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RoadMaster Bulb and Socket Set Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

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How to Install the Roadmaster Bulb and Socket Set on a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

Today on our 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, we're installing our Roadmaster Bulb and Socket set. Part number RM-155-2. Our first step is to take our tail light off. We've got two screws here and then on the inside we'll have to remove our carpet. I'll start with these. Next there's a plastic nut right here. We'll loosen that.

Then we can pull our carpet back. We have a 10mm nut holding our light in place right here. Now the light's ready to be pulled out. Our wiring harness is down here at the bottom. Got a pin right where my thumb is at.

Squeeze that and this should pull apart. Now we want to find a safe place to put our bulb. We're going to drill a one inch hole. Just take your time. See where you have space that you can drill a hole in it. I think we're going to do ours right about here.

I have to check and make sure. I have our light in place. It looks like I have space. I've marked a one inch by one inch square there. That's where I'm going to drill a one inch hole. I've got my spot marked out.

I can get to it with my drill. I'm going to go ahead and start drilling. Now that I have the hole drilled, I'll grab my socket. I do want to bend out a few of these tabs with a screwdriver so it's a little tighter in there. You don't want to stick them out too far because then you'll have a hard time pushing it in. Now that I have those bent out, let's see if I can push it in. Once you have that tight enough, you can pull it out and bend out the tabs as much as you need to. Put it back in until it's tight, then I'll go over it with RTV. Before I do that, on this side, I'm going to go ahead and do that on the other side which is the exact same process. Now that we have it pushed in, we're going to seal it up with some RTV. This is RTV 589 Black, and you can find this on our website. I typically go around it with my finger. Make sure I've pushed it all in there. I can clean it up with a paper towel if I need to. I'm going to go ahead and run our light wires underneath. There's a hole right here where our original factory harness comes through. I'm just going to tuck our long strip of wire underneath. I want to make sure I don't pull it all through because we will need some to play with over here. I'll need enough to run from this side to the other side. I'll kind of lay that out. I think that will be about good. I'm just going to tuck this in here. Then we can run our wire underneath to the front. We've got our end zip tied to the front here. Then we ran it through our bumper, came back over here. We zip tied it to our sub frame bracket here. Then we ran it along the bottom side of our sub frame and zip tied it down. Ran it up and over our steering right here underneath our heat shield. Tucked it up behind it so the heat isn't going to affect it. Again, back here. We came over to our gas tank shield and tucked it underneath and came out the back side here. Then we've got our fuel pump motor here with some wiring for it. I zip tied to our harness, came up and over our gas tank inlet, zip tied to that. Then it goes straight back out to our light. While we we're working on this, I ran a loop through. I just have a loop sticking up and ran the other side down. I ran it behind our trunk bracket here all the way over and came out on the other side. I found a couple of holes that I ran and zip tied to to keep the harness up away from our exhaust. Then over here to one of the hangers for exhaust. Then I'll get a pull wire to pull this up to our other light. In this case we just have an old air tube that I'm going to use. You can use another section of wire, anything that's stiff. In this case you can even use string because you're just dropping through, just have a weight on the end. I run my tube underneath. Since we're not going to use this end, I can go ahead and clip it off. If you have something else to use it on, just make sure you clip off enough so you can use that later. Take my electrical tape, wrap it around. In this case because there's not much to get caught up on, I'm just going to leave it like that. Got all my slack pulled out of it. Now I can take my electrical tape off. I've separated these out. There's just some glue holding it together. We're not going to use our green wire. I've pulled that all the way back until it meets the bumper. I'm just going to clip that off because we don't need that. I'm just going to match it up to the length of our existing harness and clip the wires off. To kind of help keep our wires from falling down, just going to throw some electrical tape to hold them together. Now I'm going to strip about a quarter inch off of each end. Then I'm going to do the same on the white we have to install. Then using the blue butt connectors provided in our kit, I'm going to slide it over the end of our wire and cramp it in place. I'll put all the butt connectors on one side and then I'll hook up to the other side. Our white wire's going to go to our black wire. That's going to be our ground. Our brown wire goes to our brown wire. That's going to be our running lights. Then yellow to our red. That's going to be our blinker. Now that I've got everything crimped into place, I'm going to give it a tug, make sure all the wires are in there securely. After I've done that, I'm going to wrap all our connectors with electrical tape to keep just water and debris out of it so we don't have any corrosion going on. It'll make our connections last longer. Now that we've got all that hooked up, I'm going to plug our connector back in. Lining up our two bolts in the back, I can put our light back in place. I'll grab my two screws, put them back up front. Our 10mm nut went on top of the two posts. I'll tuck my carpeting back in there if it came out. Our second step, I'll put our plastic wing nut on. That will help hold the carpet back in place. Make sure I've got all the carpet tucked back in correctly and we're ready to move on to the other side. I've got my loop that I made earlier. I'm going to tape this in place just like I did on the other side so we don't lose our wires. I'm going to cut this to the length of our plug. Again I'm going to split these apart. Just like on the other side, I'm going to strip all the ends. I forgot to mark it, so I'm going to reach underneath and tug on the wire that's going from this side to our other taillight. Try and figure out which one that is. This is our wire side that runs from this light to the other light. This is our wire side that runs from this taillight to the front. On this one, we don't need to use a green wire. In case you can't figure it our or you don't feel like figuring it out, it's fine to just put those two together because it's not going to go anywhere from here to the other side. I'll just twist these together. Use one of the yellow butt connectors that came in our kit and crimp it in place. Now I'm going to do our ground wire to get that out of the way. I took a small section that we cut off either from this side or the other side, it doesn't really matter. This is just an added ground wire that we're going to ground to our vehicle. I'll take my two white wires that are in the harness and our new white wire. Twist them all together and I'll stick our yellow butt connector on there and then crimp it. It comes with a green terminal in our kit. That will go on the end of the white wire that we added. Now I'm ready. I just need to get the set screw that didn't come with the kit. You may want to pick one up. I'll end up grounding it to our body. Make sure there's nothing behind there that. better place might be back here. I'm just going to go straight back with it. This doesn't come with the kit because you could have left them hooked together with the loop. Because of the extra wire, went ahead and got another connector here. I'm just going to connect our two yellow wires together and crimp it in place. I'm going to give it a tug and those aren't going anywhere. Now we're ready to hook up the rest of these. Our brown is going to go to our brown. Our red this time will go to our green. Give that a tug. Again our black is our ground, that'll go to our white. Now everything's crimped in place. We can tape it up. We've got this wrapped up. We also want to wrap up our yellow wire here because I did put that butt connector in. Now we can put our light back together. I'm plugging our factory harness back into place. Make sure our wires are out of the way. Line up our bolts in the back corner back here. Put that in place. Put our two screws back in. We'll have our 10mm bolt. That's going to be our top stud up here. Just thread it in place and use my tool to tighten it. Fold our carpet back into place. Tucking it under the trim panels. Making sure everything lines back up. Then take our plastic wing nut and put it on our lower stud. Got our tail lights on. That'll be our running lights. Now we're going to do our left turn and our right turn. That's it for the installation of our Roadmaster Bulb and Socket set. Part number RM-155-2 on our 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt.

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