Rhino-Rack RVP Roof Rack Installation - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install the Rhino-Rack RVP Roof Rack on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Rhino-Rack RVP roof rack system for fixed mounting points, offering the Vortex Arrow crossbars. The part number is RRRvP27.Now here's what our RVP system's going to look like, installed. As you can see, this roof rack system's going to offer a flush style foot peg. This is much more in line with what you see from the factory. It's more of a streamlined roof rack system. Very, very quiet, we've tested this out on the road and it's really, you don't even notice that it's up there.Now with a flush-bar style roof rack like this, you do have a very attractive look, but you do lose a little bit of bar space.

We also have this style available for this vehicle where the bar comes out past the foot pack. That can give you room to put additional items on. Now a feature I really like with the roof rack system is that we have locking caps on each side, so that's going to help to secure not only the roof rack to your vehicle but also if you're going to use any channel mounted or t-slot style accessories, you can see you've got that right there, slide goes in and out, but then when you put your locking cap on, it's going to keep those secured as well.Now we've got the rubber diffuser strip up here as well, this helps to keep any dirt and debris from getting down in that t-slot. It also helps add to that really quiet performance that we get. Also when you use clamp around accessories, it'll keep it from sliding from side to side.

Now since this is a custom kit, designed specifically for your Grand Cherokee, we've got our base clips that are going to go down and in, attach to our factory-fixed mounting locations, you see we've got the nice clean finishing touch around here, helps to kind of smooth out any of the edges. And we won't be required to measure or adjust our crossbars at all, they're pre-cut and measured to fit your Jeep perfectly.Also with the moon roof in the vent position, you're not going to have any interference, and the sun roof actually stores in and underneath so you can fully open it without any issues running into the crossbar.Now just for reference, from the top of the vehicle to the top of the crossbar, we've got about 3 1/4 of an inch, to the bottom it's going to be about an inch and 3/4, so I don't see any issue with whatever type of accessory you plan on connecting and the clamp fitting in there. I think just about all of them are going to work really well.Now the bars themselves are constructed of aluminum, so corrosion resistance is going to be a big plus there. The foot packs themselves are fiberglass-reinforced nylon, so they're going to be much more durable than the old plastic styles that we had. And they've been UV treated so fading and cracking, we're really not going to have to worry about.

It has a weight capacity of 149 pounds, but you definitely want to check the Jeep's owner's manual to see what it's rated for, and use whichever number's the lowest.Now, to begin the installation process, we need to remove a few bolts out of our track here on top of the Grand Cherokee. We're going to remove the one closest to the front and the one just behind it. Now that's going to take a T30 Torx bit, you can also use the tool provided with your kit. Going to back these out, hang on to them in case you remove your roof rack, you'll want to put them back in place.Now for your rear mounting location, you can see we've already got our rear bar installed. You'll just remove the rear-most bolt, that looks just like these.

You're only going to use one bolt to secure that clamp in. For the front, you'll see we're going to have two bolts, going to come down, your bracket's going to be oriented with the bolt coming down through the first hole and the third hole. See on each one you want to have a lock washer and flat washer. And then these are going to go right down in, you're going to match up with the holes we just took the bolts out of. We can use our provided tool to get both of those started. We can snug them down and tighten them to the specifications in our instructions. And of course we'll do the same thing over on the other side if you haven't already done it.Now we can grab our crossbar and get it put in position. One thing to keep in mind are different lengths, 'cause the roof kind of widens, so you're going to be sure you have the one that says "front," it's of course going to go in the front, the one that says "rear" will go into the rear. We can place these right down and on. These two tabs that stick down are going to go into slots in that foot pack, you can see it fits in there really well, and now you've got it in the right position. Now, little thing to add while we're here, when your roof rack's not in position, so these covers are made to fit right down and over. And then we can use the same bolt we're going to attach the roof rack to, to secure those down in place. It's going to give you a nice clean look so you don't ever have to remove these if you don't want to. Position on both sides, I like to get my bolts started. You're going to do that on each side, then we can snug them down per instructions.Now, just like on the bolts that hold our base clips in, you want to be sure that you have a flat washer and lock washer on each of the bolts, and this is going to be the same for the front and the rear. Now when you tighten down your bolts, you'll use a 10 millimeter socket. Now we can take our locking cover, you want to slide it on, turn our key, we're nice and secure. And that'll complete our look at the Rhino-Rack RVP roof rack system for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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