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Roadmaster 12 Volt Outlet Kit Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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How to Install the Roadmaster 12 Volt Outlet Kit on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today in this 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab we're going to install part number RM-9332. This is a Roadmaster 12 Volt Outlet Kit ready for 20 amps. To help us install this part we're also going to use a couple other part numbers. We'll be using snap bushing part number SWC8055. We're going to need to extend our wires as well, so we'll be using part number 12-2-1 the jacketed two wire brake wire in 12 gauge. Now the first thing we need to do is go ahead and get access from the inside to the outside. To do that we're going to go ahead and drill a hole behind our carpet here or just above where our parking brake cable goes through the body.

We're going to drill about right in this area right here. We'll come out behind the fender well. First we'll go ahead and drill out the pilot hole. Now I'll follow up our pilot hole with a nine sixteenths drill bit. Now our snap bushing is just a little over nine sixteenths, so it's a good idea to wallow out the hole just a little bit. We'll go ahead and take our snap bushing and put it into place.

This is our 12 gauge brake wire, so lets run it through and get started. Then I'll reach underneath the fender well to pull out the rest. We'll go ahead and look up underneath the truck. We'll pull back the fender liner and you can see our little cable. Let's go ahead and pull it out.

We'll go ahead and follow this factory wiring and go up towards the top. With our wire through the firewall we'll go ahead and pull it up and through the engine compartment. In this case we ran it by the fender well and keep behind the brake booster. Basically we'll just go ahead and follow factory wiring going across from here. Now with our extension pieces ran lets go ahead and cut our ends open, so we have access to the wires. We'll do this on both ends of the extension piece.

Now lets go inside the truck and do the same thing. This is our Roadmaster outlet kit right here. You can see it's a little bit on the short side, so we'll go ahead and cut it in half. Now on our wires we need to remember which side is positive and which side's negative. Pretty easy on this kit because there's printing on the wire and that's on the positive side. The fuse holder goes towards the battery. Lets go ahead and set that to the side for now and we'll work with our outlet here. Now we'll go ahead and peel our wires apart and then we'll strip back our wires. Now we'll go ahead and get some butt connectors to make our connection. The butt connectors we'll be using is part number 05732-2 you'll need at least a couple of these part numbers for enough butt connectors. We'll go ahead and make our connections. We'll keep in mind which side is positive and what side is negative. Our wire with the print on it will be our positive, so we're going to run that to black and of course our ground will go to white. At this point lets go ahead and secure our wires with some electrical tape. At this point we'll go ahead and put our carpet back into place. We can hide it behind our carpet until we need it for a supplementary braking system or you can simply tie it up behind here as well. It's personal preference at this point. Before we tuck up all of our wires we'll go ahead and add some sealant to our hole. We'll be using part number Lt37467 this is Loctite gasket maker. Now our other half will connect up to our power supply. We'll go ahead and split the wires back and get the wires ready just like we did inside the cab. Now our wire with the printing will be your black for positive and your other wire will be ground. We'll go ahead and secure our wires with some electric tape. Now our wire for ground is okay, but in this kit it has a spade terminal, which would actually originally designed to go ahead and work with a fuse, but in this case our truck typically has had the battery pulled, so we wont have any power at all when it's being towed behind a vehicle. So we're going to have to cut this off and put a small ring terminal on it and go to the positive side of our battery. The ring terminal we're using is part number Dw05705-1. We'll go ahead and make our positive connection to the battery right here. We'll use a 10 millimeter socket to loosen this up. Now I really can't fully remove the nut, so we're just going to go ahead and put a small slot in our ring terminal. Just go ahead and slip it underneath the nut and tighten it back down. Put our cover back into place. Then we'll connect up to our ground right here. We'll go ahead and put a notch in our ring terminal as well. We're all connected now. Lets take a few moments to zip tie our wires to secure them. When we're done with all of our zip ties we'll go ahead and cut off the tails. Now our zip ties didn't come with the kit, so it's always a good idea when you're doing electrical to get yourself a bunch of zip ties. Go ahead and check our work. Our outside would be our ground and then the post in the middle will be our positive. We just put some simple electric tape around our tester, so we dont short it out on the inside. Looks like we're good to go. With that done that'll finish it for the Roadmaster 12 Volt Outlet Kit. Part number RM-9332 on our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab. .



You wired directly to the positive side of the battery with no fuse???? . pretty riskywhat happens if your gasket through the firewall fails and the insulation is stripped creating a dead short as a Volunteer Firefighter Ive seen this kind of wiring burn a truck to the gound..

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


The outlet kit does include an inline fuse that will protect things if there's a short. The fuse holder is kind of hard to see in the video, it's the black cylinder inline with one of the wires.

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