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Reese Weight Distribution System Chain Hangers Installation

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How to Install the Reese Weight Distribution System Chain Hangers

Speaker 1: We're going to be installing Reese's chain hangers for Reese's weight distribution systems, part number RP58305. We're going to be using this with Reese's weight distribution system, part number RP67509. The bracket that comes with the kit will just sit over your frame rail, and there would be a bolt that would thread in the back side to clamp it on, so there's no drilling required. However, we're not going to be able to use this one, because it contacts our trailer body, so we can't meet the appropriate distance measurements.We're going to be installing this bracket instead. These low profile brackets will allow us to use our weight distribution system in a more restricted area, such as this. We'll be installing these at about 28 and five eighths inches from the center of our ball, back on our frame.

We're going to be going down about a quarter of an inch from the top of the frame. These are special measurements for these special brackets.We're now going to make a mark at 28 and five eighths inches from the center of the ball. Then we'll make another mark down a quarter of an inch. We'll be putting the center of our mount at the mark we made at 28 and five eighths inches. Now, we put in the top of the bracket down a quarter of an inch.

Go ahead and mark your holes now so you can drill those out. Repeat those same measurements on the other side.Before you drill any holes, you do want to take your chains, hold them up to your bracket, and make sure that they're pretty close to vertical with the center of the mark that you made. We'll now drill out a hole using a half inch drill bit and the center of the marks that we made for our holes. I'm going to go ahead and mark both holes before I drill them completely, and since this is a tube frame, we will be drilling all the way through the frame. So, through this side and then through the back side.

You do want to make sure that there's not any wire or anything on the back side. If there is, you may need to route it out of the way.We can now install our brackets. We'll take the long bolts, since we have tubular frames and we need to go through both, slide on a conical tooth washer, and slide it through the hole. Now, if you had a C-shaped frame, you would use the smaller bolts that come with your bracket kit. Make sure that the teeth in the conical tooth washer are facing inwards towards the bracket.

On the back side, put on one of these large, flat washers, followed by a lock nut. Then you'll repeat the same process on the other side.Now, tighten down your hardware using a three quarter socket and wrench. We'll now test it out and check our measurements, and see where we're at. To make it easier to install your links onto your bracket, use your jack to lift up the trailer and your vehicle while it's connected. Once you've got it lifted up, putting pressure, rising up the rear end of the vehicle, install the chain on the bracket.We're going to start with just two links and check our measurements. After you've got the chain on, slide the lock pin through, and do the same thing on the other side. And that completes our installation of Reese's chain hangers for Reese's weight distribution systems.

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