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Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit Installation - 2021 Ford Escape

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How to Install the Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit on a 2021 Ford Escape

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the road master brake light relay kit here on a 2021 Ford Escape. So a brake light relay kit is gonna be required in order to successfully flat tow this vehicle if you have a supplemental braking system. Now essentially what this is gonna do is, so when the brake lights are being applied on a towed vehicle here while we have the turn signals on on the motor home, they're gonna override those signals which is not something we want. By installing the relay here which is powered by the running light circle on the motor home. We're gonna prevent the brake lights on the towed vehicle from overriding the turn signals sent from the motor home. So there's really not much else to say about the relay, it's gonna do its job.

Something you may or may not be aware of, if you flat tow frequently then you've probably heard of this issue and you know that you need this. But if you don't and you're just setting up a vehicle for the first time, we're here to tell you that it is required. It's one of those smaller things that you might not notice. We could easily show you how to go ahead and get it installed. In regards to that installation, it's really pretty straightforward.

It's not too challenging, we do have to splice into a couple wires on the vehicle. The hardest part of this is just that you're gonna be working under the dash here up into the dash to reach the stoplight switch wire but with some patience and the right tools you should have no problem getting this done by yourselves at home. We'll go ahead and walk you through this entire process step by step now. So to start our installation today, we need to go ahead and find a spot to mount our relay. So inside the vehicle on the drivers side here is gonna be ideal.

But aside from that we can mount it pretty much anywhere we want. So where I find a good place is we're gonna have two panels here, here and here we just easily pop those off. You can see the little tabs on the back you just take some sort of tool or you can just get your fingers in there and just pry these panels off. They're pretty easy to remove but once we get this both removed, we're gonna have a nice little inside space here. It's gonna allow us to run our wires under the dash here and if you look there's kinda two layers.

There's a back layer and then there's another layer up here of metal. So this top layer here is what we're gonna be drilling into. We're gonna use one of the self tapping screws that come in your kit and then attach the top of the relay to this metal. Now this metal's a little bit thinner than the metal down here so it's a little bit harder to drill into down here so just attaching it up here will save you some extra muscle. So the relay and then the pick tail which attaches to it are actually two separate pieces, they only go on one way. I'd recommend attaching the pick tail to the relay and then mounting the relay. But now you're gonna see we have several wires that we need to take care of. The first one is the easiest, it's gonna be the white wire coming from the pick tail, that's gonna be for the ground so I took the other ring terminal and self tacking screw that comes in our kit here. I just simply ran it up above the relay here to that same metal that we attached it to for our ground. So once we have our ground connection made, we're gonna go ahead and make our connection for the red wire here coming off the pick tail. So the installation steps are gonna vary a little bit depending on if you have a push button start or not. I believe all these escapes too have the push button start so you just want to go ahead and make sure you check over that but aside from that everything should pretty much match up with what you're gonna be doing. So the red wire from the pick tail here, you can see we have this attached to the brown wire that's because this wire actually needs to splice into the tail light wiring circuit that we're using. So we're going to be using a diode kit for this particular vehicle here but no matter what kind of lighting system you're using, you just need to make sure this red wire goes to the tail light circuit of that lighting. So the green wire here, that one won't actually be used which leaves us with two other connections we need to make. So that's a blue wire coming from the relay and then a black wire coming from the relay. So the way these are gonna attach is these are actually gonna splice in between the stop light switch circuit on our vehicle. So it's gonna be super hard to see, it's actually pretty hard to reach as well but if we look under our dash there we want to find the arm of the brake pedal and we're gonna trace that up until we find the connector that's attached to the brake pedal. So that's our stop light switch. So once we find that connector, we're gonna trace those wires back. Now they lead back over here sort of behind the dash there's gonna be a large grommet to where all the wires combined and joined and then go into the engine bay. So we're basically gonna be pulling I think five or six wires coming from the brake light switch. You're gonna have to cut the electrical tape and then you're gonna expose those wires and there's gonna be two wires you need to look for. It's gonna be purple wire with a white stripe. Both of those wires there's gonna be two of those and you need to access both of them. So once we locate those two purple and white wires are coming from the brake switch and leading to the main harness. We actually need to cut both of those and tie both of the ends together using our bout connectors that come in our kit here. So we have two of them tied on this side and two of them tied on this side, there's sort of a break in between and our relay is gonna install between that brake. We do however need to be careful as to which color wire from the relay we're attaching to which side of the stop light switch wires. So the black wire here coming from our relay, that's gonna go to the purple and white wires that lead to the vehicle brake lights. So those are actually the ones that are gonna be going out towards the firewall. Now the other two wires that we have, they're gonna go to the blue wire here on a relay and those are actually the ones that go straight to the freight pedal stop light switch. So that all pretty much wraps up all of our connections. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna clean up all these extra wire, I'm gonna zip tie them and electrical tape them together and then stuff them back behind the dash here and then I'll reinstall our two panels. So now the test that we've installed the relay and everything's working correctly it's pretty easy. What you want to do is get in your vehicle here without hooked up to your RV with the vehicle off. Step on our brakes, we should see the brake lights come on. Now what we're gonna do is, we're gonna hook up to our motor home and we're gonna turn on the running light circuit and once that's done, the brake lights should no longer illuminate. So we're gonna go ahead and do that now and test it out. So now as you can see we have our taillights illuminated. We're gonna go ahead and step on the brakes now and they shouldn't come through. So there we go, now we know everything's working correctly. And that's gonna do it today for our looking installation of the road master brake light relay kit here on a 2021 Road Escape..

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