RackEm Accessory Rack for Truck Bed Side Rails Installation - 2007 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Rackem Accessory Rack for Truck Bed Side Rails on a 2007 Ford F-250

Today on our 2007 Ford 250 Crew Cab, we'll be installing a Rack'Em Rack for truck bed side rails. Holds one trimmer, one blower, one spool and one cooler. Part number RA-37. This is also available in a two trimmer option, one blower, one spool and one cooler. Part number RA-36. We'll grab our trimmer.

We're going to put the head of the trimmer in first. We're going to slant it up like that, bring it back down. Then lower the handle into the clasp and then lock it back up. As you can see with our 6-1/2 foot bed, we've got just enough room for our trimmer here, but if we we're working with an 8 foot bed, we could potentially put or spool with our trimmer line on it. Now here on the other side we can put on our cooler.

Keeping in mind this will hold up to a five gallon container which is what we've got here. We'll get it positioned on our bottom bracket. We'll bring our buckle around. Get that nice and secure and we'll repeat that same stuff for the top here. Now for our spool holder this is designed to work with a large spool or a small spool, whatever you've got. We'll come over here to the wing nut, we'll undo that.

Take off the lock washer. We'll remove our line holder. We'll remove our spacers here. We'll grab our spool, put that through. Replace our spacers.

Line it back up with the hole. Push the screw through. Grab our line holder. Put that on the end. Put our lock washer into place, followed by the wing nut. Then we can feed our line through and this whole mechanism designed to keep it from coming unspooled as you're on the road. Finally for our backpack blower rack. We don't have one here today, but if we we're to have one what we'd do to hang it up is we would lift up our clasp up here. Set the handle of the backpack blower on top. Lower it down and we'd run a bungee through over the blower to this other side holding in place. Now when you get your Rack'Em Rack whether it be the one or two trimmer option it's going to be designed to fit automatically for an 8 foot bed. However, it will work also with your short bed truck which is what we're going to show you today on this F250. As you can see at the end here by the tailgate it's just a little bit too long. What we're going to do is cut it and readjust our brackets to fit in our stake pockets. Now we've gone ahead and put our T-brackets in our stake pockets as you can see here. We've also set our rail on top and made sure that the holes line up. As you can see we've got the bolts in there. Here at the end we've got an idea where we need to cut. I'm going to go ahead and grab my marker. Now keep in mind everything we do here, we're just going to repeat the same step on the other side. We've gone ahead and disassembled a portion of the rail that, way its not so long. It'll make it a little bit easier for us to cut. We've got it lined up on our saw here. We want to make sure and cut on the outside of our line. It's always important to wear some safety glasses when you're cutting. Let's go ahead and cut. Now that we've got our rails cut to size, I'll go ahead and show you how to get everything installed. You want to grab your T-brackets first. You want to make sure that your spring nut here on the inside is facing the correct way, so that the factory hole on the inside of our rails here lines up. That'd be the correct position there. We'll drop that in. Then we can get our bolts started there. We'll grab our included hardware. It's going to be the plate, lock washer and then the bolt. For some applications you'll need to trim the bolt as we did here. We took about 1/2" off of it. That's depending on the width of your stake pocket. We're going to take the bolt in the order that you see there and just screw that into our T-bracket. Here on our front stake pocket our factory hole is facing a different direction, so I've gone ahead and positioned the spring nut to where it's going to work with the T-bracket here. We can just drop that in and it's going to line up as you see there. We'll grab our included hardware, the same as it was before and get that started. Now our rail comes together with this insert here. We've already got this tightened up, so we'll grab the other rail, the portion that we cut off to size. Slip that on. Make sure that the holes line up. Then we'll take our bolts and put that together. The order that this is going in, so we'll put our washer on first. Slide that through. We'll take our other washer, let's put that on, then our lock nut, excuse me our lock washer and then our bolt. We'll do that once more and then we'll tighten them down. Now with our rails put together and tightened down. We can go ahead and set the rail in place on top of our T-brackets. Now it's a good idea to go ahead and put some hardware in, that way it doesn't actually slide off and scratch your truck. Along all the T-brackets we'll insert a bolt. Remember we needed to have one washer on there to begin with. We'll go ahead and install the rest of our hardware and get it tightened down. It's going to be the same that it was before. It's going to be our washer there, our lock washer and then our lock nut. Now to make it easier and tighten these down, we're going to go ahead and level out our rail, so we're simply just going to raise up the front end to essentially match the back. Now with that level we can go ahead and tighten up our T-bracket bolt and that's going to be this one right here on the inside of the bed. What that's going to do is it's going to keep our T-bracket from sliding back down. We'll get that nice and secure, then we've got it. Now we can tighten down our T-bracket back here. Now we can tighten down the rest of our hardware. Now with both rails secured and tightened down, we can go ahead and start installing our accessories. We'll start with our backpack blower. Now we can mount this anywhere we want on our rails, but we're going to mount it right here. We'll line it up with the pre-drilled holes on top and we're going to take our bolts and put those through. We'll start with our washer on top like that and the same thing with our other bolt. Then we'll put our hardware on the same as before. I'm just going to hold it like that with my thumb. Put on my washer, then my lock washer and then my nut. Now with that installed we're going to just repeat the same process with our spool rack and our cooler rack. Right here on the passenger's side we're going to install our trimmer rack. We're going to position it right about here. Then when we position our other half we want to make sure to have just enough length for our trimmer to work with it. We're going to position ours right here and we should be good. That's going to complete our install of the Rack'Em Rack for truck bed side rails, holds one trimmer, one blower, one spool and one cooler. Part number RA-37 on our 2007 Ford F250.

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Unfortunately this particular rack is no longer available from the manufacturer. I have linked our current selection from Rack'Em below that you can look through.