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Reese Quick-Install 5th Wheel Base Rails Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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How to Install the Reese Quick-Install 5th Wheel Base Rails on a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Today on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Reese Quick Install Custom Base Rails and Outboard Installation Kit for Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches Part number RP56001-53. Here's what your rails look like once they're installed. See they've got a nice black powder coated finish and they have multiple holes for use with different style fifth wheel hitches. They're compatible with the Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Reese, and Valley. Here we actually have a Reese fifth wheel hitch installed, part number RP30867, just so you can get an idea what it's going to look like once we have our fifth wheel hitch on our rails. As you can see, we're going to have an nice plate that's going to fit all along the side of our frame rail. It's going to be secured through the frame with two carriage bolts and some blocks, block washers, and nuts.

Coming through the bed there's going to be two bolts on either end on both sides and one bolt in the center. That's going to give you a total of 10 holes you're going to have to drill through the bed of your truck to mount our rails and then the rails will mount to these plates that bolt to the side of our frame. It's going to make for a quick and easy install. Many of our customers say this is a very easy install and being that it's mounted to the outboard side, it's easy to access all your bolts. With this install you're not going to have to drop your exhaust or any heat shields.

You can even do it with the spare tire in place. Now let me go over some features. Let's go ahead and show you how to install it. We're going to go ahead and start our installation by placing our rear rail into place and we're going to measure from the back edge of the bed to the measurement that's in our instructions depending on whether or not we have a long bed or a short bed. We want to come out and get that to this front edge of this rail. Then we want to make sure that our rail is centered in between the bed on both sides.

Once you've gotten to that and gotten it nice and squared up then we're going to go ahead and mark out our side holes. We're doing the four outside holes. We're going to start by using an eighth inch drill bit and we're going to go down through for our pilot holes. Once we have all those drilled out, we're going to go to the other side and set our side plates into place and make sure every thing lines up. We're going to start on the passenger side. The main thing we do on the passenger side we'll repeat on the driver's side.

They're going to be identical. You can see on our passengers side, on this plate, there's a little less area here than there is on the back side. That's going to let us know that the shorter part is going to go towards the front of the vehicle. We'll take our plate, we're going to line it up with these two holes that are in the frame from the factory. It's going to help keep it in place while we're doing our measurements here. We're just going to stick a couple of these 5/8 bolts in the holes in the frame. Now we can go ahead and try a drill bit down through the bracket. You want to make sure it slides through easily on both of the holes. We'll repeat that for the other side as well. Once we're happy that we have our brackets centered properly we can go ahead and drill out the holes inside the bed to 9/16ths. Before we drill out the bed we're going to go ahead and remove these rails. Now we're going enlarge all of our holes to a 9/16 diameter. Anytime you're drilling holes in here you want to make sure that you've checked underneath to make sure there's nothing that's going to interfere on the bottom side such as wiring or any kind of lines or tubing. Before we sit our rail back into place, it's a good idea to vacuum up all these shavings so we don't trap any rust underneath there. Now we can sit our rail back into place. Now we're just going to want to make sure that our bolts are going to go through the holes and sit flush and once we're satisfied with how they fit we can go ahead lift them back out of the way so we can install our side brackets on the frame and we won't have any interference as we're doing it. Now we're going to need to take the 5/8 carriage bolts and blocks. It's pretty easy to install them from the back side. They come out these two holes right here. We're going to take the supplied fish wire and we're going to feed it through the hole. Once we have it out we'll slide on our block and thread on our carriage bolt and take the block and push it through. We want to make sure we have it centered in the block and leave our wire attached. Now we can take it and do the same thing for the other side. inaudible 00:05:21 up into place as well. Should it fall or have a hard time coming out there's some holes in the back you can access and just push your finger through there to help line it up. We'll take our bracket that we lined up earlier, same bracket, and take our fish wires and we're going to pull them through. Take care to not pinch any wires. I'm just pulling it up into place. Once we have it lined up we'll take off the wire, we'll take our conical tube washer, with the teeth on it, those are going to face in, and our nut. We will repeat that same operation with the other bolt. Now that we have our brackets on the side of the frame rails loosely in place, we can take our half inch carriage bolts and drop them down through our rail. Depending on how your rail lands on your bed, it's supplied with some spacers that are going to take up the excess so if it was going to land where your bolt went through this lower lying area you would take this spacer and slide it underneath there and that's going to stop your bed from being collapsed when you tighten it up. Since ours lands on the top we're going to install these from the bottom side to stop our bed from crashing. Now we want to take these spacers and we're going to put them between the bracket and the bed and we're going to do that for all four of the bolts. We'll take our conical tube washer with the teeth facing up to the metal and our nut. You want to be careful when your putting these nuts on that you don't push the bolts up out of our plate in the bottom and making the square part of the carriage bolt come out of our plate. Once we have it started we can just take out a 3/4 inch socket and we can just start to snug those up. At this point we're just wanting to snug them down just to keep everything in place. Now we're going to take our fifth wheel head and we're going to use it as our template to line up our other bolts. You want to make sure we can still easily lift this out of place so it makes removing and installing it an easy task. We're going to double check our measurements from side to side. Make sure they're still even. Once your happy about where it is centered we're once again going to drill our eighth inch holes and make sure it lines up with out brackets underneath. Then we can go ahead and enlarge them out to 9/16. Once we have them all enlarged we can sit everything out of the way and clean up our area and then we can drop our bolts back down through. Then we can take our fifth wheel head and we'll drop it back into position, making sure everything lined up. Now we need to take our spacers and install them from the back side and we can put our conical tooth washer and nut in place and we'll move on to the next bolt. We want to make sure our bolts are f lushly on the top once we have that we can go ahead and tighten these down as well. Once we have all the rail's bolts tightened down and then we'll come back and we'll snug up the two side plates. Now with everything snugged up and into position we just want to make sure that this still moves easily. To make our installation process a lot easier when you're going to take it in and out of your vehicle. The last thing we're going to have to do is we're going to have to drill two more holes in the center and put some carriage bolts in. We've already looked underneath to make sure that there's nothing that will be in the way and then drill our pilot hole. Then we can enlarge that out to a 9/16. At this point we're going to go ahead and put our head back in and drop our two bolts down through the holes that we just drilled. Then we're going to put our spacer block on the two bolts we pushed through the center of the bed. We'll follow that with our conical tooth washer and our nut. You want to be sure to keep that kind of centered up so it sits in there nice and flush. Now we'll repeat that for the other one as well Once we have them all nice snug we're going to back through and start torquing our bolts to the specifications listed in our instructions. Once we get both outsides done then we'll move to the center ones and tighten those two as well. We've gone ahead and removed our spare tire. It's not really necessary it just makes it a little easier to get in there. Now we'll move on to our side plates. Now we'll torque the other side and that's going to finish our installation. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the Reese Quick Install Custom Base Rails and Outboard Installation Kit for fifth wheel trailer hitches, part number RP56001-53 on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

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