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Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Roof Rack Installation - 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

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How to Install the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Roof Rack on a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

Today in our 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport we're going to be test fitting the Rhino-Rack Vortex Roof Rack System. We're going to be using the 54 inch arrow bars. The part numbers are RRVA137B-2, RRRLKVA, and DK360. To begin our test fit we'll grab the front half of our rack here and we're going to open the front doors on our Santa Fe. We'll then place our rack right up on to our the front roof line of our vehicle here. Now per the fit guide from Rhino-Rack we need to measure 16 inches, from the center of the door jam here.

Not inches rather but centimeters. So we'll measure 16 centimeters from where the two doors meet and we want the center of our foot pad to be placed there. There's 16 centimeters, right in the middle. Now we're going to do this measurement on both sides. This is going to ensure we have our feet in line with one another.

Here right to 16. Bring it on back. There we go. With our measurement done on both sides we're going to take our tool and begin tightening down a little bit on each side. The first time I tighten I just like to get all the slack out of it on both sides. Then we'll begin tightening it down a little bit each time. Alright.

With our front nice and secure we'll close the front doors. We'll open the rears then we'll grab the rear half of our rack. Of course we'll place on to the rear roof line of our vehicle. Right across there. Now we're going to do another set of measurements here on the rear bar.

We're going to measure 70 centimeters from the center of the front bar to the center of our rear bar. You can use the front edge to the front edge, the middle to the middle, or the rear to the rear. Whatever you prefer. I usually go right here to the rear of it then I'll measure 70 centimeters to the rear of it here. That's a little too far. Right there. Now this measurement we're going to do on both sides also. This will ensure just like the front that we have both of our feet in line with each other, but it's also going to ensure that our bars are running parallel. It's going to make it easier to attach any kind of accessories or things like that, that we'll want to do later. And again, I'll usually just push up here and on that initial tightening process I'm just going to take the slack out. That way it's kind of holding the bar in place. Then we'll go back and fourth a few times to finally secure it to our vehicle. The inside of the clamps here have a rubber protection on them. It's very hard to see. It's just a little strip of rubber that goes all the way around. That's designed to protect your vehicles finish from any kind of scratches or scrapes that you might get from other types of fit kits. It's fitting on there really well. Alright. With the front and rear secure we've got one more step to finalize our installation or test fit if you will. That's going to be placing on our locking covers. See you see currently this is exposed and of course we don't want that exposed to the elements so we'll place a cover on it, turn the key to lock it in place and that's going to of course deter any kind of theft, but also keep this working for a long time. With all four of our covers on that's going to complete our test fit today. The Vortex Arrow Group rack system from Rhino Rack. We've used part numbers RRVA137B-2, RRRLKVA, and Dk360 all on our 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. .

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