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Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit Installation - 2021 Jeep Cherokee

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How to Install the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit on a 2021 Jeep Cherokee

Hi there Jeep owners. Today, on your 2021 Jeep Cherokee, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install Roadmaster's charge line kit. Roadmaster's charge line kit is going to ensure that your battery on your vehicle stays topped up when you're pulling it down the road with your motorhome. This can be really useful if your vehicle that you're pulling requires the ignition to be on. There's a lot of flat tows that required the ignition, the key to stay towards the accessory or on position, or to keep the steering wheel from locking. When the key is on, you're pulling your vehicle here, you do have the potential of draining the battery down on long trips.

So, a charge line kit will keep that topped up, making sure that everything stays okay here on the vehicle. And when you get to your destination, you're gonna be able to start the vehicle and to use it. Other instances where a charge line kit's nice is even if the vehicle does not have to have the ignition on or anything, if you're going on extremely long trips where you're driving maybe longer than eight hours at a time or something like that, then a charge line kit could be useful. Cause even though the ignition might be off, even if you disconnect the battery and stuff, if you've got a supplemental braking system on here, that is gonna be drawing current and on those long trips, it could drain the battery down. So, our charge line kit here can help ensure that in under any of those conditions, we're gonna be able to start it and use this, and not have to rely on our motorhome to make a grocery store run.

Your charge line kit's gonna consist of circuit protection to keep everything safe in the event of a short. And you're gonna receive all the wiring and loom that's necessary to route from your battery up to the connector at the front of your vehicle. Then when you just plug in like your normal flat tow set up here, there, our six-way connector goes in there. You plug in your seven-way at your motorhome. And the normal charge line circuit here on your motorhome is then gonna go down our cable and go through the charge line kit that we just installed to our battery to keep everything topped up.

We'll begin our installation underneath the hood here. You'll have a component you'll need to mount up and that is the circuit breaker that comes in our kit. We mounted ours right here, just next to our battery, right in front of the fuse box cover. We used the included self-tapping screws that came in the kit to just run it right into place into the metal located here. It's hidden underneath of our plastic here to help keep things from falling down and hitting on our posts, and it's tucked out nice out of the way.

It's also close to our battery to make our connections. Next, we'll take the red wire that comes in our kit. You're gonna get one long piece of red wire. Strip the ends and crimp on the ring terminal that comes in the kit, and put it on to the copper post. Now, the copper post is labeled battery, and the silver is labeled auxiliary. So, you would think, you hook the copper post here to the battery, but we're actually gonna be hooking it the opposite way because our charge line kit is charging our battery. So, the battery on our vehicle here is actually the load and the power source is our motorhome. So, we're gonna hook the battery side, which is our power source side, up to our connector at the front. So, we take our red wire here. We routed it down behind the washer bottle, then underneath our coolant reservoir here. There's an opening down in here that we we're able to push it through to bring it right down here. You can see our wires kind of through this little opening here. We just kind of pushed it through wherever it'll pull them through right there. They route down and then we attached them to our six-way connector. After we make our connection at our six-way connector, we can come back up to our relay, and we're gonna make the connection from the silver post over to our battery. We wanna do the second because we hooked this up first. This is all gonna be live, and you can potentially cause a short. So, we're working kind of backwards to ensure that we don't have power until the very last step. So, we'll take in the our, the rest of the red wire after we trimmed off the excess we had. Crimp on another small ring terminal that comes in our kit onto it, and then we're gonna attach that to the silver post. From there, we run the rest of that red wire. You can trim off any excess if you do have some excess still. Attach that to the larger ring terminal that comes in your kit. It's got a little bit bigger opening in the center to attach to the battery positive. We'll then just use our 10 millimeter socket to remove the nut here, slide our ring terminal over it, and then reinstall the nut. At that point there, our charge line kit is fully installed. You do get some wire loom in your kit, so I did kind of run that in any location where it potentially could hit any sharp ends or turns to keep it out of the way of those things. And that completes our installation of Roadmaster's charge line kit on our 2021 Jeep Cherokee..

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