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Pilot Round Tube Trailer Hitch Receiver Step Review - 2012 Ram 1500

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Review of the Pilot Round Tube Trailer Hitch Receiver Step on a 2012 Ram 1500

Hey everybody, Clayton here at Today, we are going to be checking out the Bully Hitch-mounted Step with led lights on our 2012 Ram 1500. Now adding a hitch step to the back of your truck is going to be a really good upgrade. It's going to give us a lot lower stepping point. Whenever we need to get up into our bed. That's going to make life really convenient.

And the stainless steel look here really matches our bumper pretty well. It almost looks like it's supposed to be here. Now, another great feature to add a hitch-mounted step is going to be the fact it's actually going to protect our truck. Let's say that we back into something or somebody rear ends us. We're going to have this much more sticking out from our bumper to help protect our rear bumper and any of our wiring and anything like that.

So not only is it going to be a very useful thing to add to your truck, but it's also going to be there to protect it. And I really do like this cause we have a big stepping surface. So that's going to make it really easy. Remember we step up here to get into the back of our truck. This thing is going to work with two inch by two inch receiver tube openings.

That's going to cover most trucks that have a hitch. So you're not going to have to worry about that. There are three different holes so you can set this in, out, or really whatever you prefer. You want to set that closer, simply just slide it in, and then add that hitch pin. The wiring aspect of it is super simple.

Simply just plug it back into your four-pole. If you don't have a four-pole wiring, you can find that here at Etrailer and this is what's going to power our lights. We now have our wiring plugged in so we can test everything out. We'll start with our brake lights, our left turn our right turn and our running lights. Now honestly, if you're looking for a hitch mounted step, you really like this stainless color, this is going to be awesome for you. But if you did prefer a black one you can find those here at Etrailer as well. This is a pretty cool product, like I said, I like having that little bit lower stepping surface. All the newer trucks are getting taller and taller. So really anything that we can do to help us get into the bed of our truck is going to be well worth our time. That's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Bully Hitch-mounted Step on our 2012 Ram 1500..

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