, these we're to tell people, maybe going into a parking garage, something like that, how high the top of your truck is. A lot of times now people are adding them on to your raised trucks, to add style to the vehicle.

So now not only are they adding style, but they're also adding the markers, to again let people know how high the top of your truck sits.These are going to be incandescent bulbs. Chrome-plated frames are bases. The lenses are amber. Keep in mind that the lenses are not replaceable. So if you do crack one, you're going to have to buy another set.

The good thing about that is you buy another set, you have four more lenses to replace any other ones you may break later on. A lot of other lights that I've installed, they'll have two wires that come off the bottom of the bulb, one of them is a ground and you have to try to get it underneath one of the screws as you're putting this all together. Nice thing about these, it's going to be a single wire and because our base is metal when you run the screw through the roof, that's actually grounding itself. So we don't have to run that extra wire.Getting these installed, it's pretty simple and straightforward. You actually tie all the lights together and you're going to run one single wire to the back of the switch.

And then another wire from the switch, either to a fuse or to 12 volt power source. I ran mine to a fuse, makes it a little bit easier to tap it into a fuse rather than trying to run it out to the battery or trying to splice into another wire under the dash.If you look at the shape of these, they've got a very aerodynamic design. So they're really going to cut down on wind. As I mentioned, the aerodynamic design of these is very nice. When you compare them to the newer lights, they're a little bit smaller.

They sit a little bit closer to the roof, but with these being more of a retro style light, some people like their trucks to be more of that big rig look or have that big rig look. So I think these lights are great on here. They're not only going to work for your older vehicles, but they are going to work for your new ones also.That being said, let's go ahead and walk you through how to get them installed. To start our installation, we're going to come inside the vehicle. We need to remove a couple of things so we can loosen our headliner. We're going to with our grab handle here, there's two little caps on the inside, we need to pop those off. Once you pop those off, you're going to have two bolts, use a 10 millimeter socket, remove those. We're going to take our handle and we're going to pull back. Pop it out and set it aside. You'll do that same thing on the other side of the vehicle.And we're going to move up here to the visor. We're going to pop this cap off, slide down to the end like that. We're going to use a star bit, you're going to do that same thing on the other side. We're going to come to where our sun visor hooks in here, there's a little cap on the back side, a little open spot, put a little flat head screwdriver in there. You can take this all the way off if you want. I'm taking it off so I don't pop it off and lose it. And then you're going to have another star bit straight up inside there.What we're going to do is, we're going to move to the center section and grab right here on this edge, right here in the center part. You're going to pop that out. And if you look right up inside, there's a little screw here. There's one over here. We need to remove both of those, that one's also going to be the star bit, but it's going to be smaller than the other one. Now if you look right up in here, there's a little clip in there that you can just pull down on this, but with it being plastic, I don't want to take a chance of breaking it. So I'm using a screwdriver to kind of push that tab down a little bit. And you're going to have one on the other side that allows our center to hang. Gives us plenty of room and we start drillng our lights on the top, we're not going to hit our headliner.If you want a little bit more room, you can always take out this and how you're going to do that. You're going to pop that cap and this cap. We'll take a 5/16 inch socket, take out the two bolts. We're just going to pull back and forth. That will give us plenty of room to pull down our headliner.Next, what you need to do is set your lights up on your roof, adjust them how you want. You can see here how we have our three center ones a little bit closer. What I did is I put my center one in. Centered it with this black mark in the windshield. My two outside ones, I measured from this edge over, put a piece of tape on both sides, or I measured from the edge here up, piece of tape and then piece of tape in the back. And what I did, is once I adjusted my light to where it was facing correctly, I put a black mark on the tape, on the front and the back so that if it gets moved at all I can center it back up. Go to your center one, measure from here up, piece of tape, put a piece of tape here, and then again, stand back, make sure it's centered, piece tape on each edge and then mark it.Once you get that, then you're going to measure from this edge to this edge, this edge to this edge, however much distance you want. Just to make sure it's equal so your two outside lights here are equal distance apart from your center one.The one we're going to do, go ahead and take your cap off if you put it on there to see what it looked like. Center it on your lines, make sure you're in between your two pieces of tape there. I'm taking a little pointed tool, you can use a tap, anything really to make a little mark. We're going to mark right here where the light's going to go. That's for your wire.I'm going to mark here. It's going to be for our front screw. And then for our back one. Once you get that, you can see I got a little mark each one. We're going to take an 1/8 inch drill bit. We're going to drill the holes out. You want to make sure, because this is just real thin. Make sure you're not pushing too hard because as soon as that goes through, it's going to push your drill bit down through and you don't want to puncture anything like your headliner, anything like that.Once you drill your three holes, you're going to repeat that same process for the four remaining lights. Next what we're going to do is, we're going to take one of our wires for our lights, go ahead and feed it into the housing like that. Get it down through the seal. I'm going to go ahead and put the bulb in now. Put it in, I like to pull down on the wire to kind of compress that spring rather than pushing on the bulb. And then you're just going to do a light twist and that's going to hold your bulb in. You'll feed your red wire through the center hole.Depending on where you're going to mount your switch, you want to. The light that's going to be farthest away from it, you're going to want to add a long piece of wire onto it because we're actually going to be tying all the wires together with one. So my switch is going to be mounted on the driver's side. This last light is what I extended my wire with and we have it running across, underneath the headliner and then we'll go in and connect all of our lights to that one wire. You're going to take the connectors are coming in your kit. If you want to use them. I don't like them. I think they're a little bit of a pain to use. I like using some like this. These don't come in your kit. You can find them here at This is what we're going to connect all of our wires with, rather than trying to slide the wire in like that I like to feed it in.Pulled it over. We'll take our remaining wire, we're going to run it right down the A pillar. So the wire that you connected all of your lights together, are going to go into the bottom of the switch. Then your wire, that you're going to be getting your 12 volt circuit or 12 volt power from with your fuse on it is going to hook to the top posts on the switch. You are going to have to extend this wire to get to your 12 volt power. What I'm doing is I extended it down my A pillar, right over here to my fuse panel. And I have a 15 amp fuse that's getting constant power. Fuse tap, you can pick those up here at, they do not come in the kit.Now we've got it all hooked up, go ahead and flip our switch and test them out. Now that we know they're working, we can go ahead and put our headliner back in place and get everything put back together. Now that we've got everything back together, our lights are working great. We're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Pacer Hi-Five Truck Cab Lights on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

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