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Peak Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2006 GMC Envoy

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How to Install a Peak Wireless Backup Camera on a 2006 GMC Envoy

Today on our 2006 GMC Envoy we'll be installing the Peak Performance Rearview Mirror Backup Camera System, part number pkc0rg. The first step of our install would be to take the backup camera and bracket and install it underneath the license plate. To do this we'll remove the two fasteners. To remove the license plate put the camera in position and reinstall the license plate with the two fasteners.Next we'll need to route the wire inside. To do this we'll go ahead and open up the rear cargo door and start removing the interior trim panels. There'll be two just on the rear cargo door to start.

Be careful as you remove the interior trim panels not to break them-they'll be metal and plastic fasteners underneath that'll need to be popped free.Now with both pieces removed we're going to move to the inside of the vehicle-our cabin where we're going to go ahead and remove a push-pin fastener to allow the headliner to be lowered down to gain access underneath. Now with that fastener removed you can see the headliner will come down give us a little more access so we can also pull back on the weather stripping to give it a little more flexibility.Next we'll move over to the driver's door pillar where we can remove the cargo hook. This will allows us to pull back on the trim panel on the driver's side quarter panel to gain access to the door pillar. Next we'll remove the two screws holding the driver's side taillight assembly in place.Now with the taillight assembly removed and set aside we can see where it'll give us access between the bumper cover and sheet metal or body of the vehicle and underneath the bumper cover will be the reverse or backup light. This is where we'll be pulling power for our transmitter.

For now we'll back up to the camera. We'll need to get the wire routed inside.To do this we're going to take a small drill bit and drill a pilot hole through the lens and then through the body of the vehicle. Next we'll take a larger bit to make the hole large enough for the wire to go through. Now because the plug is three times larger than the size of the wire we're going to go ahead and remove the lens assembly and drill a larger hole just through the body.Now with the hole drilled out I'm going to go ahead and use a round file to oblong it to fit the plug through keeping the hole as small as possible. Next we'll take a pair of side cutters and cut out a small notch in the lens assembly so that we can squeeze the wire into the drilled hole.

Next we'll go ahead and feed the plug through the hole that we drilled in the body and pull the wire through.Now we can take some black silicone or RTV, fill in the excess around the wire going through the body hole and then reinstall the lens assembly. Recommend to quickly clean up any silicone or RTV while its dry because it will be easier to remove. Now we're ready to go ahead and move inside the vehicle and start routing our wire. We'll follow the manufacturer's wiring along the cargo door frame to the grommet that'll lead to the cabin of the vehicle.Keep in mind as we go along we'll be securing our wire with some black zip ties. To feed our wire through the grommet we'll go ahead and pull the grommet free on both ends and work our plug through the grommet wiring and into the cabin of the vehicle above the headliner.

Now that we got the plug and wire pulled into the cabin of the vehicle we're ready to route it over to the driver's side door pillar.Next we'll be routing the power wire for our rear transmitter. Using a pull wire, in this case a piece of air tubing, we'll cut a slice into the grommet behind the taillight assembly feed up to the access hole in the rear door pillar. Then we can go ahead and install the wire into our pull wire using some black electric tape to secure it and pull it down through the grommet. Then we'll feed the wire down between the sheet metal and bumper cover to the wiring that goes to the reverse light.Next we'll get underneath the vehicle and start making our connections. The power wire will get connected to the reverse lights here molded into the rear bumper cover using the quick splice connectors provided with our install kit. To do this we'll peel back the cover or tape covering up the green and black wire for this application that go to the reverse taillight wiring and socket. Once we have the wires exposed and enough wire exposed for our power wire we'll go ahead and take the quick splice connector, feed over the manufacturer's wire and then slide in our power wire.Crimping down and enclose the clasp on the quick splice connector. Now we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the ground wire. For this application green is for power, black is for ground. With our backup camera the red will be power and the black will be ground. Now with both connections made I'll go ahead and use some black electrical tape to wrap up these connections as they will be exposed to the outside elements.Now with our wire run we'll go back up to the door pillar. We'll complete routing the wire from our backup camera into the same door pillar where we can use black zip ties to secure them together. Next we'll bring in the transmitter. We'll take the plugs from both wires and plug them into the transmitter and secure the wiring and transmitter inside the door pillar. With this completed we can go ahead and begin reinstalling the rear interior putting back the rear headliner, weather-stripping and driver's door pillar trim.Next we'll move into the cabin of the vehicle at the rearview mirror. Here we'll be taking the new Peak Performance mirror and fitting it over the current or manufacturer's mirror. Before we do this we'll slide in this hold down strap first that were provided with the install kit. We'll slip the strap into place for a total of four with hook and loop fasteners. Then we can take these spring loaded clamps, spread them out and fit the mirror over the current mirror.Once we have it secured into place we'll take the hook and loop fasteners and safely tighten the two mirrors together. Next we'll need to route the power wire for our new mirror. For this application we'll be using the hardwire plug that will go from the mirror to the vehicle battery supply. Your other option is to use the power supply outlet which will go from the mirror to our power supply in the dash.We'll take the mirror end and plug it into the mirror and then start routing our wire. We'll follow the manufacturer's wiring up underneath the headliner and over to the driver's side front door pillar. Here we'll go ahead and remove the trim panel. We'll pop the cap free and then remove the screw holding it in place and remove the interior trim panel. Now we can follow the current wiring. Note as we go along we'll use some black zip ties to secure the wiring in place as we go.Once we have it fed behind the dash we'll go ahead and feed it up underneath and then out into the engine compartment. To get out into the engine compartment we'll use the manufacturer's grommet where we can feed it through on this side and then in the engine compartment take our utility knife, cut a slice and pull the wire through. Now that we've got our wire pulled up in the engine compartment we're ready to go ahead and start making our connection.To do this we'll move the cover off the fuse box and you can see there's an empty power port. We'll go ahead route our wire and cut off any excess. Then we can strip back both ends and add ring terminals to each. The black wire with the white tracer will be our power wire. We'll make a connection here to the empty port securing it with an 8mm nut. Then we'll route the other terminal over on the inner fender well where's a manufacturer's ground so we'll remove the ground stud, install the ring terminal and then re-secure it.Next securing any wires with black zip ties and cutting of the excess from zip tie to clean up our install look. Now with our power and ground hooked up and secured we'll go ahead and reinstall the fuse box cover. Now that we've got our backup camera mounted and secured we can go ahead and begin cutting any excess from the zip ties to clean up our install look and reinstalling the interior trim panels.With that we can now go ahead and show you the operation of our new Peak Performance Rearview Mirror Backup Camera System. The center button will be the on/off or power button. The button just to the right will be labeled M for menu which will allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast and color by using the plus or minus buttons to the left of the power button.Then to the far right will be the backup camera assistance button for line displays on the camera view. For operation of the backup camera we'll simply put our foot on the brake and put the key into the on or start position. Then with our foot on the brake we put the vehicle into reverse, triggering the rear transmitter and turning on the backup camera as you can see in the mirror display. There you have it for our Peak Performance Rearview Backup Mirror Camera System, part number pkc0rg on our 2006 GMC Envoy. .