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Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera Installation - 2003 Ford F-250

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How to Install a Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera on a 2003 Ford F-250

Today on this 2003 Ford F250, were gonna install part number PK015737 from Peak. Now this is the wireless backup camera monitor. Our camera is gonna get mounted just like this. You can mount it flat onto the license plate but they also give you spacers which allows you to tilt it as well. Now, when we install it to the spacers, youll notice that this line is at an angle. You can use that to point the camera up or down.

In this application, since were at the bottom of the truck anyway, were gonna mount the camera facing straight back out. If your license plate was on a different vehicle on higher up, then you wanna tilt it down. So, well gonna reinstall the license plate with our camera. Now well take our cable and were gonna run it over to the back side of the bumper. This one pulls out and down for now.

Next, were gonna go ahead and deal with this wire here with the red and black wires. Black wires gonna go to ground and our red wire is going to the reverse light wire. Were gonna attach that to our towing harness which has it inside. Were actually using the aftermarket part of the wire harness to use the reverse light lead. In this case, its red but always double check whatever vehicle youre installing on.

Use a light checker to verify your reverse light wire. Now the kit does come with a wire connector for our job but our wire but the wire the comes with it is looped in and its a little bit on the thick side so were actually gonna use a butt connector to connect everything together. Now our black wire is going to be ground but its on a short side from the cables so well just add an extension to it. Were gonna take our wire, well run it up to the cross member to ground. Well tape up our connections.

Now, our two ant wires ends here that well plug into our transmitter and then well take our transmitter, well actually tuck it underneath the truck bed there, somewhere hidden somewhere in the frame where its protected. So well go ahead and take this cables and run it up through the frame towards the front. Well take a second to use some electrical tape and just bundle our wires together so it will be easier to run it through the frame. Were gonna take our wire connectors, make sure you snap it into the box and well mount our box up to the inside of the frame. And theres actually a plank for our brake line here, were gonna zip tie it to that. Now well start to work with our monitors. Well take the mounting bracket and well slide it to the back of the monitor and then the suction cup will hold it in place. Were just gonna stick to our glass. Its a good idea to make sure its clean first and then push down the lever and move it into the position that you want. You can move it left and right, up and down. And once you set it the way you like it, well go ahead and set it into our power point and then plug into our monitor. Blue LED says you got power. Well go ahead and just try it out. Well go ahead and just put it in reverse. The top button controls the brightness and this button is the contrast, the third button is reverse angle and finally this is our power button. With that, thatll finish our install for part number PK015737 from Peak.