Road Comfort Front Middle and Rear Floor Mats Review - 2016 Honda Odyssey

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Review of the Road Comfort Front Middle and Rear Floor Mats on a 2016 Honda Odyssey

Clayton: Hey guys, how's it going Clayton here at Today we'll be taking a look at, and I'll go over some of the features of the Road Comforts floor mats on our 2016 Honda Odyssey. Our floor mat is going to be constructed of a rubberized thermoplastic. That material is very easy to move, very malleable. You don't have to worry about it being uncomfortable like some of the other floor mats. It's going to hold up well over time with any conditions you might throw at your mat.

Our mats are custom fit so they do hug the floorboard very well in the front of our Odyssey. So we don't have to worry about cleaning our carpet all the time. Our floor mats do have these nice raised sides with raised channels in the middle. What that's going to do is keep any of that dirt and debris we might put in our floorboard, it'll keep that on our mat.These raised channels here in the middle keep any water or debris underneath of our feet. So we still get that nice foot grip when we're driving.

Our mats do have these cone-shaped nibs on the bottom. What this is going to do is it's going to grip the carpet so you don't have to worry about that mat sliding around when you're getting in or out of your Honda Odyssey. We do have these really nice lockdown points that snap into our factory mat lockdowns. So along with the cone-shape nibs, we don't have to worry about our mat moving around when we're getting in or out. I do like these pads here that are underneath our feet for when we're switching back and forth between our gas and brake.One thing I don't like about these mats, in particular, is how high they go up.

As you can see, it goes a little bit higher on the brake side but the carpet underneath our gas pedal is completely exposed. So you do want to keep that in mind when you're using these mats. So over on our passenger side, when we're going to install our mat and we do kind of want to fold it, tuck it up into our floorboard, and then we can move it around and get it positioned how we'd like. Then we can get our lockdown point secured. And then we know our mat isn't going to go anywhere.Our passenger side mat is going to hug the contours of our floorboard.

It's going to have all the same features as our driver's side. So it'll have those raised sides, nice raised channels in the middle, and the stay-put nibs to keep it in one spot. Now we're in the second row of our van we can go ahead and install our mats. We do want to fold them the same way, drop them into your floorboard, and that'll give you the ability to move it around and slide it into place how it's going to fit.One nice feature about our second-row mats is they do have the lockdown point to our factory mat. Once you get that in place you know your mats not going to slide anywhere. One really nice feature about our second row is it has this locking channel here in the middle. So we can snap our mats together and we don't have to worry about our mats sliding around when we're getting in or out. And we had that full protection between the middle section of our mat. Second-row mats are very important, especially in a minivan like this. As you can see, our owner has a child, which is awesome for a second-row mat because we don't have to worry about any food, water, dirt, or debris getting onto our carpet, possibly leaving stains or having to clean it all the time. Especially being a driver, we're not always in the second row so we don't have to worry about our mats getting dirty in the second or third row.One really awesome feature about this kit is that it includes a third row. They're going to install just like the second row. They have that really nice channel that clips together in the middle, and it creates a runway from the second row to the third row. That's going to protect our carpet in that high traffic area when we're getting in and out of our van. We are going to have all the same features back here in the third row. When it is time to clean our floor mats, we can simply pull them out, hose them off. You can wash them down with soap and water if you'd like. Then you dry them off and stick them right back in your van. With our floor mats in place, we're ready to hit the road. That's going to do it for a look at the Road Comfort floor mats on our 2016 Honda Odyssey.

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