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Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2015 Ford Fiesta

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How to Install the Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit on a 2015 Ford Fiesta

Today on this 2015 Ford Fiesta, we're going to install part number RN-524438-4. This is the Roadmaster EZ Floor Base Plate kit. The base installed, let's go ahead and install the removable arms. This tab right here will line flat on the inside. Push this in to until the ring comes out and then rotate. When it's in place, it can not come out.

These are our tie down loops for your safety cables or chains. This install will require removing the front bumper cover and removing the bumper core, and the base plate will actually be attaching to the bumper core, and then both pieces will be re-installed. Go ahead and open up the hood, and we'll start removing fasteners. We'll remove these 4 fasteners using a #2 screwdriver. Unscrew the center, and you can pull out the rest of the rivet. You don't have to press hard, just the weight of the screwdriver will be enough. Next, we need to remove the bolts that hold the headlight in place.

There is one here and one here. The instructions state there's one in this general area here, but it's not prevalent on this vehicle. To remove this fasteners we're using a T30 torx bit. We're done with our driver's side. We'll do the same thing on the passenger side. Moving on to the fender well area, we're on the driver's side, there's a torx bolt here and here that we have to remove.

We'll be using a T25 torx bit. It definitely helps to turn the wheel to the inside so you get easier access to it. Go ahead and flip the wheels there other way when we go to the passenger side. With our wheel turned to the outside still, we actually have really good access to the inside, so we'll leave our tire the way it is and remove the same two screws. Now, we'll go underneath the vehicle, and they'll be 5 fasteners we have to remove.

We're using a 7-mm socket for this. Behind our fender well here is a few more fasteners you have to remove. We'll go ahead and pull the fender well back out of the way. Little trim piece you just can push out of the way here along with some ice. Our fasteners we need to remove are right here, and pulling our fender well doesn't really help all that much so we're actually going to remove this fastener here to help pull the fender well out more and out of the way. There's a fasteners here where the bolt is facing down, and then, there's 2 farther up that are facing up. The 3 bolts that we removed we're facing in this orientation right here. Another thing that made this job a lot easier to get access to these bolts is that lifting the body off the suspension and allowing the wheel to come down makes is a lot easier, or you can just put it on jack stands and remove the wheel. We're done with our driver's side, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on our passenger side. At this point, we should be able to remove the bumper cover and fascia. We should pull down a little bit and then pull forward. As we take off the bumper cover we discovered these wires going to the holders right here. Push down this tab right here to release it. There's going to be one on each side, and then, you can go ahead and continue taking off the bumper cover. We'll go ahead and put our bumper cover to the side, and we'll come back to it later. These air shrouds right here need to be removed, and they will not be re-installed. Again, a small plastic fastener with our Phillips screwdriver to remove, and one in this direction. We'll go ahead and remove this side as well. These two sensors here and here, we have to temporarily remove. We use a 10-mm socket. Temperature sensor here, and you disconnect. You push down on the tab on the wire harness right here and just get that out of our way. We also need to disconnect the wire harness going to the horn. Back over on the driver's side, we need to release the wire harness clips from the bumper core, 1, 2 and 3 is up here. I'm just using a trim panel tool to help pop them loose. Do the same thing on the passenger side. There's one here. It looks like there's just 1 on the top. Let's go ahead and loosen up this shroud right here. Again, we'll go ahead and remove that plastic rivet because we need access to a bolt right behind this. That's the bolt we need access to. We're going to need to do this on both sides of the car. Let's go ahead and remove this clip that holds the wire in place as well. Let's get the wire harness out of the way here as well. To make things still a little bit easier to get access to the bolt, I'm going to go ahead and loosen up this shroud right here. There's 2 plastic fasteners on the top. There's 2 little hidden fasteners in the corners. There we go. Much better. Now our bolt, we'll go ahead and remove with an 8-mm socket. There's 2 more bolts underneath the bumper support right here that we can remove. Let's get our wires out of the way, and there's 1, 2, 3, 4 bolts we have to remove. Let's do the ones on the bottom first, the 2 on top, and the last one here I'm going to leave a few threads in to help hold this side. A few more to take out. We've got this bolt that's hidden underneath here. The best thing to use on this is a 10-mm ratchet wrench. This center brace, we'll need to loosen this bolt with a 10-mm socket. Let's go ahead and take our last 2 bolts out that we already started. Be very careful because this will be all loose inside here. Earlier in the instruction, they tell you to take off the headlights, but it wasn't quite evident how they came apart. We, of course, had 2 bolts, and then on the very bottom here, when we took off the bumper core, you can see that it just unsnaps at this point right here. We can go ahead and take these guys off now since they're loosened up. There's an additional clip up here that catches. Then, we just go ahead and disconnect the wire harness on them by pushing down this tab right here. This whole area right here is pretty loose, so you definitely don't want to move this any more than possible. If you can put a support underneath here to help hold it up. We're going to start off with our bumper core the way this typically is on the car, and we need to flip it over and work on the bottom. Let's go ahead and put the base plate onto the bumper core. These 2 holes are going to line up with 2 holes right here, and the base plate will also line up with this hole here. Go ahead and set it into place, and it's a little bit of a press fit. It looks we just have to tap it down a little bit. It's a little bit of a tight fit here. We just took a large screwdriver and just kind of worked it over this way until we got all the holes to line up. Now, we need to enlarge these holes to 9/16" to make good room for our 1/2" hardware. I'm going to clamp it down to the bumper core to hold it in place, and we'll go ahead and use our base plate as a template to drill out our holes. With our bumper core clamped down, we'll go ahead and mark and drill this hole right here. We'll use our 9/16" drill bit to make our mark. Then, we'll go back up to a larger hole. There we go. We're done with one side of the bumper core. We'll do the same thing on the other side. Now, we can go ahead and attach our hardware to our base plate and our bumper core. We're going to start off on this hole here, and we'll use the threaded block with a 1-1/2" long 1/2" bolt and lock washer. We're also going to use locktite red, part number LT37420. We're going to use that on all of our bolts. First bolt in, we'll go ahead and run it down just to take up the slack. We'll go ahead and take a brace and put it inside the bumper core and then line up the holes on the outside. We want to make sure that it does not interfere with the block we previously installed inside. Then, we'll install the same hardware. We'll thread it into place, 1/2" bolt, lock washer, and some locktite. We'll do this on both sides. Next, we'll go ahead and rotate our assembly to where our bolts are along the bottom, and then, we'll go ahead and install a carriage bolt and a flat block. To help us do that, we'll be using a bolt leader, which doesn't come with the kit, and this is part number 80101-1. We'll run it through hole we're going to use and then out the edge of the bumper core where we'll go ahead and apply some locktite to our carriage bolt, slide it all in, and then pull it out the hole. We'll go ahead and remove the bolt leader, and then, we'll carefully push the bolt to one side so we can install the lock washer and then the nut. This process will be the same on both sides of our assembly. With an extra set of hands, we'll go ahead and put our base plate and bumper core back in position. I've got 2 bolts just to hold it in place. We'll go ahead and re-install the existing bolts, but we'll also add some red locktite to it. We'll go ahead and put some new locktite on our first bolt that we used to hold everything together. With one side done, we'll do the other side next. Next, we need to install 1/2" bolt, lock washer, and this block. Two sets of these will be installed, one going through this hole here and one through the bottom going into that brace that we installed earlier. We're done with the passenger side, we'll go ahead and do the same thing again over on the driver's side. The bottle here is going to be in the way a little bit, but you can get to the access from in the bottom here. With our bottom loosely installed, we'll go ahead and tighten them down and then torque them down as indicated in the instructions. On the bolt on your driver's side, it would be a good idea to go ahead and loosen up the water bottle if you can that way you have better access with the tool. Remember, we've got these bolts behind the bumper support as well. With all the bolts tightened down for our base plate and our bumper structure, give it one more good check, and then, we can go ahead and start re-installing all of our components. When we do a test fit for our grill, we notice that we had to take a big chunk of it out, but we found out that we can actually unsnap these guys, push these down, and we actually use a screwdriver to kind of help force it around a little bit. This is what it looks like with the grill completely out, and also, as an option, I think what we'll do is we'll go ahead and cut out all the interior here so you have a nice trim ring all the way around the opening. What we're going to do is actually just use a hot hacksaw blade, and we're just going to cut out the thing sections of our grill here, and then, we're probably use a rotary tool on the thicker sections here. Once we're satisfied with the fit, we'll go ahead and re-install all of our fasteners for our bumper cover. These 2 points here are for your mounts for your electrical. Our vehicle doesn't get any specific wiring at this point, but it does come with this bracket and 2 screws to attach. We're just using a 5/16" nut driver to hold it in place. That's what it takes to install a Roadmaster EZ Floor Base Plate kit with removable arms, part number RN-524438-4, on our 2015 Ford Fiesta. .

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