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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

Today on our 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, we're going to show you how to install the Hopkins 7-Pole and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket with the mounting bracket and wiring. This is for the vehicle side. It's part number is HM40975-11998. All right, here's what our wiring kit's going to look like. This is the heart of the system. This is going to be our 4-pole and our 7-pole plug.

It's going to fit right into the back of the vehicle, which is nice. You have spring-loaded doors here, nice heavy-duty springs, and there's also rubber inside that's going to seal up around that upper edge there, and help to prevent any kind of moisture, dirt, or debris from getting inside. You can see we're going to have that on both the 7-pole and the 4-pole. Really nice easy installation here. We've got our wiring harness. This is going to have 7 wires coming out of it, and we're going to tie these directly in to where the wiring harness ends here at the back of the truck.

We're also going to have butt connectors. We're going to have a ring terminal, and some mounting screws. That's for our bracket. Now, the bracket, we can set this aside. It's not going to be used in this application.

Since all of our connections are going to be made underneath the rear of the truck here, where there's a lot of moisture, a lot of debris and stuff that's flying around, we're going to substitute the standard butt connectors for part number DW05745-10. That's going to give us 10 butt connectors. Probably only going to need 7, unless we mess one up. Then we might need 8 or 9, but what these are, a heat-shrink butt connector, so we'll heat these up. These are going to shrink right down around our wire. There's a sealant inside that actually comes out of the end, and gives us maximum protection for our wiring connections, so down the road we won't have to worry about shorts.

Now, here's our wiring pigtail. You can see I've kind of stripped back the sheeting on it a little bit, but essentially it's going to look just like this. It's going to be hanging out right here. We need to pull that over this direction. If we want to, we can pull out that Christmas tree fastener. That'll give us a little bit more room to work. Screwdriver in behind it or trim panel tool like I've got here. I'll just pop that out, bring it down here. Now, basically we're just going to trim off all of our wires. Now, the first thing I'm going to do is take this orange wire, and I want to strip it back, make sure it doesn't make any contact with any of the metal back here, because this is a 12-volt hot wire, and get one of our connectors on it, just so it doesn't accidentally bump the frame or bump the hitch, or anything like that. If it does, you'll cause a spark. All right. Now, let's let that one hang out. We can strip the rest of them back. Now, we'll twist the ends of all these, and get them nice and compact together, and we'll add a butt connector onto each one. Now, for the green, the grey, and the yellow, I want to strip these back a little bit further. I'm actually going to double up the wire. That way it'll get a good hold on our butt connector, and we won't have to worry about any connection issues. All right, now we need to give each one of those a tug, make sure it's connected properly. All right. Now we'll bring in our plug side. Now, I'm also going to strip back the end of each of these wires. Now these wires are all a little bit heavier gauge than what we're on our truck, so I don't think we'll have to double these up. If you do pull on them and they slide out, go ahead and double them up. Now we're going to start with our white wire. This is for our ground, and that's going to get connected to the thick black wire right there. We'll slide it in the other side of our butt connector, and then we'll crimp it down. All right. Now we're going to take the red wire from our plug side, and we're going to connect that to the yellow wire coming from the truck's harness. Now we can take our blue wire from our pigtail, connect it with the blue wire from the truck's harness. Now we can connect the brown wire from our plug to the brown wire from the truck. For the black wire from our plug side, that's going to go to the red wire, or the orange-looking wire that comes from our truck. Now, our yellow wire, we want to connect that to the grey wire, and the last connection that we'll have, this is going to be our green wire from the plug to the green wire from our truck. All right. Give them all a tug, make sure our connections are good, and then we're ready to grab a little mini-torch or a heat gun, even a lighter will work, and we want to get our connectors shrank down. Now I'm going to use a little bit of tape, and just kind of wrap up all my connections here. This is mainly just to give it a little bit cleaner look, but I guess it'll also offer a little bit of protection. Then we'll poke that fastener back in that we removed. Now if we look on the backside of our bumper, there's going to be that plug that we want to take out. We push in on each side, and you see it'll pop out. It's probably going to look very familiar to our plug, which we'll take here. It's going to fit right in that hole. Pop it in there, you see those tabs are going to engage and lock it into place. Now we're going to use a little bit of contact grease here. This is part number 11755. Just going to put a little bit in that connector there. That's going to keep out any moisture or dirt, things like that that we don't want. We'll press that in until we hear it click, and then we can slide in that locking tab. We should be able to pull on it without it moving, and now you can see, you've got a little open area right here. I'm going to use that, and I'm going to zip-tie any excess harness up and out of the way. A couple of zip-ties - now these aren't provided. You'll just have to grab a few out of the garage if you have them, or pick them up at the store, order them from e-trailer, whatever you would like. All right, now at that point we can put our spare tire back into place, and we'll test out the wiring to make sure everything's working as it should. We're just going to use a small tester here to test out our 4-pole. We're going to plug that in, and I'll kind of just prop the cap open there so you can see. Start with our running lights. Let's do our left blinker, right blinker, then our brakes. I'll get our 4-pole tester out of the way, and we're going to hook up our 7-pole tester, and push it in until it engages fully. You'll know it's engaged fully when this small catch here that's on our door hooks in behind the notch that's on our plug. Now I'm going to switch to trailer battery charge here. You can see we're getting our 12-volt reading. That means our power is connected properly. Now let's run through the signals. All right. Now we'll turn on the running lights. You can see we're getting our signal there for our 7-pole. Now we'll do the left blinker, right blinker, brakes, and then let's also test our reverse signal. Now with everything working properly, that's going to complete our installation of the Hopkins 7-Pole and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket with mounting bracket and wiring for the vehicle side. This part number is HM40975-11998 on our 2016 Chevrolet Colorado.

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Joseph B.
This video was great and the wiring/connector very well made. After watching the video, everything installed easily. Very, VERY happy with the results.Thank you

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