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Reese 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel King Pin Installation

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How to Install the Reese 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel King Pin

Today on inaudible 00:00:01 camper, we're going to install part number RP614Q2. This is a fifth airborne, premium, fifth wheel, air ride king pin. You see it does not move, it's a inaudible 00:00:12 hitch, but further up on inaudible 00:00:13 by the camper. First thing you do is go ahead and remove original pin box. To do that, we needed to disconnect our electrical. After we have our electrical disconnected, we'll go ahead and remove these 4 bolts. There will be 4 on each side.

We're going to need 2 bolts to hold the pin box in place for now until we get an extra set of hands to help lower it. Now we'll take our turret, which comes with the kit, and we'll put it on here. Sometimes it slides in pretty easy, sometimes you have to add some lubricant. The resticker will go towards the front. Another one will go on top, and it'll fit on the pin box upright. When you put it in place it shouldn't move around.

A simple plate that goes on top. Then 4 bolts. These 4 bolts come with the pin box itself. When we install our hardware, you want to make sure the teeth on these washers always face towards the plate. Once we have all the bolts loosely installed, we'll run them down.

Then we'll torque the bolts down as suggested by the instructions. At this point we can go ahead and install our airborne sidewinder. Typically, this will take two men and a boy to lift up and position. We're going to work around that and use a fork truck to hold it up in place. When we put it up in position, we want to make sure that this bottom edge stays above this part right here that swivels. Once we have the correct height we'll maneuver it into position to get your bolts in. Once we have all the bolts loosely installed we'll run them down.

Then we'll torque the bolts down. Now we'll go ahead and reattach our wiring. Next thing you do is to activate our sidewinder feature, this will actually rotate. This wedge right here is in a inaudible 00:02:38 position and it also keeps the whole thing from rotating. We'll unbolt it and we'll put it up here against the king pin. What we're going to do is snug this up where the block meets the topper, the block meets right here. One other thing before we back up to our truck, we'll spray down the wedge with this lubricant. Now we'll go ahead and back up to a truck and we'll latch everything together like we're going to drive off. When we put air to our air spring you want to go between a setting of 80 and 100 PSI. Then we'll take our ledge, tap this in as far as we can go. Next we'll tighten up the bolts that we can reach. Then we'll disconnect and torque down our bolts. We've added a little bit of extra air to our air spring, and there's a little notch here as well as one on the other side too. You should sight this up with the bottom edge located right here. These are the two bolts on top that you would use to adjust the air spring further if the initial air pressures do not work. Basically, we're finished with our installation, so we'll go ahead and take it out for a test drive. We'll see how Sidewinder works. You see it did not move the physical hitch, but further up on the turret by the camper. Now finish it for a fifth airborne premium fifth wheel air ride part number Rp61422 on our fifth wheel trailer. .

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