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Reese Quick-Install 5th Wheel Base Rails Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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How to Install the Reese Quick-Install 5th Wheel Base Rails on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Reese Click Install Custom Base Rail and Outboard Installation Kit for Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches. Part Number is RP56001-53. Now here's what our fifth wheel rails are going to look like once we get them installed. We've got our fifth wheel we threw up here just to give you an example. Most cases what we're going to have is our fifth wheels connected in here at the 20 mark. Some of the really large fifth wheels might come out to our other mounting location.

Then mostly here for our 16 mark here and mark here. That's going to be for that center gooseneck style application. Now these bars are going to be a little bit longer than what you're going to see. They're 48". What that does is it allows us to come out here past our frame rail.

It really makes mounting very, very easy. With the black powder coat finish it's really going to hold up for a long time. The first thing we're going to do for our installation is get our rear rail put into place. Now we're going to use the measurements that we can find in our instructions and we're going to measure from the back lip of the truck bed there to get it positioned right where we want it. We're going to do that on both sides of course. Then we also want to make sure we have it centered in the bed here.

Now let's mark the center of our holes here. We're using a paint marker. We could also do a center punch. Now we'll move our rail out of the way. We use a 1/8th" drill bit to drill out those four holes.

Now we're going to take our passenger's side frame bracket. You'll know the passenger's side from the driver's side, because towards the front of the truck you can see we've got a little bit smaller distance between our oblong hole and the front of the bracket, than what we do on the rear. The rear is going to be a little bit longer, so this is going to be towards the back of the truck. We're just going to place this in. Kind of rotate it up into position. We want to align it roughly with the 5/8ths holes that are in the side of the frame rail there. Now let's go check our holes to make sure that we've got those lined up properly. Now we'll just take a little screwdriver. You could use a piece of wire. We want to see it pass down through our hole here on the top and also through the frame bracket without any interference. It looks like we're checked out here great on the passenger's side. We'll go over to the driver's side and we'll do the exact same thing. Now that we've verified our holes are lined up, we're going to pull our brackets back out on both sides. Now with our holes verified, we're going to go ahead and drill out our 1/8th" holes up to a 9/16ths. Now we'll take one of the bolt leaders. We'll place it in our hole here. We want to guide that up towards our large access hole here in the front, and see we'll pull that out the front side here. We'll place it on one of the square spacer blocks and then thread on one of our carriage bolts. Just drop in our spacer block. We'll pull our wire. It looks to me our hole is just a touch too small, so we can either use a hammer and kind of knock it in like that, or you may just use a pry bar, a screw driver and kind of pry it in. We'll just pull it back up here, just like that. Do the same thing for our front one here. Now of course, that one's not going very far, so I'm just going to do a little hook on my bolt leader to try to get it to come right back out, just like that. Spacer block and carriage bolt. I just want to pull out on those and twist them to make sure they fully engage the spacer block. Then we grab the side plate. We'll bring our bolt leaders through that. Work it back up into position there. We'll use our bolt leaders to pull our bolts back through. If you press up on that frame rail, you can get it to hold your bolt for you, then we'll put on a serrated washer. We want the teeth to face in towards the bracket. Then one of our hex nuts there. We're just going to install those loosely for now. Then we'll go over and do the exact same thing on our driver's side. Now we'll put our rail back in place here, right up over the holes we drilled out. We'll slide our carriage bolts that come with the rail kit down in, both sides here. Now also in the rail kit we're going to have these small spacers. Depending on where the bolts go through the bed, will depend on where you're going to place these. If our holes we're drilled right here, we'd be placing those right underneath there, so we have a good metal-to-metal pinch contact. Since we're on the upper part of the corrugation here, we're going to be placing those underneath the bed, up on that bolt. Now we'll take our spacer as we discussed. Slide it right above our side bracket and around the carriage bolt. Now we'll take one of our conical tooth washers with the teeth facing up towards the side plate. Then also thread on one of our hex nuts, just like that. We'll do the same thing for the front one on this side. We've put our fifth wheel in. We've placed it in our rear rail and pushed it back as far as we could get it to go. Now we're going to lift up the front side of the fifth wheel here and slide our rail right underneath. Make sure it's got a nice fit on there. Make sure our rail is still centered where we want it. Now let's get our front rail location marked here. Now we'll get our rail moved out of the way and we can drill our holes out. We'll start with a 1/8th. Now we'll take these on out to the 9/16ths. Now let's bring our rail back into position. Then once we get our holes lined up we'll put our 1/2" bolts down through there. Now to slide our forward spacer blocks in, behind our forward bolt, you'll have to go in behind the frame rail here, and it'll slide right over into that corrugation we needed to fill up, right up there. While we're under here we might as well do our rear, and then we'll place on the same conical tooth washer and nut on each of our bolts. We'll go over to the driver's side and repeat that exact same process. Now we can drill out our center mounting location here. Just like the other ones we want this to be 9/16ths of an inch. Just like our other bolts we've brought through, we're going to put our spacer on, conical tooth washer and then our nut. Then once we've got our bolt snugged down, we'll go through and torque them to the specification that we'll find in our instructions. That's going to complete today's installation of the Reese Quick Install Custom Base Rails and Outboard Installation Kit for Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches, Part Number RP56001-53 on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado.

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