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Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Trailer Brake Controller on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Hi, I'm Shane with Today, I'm going to walk through how to install Redarc's Tow Pro Elite, brake controller on your 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Adding a brake controller to your vehicle, is going to allow you to send brake pressure to your trailer brakes, whenever you're pulling a load. The nice thing about this brake controller, is how small it is. It's designed to go in a vehicle that has a smaller cabin space. It's going to be a lot different than using your traditional brake controller.

It works perfect for a vehicle like this, a Jeep that has a little bit less cabin space unlike your typical truck, that has a lot more room in it. This is what our brake controller is going to look like once it's installed, you can see it's very small design, makes it very easy to mount in different locations on your dash or even on your center console. The only thing you have to worry about is the back having room for the back of it, behind the dash. The difference is when you have a brake controller like this, which is your typical brake controller. You can see how much room, I'm six foot, I have the seat all the way back.

This brake controller being mounted here it can get in the way, or if I had to mount it over here there's not a whole lot of places in here that I can mount a brake control like this. It's going to give me enough room to actually control it. They do work, but again, we're in a small space. This makes it very difficult. Everything that this does, this can do just by using the small button With this brake controller you are going to have two different modes.

You are going to have a proportional mode, which is going to match the brake pressure. You are applying in the vehicle, and you are going to have a user mode. Which means whatever you have the dial set at whatever number that is, it's going to automatically apply that amount of pressure to the brakes on the trailer. Say if you are, you are pointing the trailer off-road or something and you need a little bit different breaking going to the trailer then from the vehicle. It's going to allow you to make that adjustment to send that more power, more of that power back to that trailer so that you're stopping the trailer or the trailer stopping itself.

We're not relying on the vehicle to slow and stop both. When you do proportional mode, and you have the dial set at whatever number that is. Maybe you have a heavy load on there but you are on a flat ground. When you apply the brakes, what it's going to do, it's going to start out at that same amount of pressure, sending that same amount of pressure to the brakes on the trailer. But that pressure is going to increase to the amount of pressure you have set on the dial. So that's the difference. between being proportional and user mode. User mode, it's going to automatically put that amount of pressure directly on the brakes on the trailer. Proportional mode, it's going to start out at whatever pressure you are, putting on the brakes in the vehicle. And it's going to increase to the amount of pressure you have set on the dial. Now we are in proportional mode. As I mentioned before, with this mode it's going to send in the same amount of pressure. You are applying to the brakes in the vehicle, to the trailer and it's going to increase to whatever number you have it set at. So if we watch the light it's going to go from blue and gradually go up to red. Now, if we switch it over to user mode, what we are going to see, we are going to go up to 10 again here. As soon as I touch the brake it's going to automatically go to red. Instead of increasing, it's going to send that amount of pressure directly to the brakes on the trailer. And I'm barely touching the brake pedal. Now with both modes, you are going to have a manual override. The manual override is a simple press of the button. And what that allows you to do is apply the brakes on the trailer without applying the brakes in the vehicle. The reason you need something like that is maybe you get into a situation where your trailer starts to sway a little bit. If you apply the brakes in the vehicle, while that is swaying you are not going to stop the swaying on the trailer. It may actually increase the swaying in the trailer. Being able to apply the brakes on the trailer while it swaying without applying the brakes on the vehicle. Is going to allow that trailer to come back to center behind the vehicle. Another big difference between the Tow Pro Elite and your traditional brake controller this type of brake controller. It has to be mounted a certain way. You can't have it when you mount it on your dash it can't be turned or at an angle because it won't work correctly. With the Tow Pro Elite, you can mount this anywhere on your dash. The actual control unit itself is can be mounted underneath the dash in any orientation. Because it's going to calibrate itself to whatever direction you have it set at, or whatever direction you have it mounted underneath your dash. So this type of controller makes it very easy to get it, in anywhere in your vehicle to make it much easier for you to use over one of these. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the brake controller, let's go ahead and walk you through how to get it installed. To start our installation. We need to find a place to Mount our controller. We got to make sure that when we put our plug on there's going to be enough room behind it, because all this is going to sit back behind the dash somewhere. What we did, is we went ahead and removed the panels here on the driver's side of the dash. Lower panel here, pops off you have a screw here and a screw here, pop this off. And then for this side panel cause we are gonna mount it right up here. You are going to have a couple of screws that run along this side. You are gonna have one down here and one right up here. Once you get those out, you can pop this out. Look back and just make sure, you don't have anything in the way. So we are going to put it about right here. In your kit, you are going to get a little ring. It's going to look like this. We are going to have to drill a hole in the dash. This ring actually is the exact size for this and the LED light to go through. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to use this, as my template to drill my hole. Put a couple of pieces of tape on it Put it in the location where I'm going to drill my hole, and we'll stick it on there. Mark that and start drilling the holes. So I drilled my small hole first. Then I drilled a hole right in the center of the ring. Now I'm going to take this ring off and open that hole up to the correct size. You want to make sure you don't damage this ring because this ring actually goes on the outside. Once we get our brake controller, put it in place. Now my smaller hole, I drill it to the exact size of the template that I was using. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to go one size up cause it may be a little bit difficult to get the LED light to come through the hole. We are going to have a cable like this. It's going to come with an elbow and a straight side. I'm going to use the straight side in the back. You can use either one. This is going to make it a little bit easier, up inside here. The elbow is not going to work. There's a bracket that runs about here straight across then the elbow hits it. So with this, it will go straight over the top of it. We can run our wire right over and it'll come out right over on the inside of our dash right here. It might be easier if you go ahead and connect it first. Now we will take our controller, put it in through the hole and make sure you line up the led light with the top hole, put your outer ring on. You are going to have a collar like this slide it on and we are going to tighten it into place. You are going to have your knob spin this all the way to the left. Went up to zero with the LED light on the top, push it into place. What you want to make sure, is that you can push that knob like that. Once you get that in you go ahead and put your dash back in place. The center panel, as I mentioned it just pops off there's this clips, so just pull it straight back. Where I'm going to mount it, is actually on the back of this. I'm going to cut these off, take some very small screws, and then amount it right here. This wire will plug right back into the back of our unit and we'll run the other two plugs over to our factory wiring, over here on this driver's side kit panel or up above it actually. This is what it's going to look like when you get it mounted on the back of your panel Just use some small, very short screws. You want to make sure you only go through this panel. Not all the way through the outside. Want to make sure when mounting this, if you decide not to mount out here, you mount it somewhere solid. Don't zip tie it to any factory wiring or anything. It needs to sit where it's not, where it won't move around, because it has to calibrate for the brakes. Now we will take our plug from our controller, plug it into the back of the unit like that and like this If you have a factory tow package, there's two additional wires that you are going to need. You're gonna need this one which is part number T P H - zero one seven. And you are going to need this one to locate the factory wiring harness. It's going to match the end of this plug. It's going to be right over here against this side. Kind of up in here. And it may be taped to some other wiring. If I can move some stuff here. Let me see that one right there. It's a gray plug and it will be open just like that and take your wiring harness. I'm going to match it up on there. Once you get it plugged in, take the other near wire. We're going to loop it up and over like this Over our dash underneath here Second plug and plug it in like this. We will take our panel and plug this cable in. I mean, from our actual controller Plug this one in to the other side. Once you've got all your wiring plugged in to your control unit, go ahead and replace your panel. So before I had it running this way, I was having a problem with my plugs, making contact with these two bars. My panel not being able to go back in place all the way. So what I did was I just turned it. The big plug is going to be at the bottom. My right angled plug is at the top and I just put two holes right up here. Actually use one of the existing ones I had to drill or put a new one in here and I test fit it like this and it fits perfectly. So now I'm going to go ahead and put my next two screws in down here, just to make sure it holds in place, And we can put our panel back in. I can go ahead and show you here. going to take this and slide it up kind of up behind this leather piece here. Like that and we'll just line it up and then pop everything back into place. And it fits in there perfect. Go ahead and push our button. See if our LED light comes on, looks like we are all connected. Now we have everything hooked up inside the vehicle. We have tested it. We know it works. We are going to hook up to our trailer, get our brake controller calibrated, so we can adjust it as needed, while we're pulling the trailer with the weight on it. Now to get the unit calibrated. This one is already calibrated but if it's, once you install it if what you're going to see, is you are going to see that blue LED light is going to flash between blue and green. That means it needs to be calibrated. What you're going to do is get in the vehicle hook up to your trailer. You are going to drive around a little bit and that light will eventually go from blue green to just blue. Once you have just a blue led light that's going to be in proportional mode. What you want to do. If you're going to switch it over to user mode you simply put your vehicle in park, press on the brake. Push the button three times within one second. They will change over to green that switches you over to user mode, and then you switch it back. Same process vehicle in park, press on the brake push the button three times. Once you have it calibrated, you are ready to go. Again, I'm Shane with That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Redarc Tow Pro Elite brake controller on our 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited..

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