RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar Installation - 2020 Jeep Gladiator

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How to Install the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar on a 2020 Jeep Gladiator

Clayton: Hello, everyone. Clayton here at And today, I have a 2020 Jeep Gladiator. We'll be taking a look at the Blackhawk 2 all-terrain, non-binding tow bar by Roadmaster. Our tow bar is one of the key components in our flat towing setup. We have our tow bar, our base plate, our diode wiring, our supplemental braking system, our safety chains, and our stoplight switch.

The tow bar is the key connection point between our RV and our Jeep. Our tow bar is going to be really strong. This one in particular is rated to 10,000 pounds. And all of our powder coating is very resistant to any rust or corrosion over time.One of the key features of our tow bar is that it's non-binding. So if our arms are in a bind, we simply just lift up on this lever, and then our arm will be released to disconnect from our vehicle.

Our tow bar also has channels on the side for straight cables and straight umbilical cords. This just keeps a lot of things from hanging down underneath. It does work with two inch by two inch receiver tube openings, and a pin and clip are included.One really nice feature about our tow bar, is that it includes some hardware to adapt to any base plate. In our case, we have a Demco base plate and a Roadmaster tow bar. When we're disconnecting, we simply pull out our safety pins, twist our arm, then pull it out.

Then when we need to store it, we fold it together, simply lift up, and then fold it over. Then if our tow bar is stored in the storage position, we can simply lift up, we have a little tab on the back here that we can pull down and release. So we released that tab, and then our arms drop down.We then separate them, like so, pull out our arms, and connect them into our base plate. So we've gone over all the features of this tow bar. And personally, this is an awesome tow bar.

If you're considering upgrading, I highly recommend this one. It has the nonbinding feature, it looks really nice, and it's going to be easy to live with. That's pretty much going to do it for a look at the Blackhawk 2 all-terrain, non-binding tow bar by Roadmaster on our 2020 Jeep Gladiator..

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