Road Comfort Front Floor Mats Review - 2015 Ram 1500

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Review of the Road Comfort Front Floor Mats on a 2015 Ram 1500

Hi there hardworking RAM owners. Today in your 2015 RAM 1500, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install road comforts, all weather floor mats for the front. This is what our floor mats look like when they are installed. You can see that it is a custom fit floor mat, it molds right around our body, which helps keep our mat in place, along with the factory hold downs that it works with, and one more layer that keeps it in place. We've also got some bumps here on the bottom that dig down into the carpet and ensure that it can't move.With our floor mat here, it offers us a non-skid surface to get in and out of the vehicle, and also a place for all the dirt debris, moisture, and muck that you're dragging in with you to collect and not get onto your carpet. The raised edges here ensure that the debris stays within the floor mat, so none of that water or dirt can spill out onto the sides, and the raised edges also keep your feet up out of that muck.

So it gives you a chance for your feet to dry off and get all that stuff off of there. It's also great for cleanup, because everything's going to be here trapped on our floor mat, so we can just fold it over, pop these off of their hold downs.Then we can remove our floor mat, take it out of there, spray it off with a hose and put it back into place, and we're good to go. Over here on the passenger's side, we're going to have all the same features. It's going to keep all that dirt debris and moisture in here, while providing you with that non-skid surface. You can see it is custom fit right around the molding, which helps keep it in place just like on our driver's side.

This way you can ensure that both you and your passenger, no matter the mess you get into, you can ensure it doesn't stay in your truck.With our floor mats being down here where your boots are digging into them all the time, we need it to be made of something that's going to be reliable. It's constructed of a thick rubberized thermoplastic, that does have some give. You can see it's got some stretch to it, so as you step on it, it's not going to crack or deteriorate, it's going to mold to your foot and then spring back into position. It's also resistant against extreme temperatures. Here in the Midwest we get some crazy temperatures.

We can have temperatures down below zero on our winter months, and in the summer months we can have temperatures creep up over 100.If your car is all locked up outside it's going to be even hotter in here, especially with this black interior. But with the thermo-plastic here, you don't have to worry about it fading, drying out or cracking due to those extremes. Now that we've gone over some of the features of our floor mat, why don't we get our truck cleaned up and show you how to get them in place It's important that you have your old floor mats removed, especially on the driver's side, so you don't have one floor mat contact any other potentially obstructing your pedals.We'll begin our installation by removing our old floor mats. Those are just going to lift out of there. There's a couple of outlets that hooks the floor mat in, so you can just pull up and just pull it off of those hooks.

Then our floor mat will just lift out of here. Now it's a good idea once you've got your old floor at out of the way, to go ahead and clean up before installing your new floor mat, so we're just going to vacuum it out.Once you've got everything cleaned up to your satisfaction, we're going to take our floor mat now for our driver's side, and we're just going to set it right into place. There are some holes here in our mat, and those are going to line up with the factory alignment pins here. We're just going to hook it on to that one, and then we'll hook it onto this one. Then we can put our passenger side in and it's going to install the same way. That completes our look at road comforts, all weather floor mats for the front on your 2015 Ram 1500.

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